Bowling For Soup - Circle Lyrics

Me, I’m a part of your circle of friends
And we, notice you don’t come around
And me, I think it all depends
On you, touching ground with us, but...

I quit, I give up
Nothing's good enough for anybody else
It seems and...
I quit, I give up
Nothing's good enough for anybody else
It seems and...

Being alone is the, is the best way to be
When I’m by myself it’s the best way to be
When I’m all alone it’s the best way to be
When I’m by myself, nobody else can say goodbye

Everything is temporary anyway
When the streets are wet
the colors slip into the sky
But I don’t know why that means you and I are,
That means you and...

I quit, I give up
Nothing's good enough for anybody else
It seems and...
I quit, I give up
Nothing's good enough for anybody else
It seems and...

Being alone is the, is the best way to be
When I’m by myself it’s the best way to be
When I’m all alone it’s the best way to be
When I’m by myself, nobody else can say

Me, I’m a part of your circle of friends
And we notice you don’t come around

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Bowling For Soup Circle Comments
  1. Barakutak Barakuda

    When will you visit the philippines..

  2. Silent Jay

    Thank y'all for everything been here with you all since 2006

  3. shaiz lygo

    N dont forget pheneas n freb rock band

  4. Ashen One

    This is actually bullshit, bfs tour in the UK and I have uni exams everyday they perform. Ima fucking neck myself

  5. Lew Cohn

    Remake of a great song by Edie Brickell and New Bohemians, another Texas band. Excellent song choice. RIP Carter Albrecht.

  6. Zack Jackson

    Bowling for soup can give you the feels hard. They can be really sad when they want to be

  7. xftexute

    "i think rock and roll is funny when its serious".....tha fuck happened?

  8. R2D2

    I'm still listening to your songs.
    I will never forget you all.
    Big love from Japan

  9. Aleksandra Burger-Roy

    I don't know if any of the band will end up seeing this comment, but if you do, I just want to say thank you. You have been my favorite band since I was an awkward depressed boy in middle school. Your music has been one of the major things that have kept me alive for the past eight years. You saved my life and now, I'm slightly less depressed and slightly less awkward young woman trying to find her way through college. Your music has made such a difference in my life and I can only imagine the hoys you bring to others. Rock on!


    You can message Chris on Twitter he responded to me

  10. Jhu Jin

    Great cover.. Bfs rocks

  11. Mikoto Suoh

    all of their songs are awesome until now i still dont understand why few peoples know them ... well they are my fav bands since i was in high school until now .... best band of my era <3

  12. Andrew luke H

    Hi to all at Bowling for Soup
    Guys don't give up start playing and writing for youll self from one musician to another P.S Jeret don't loose your self

  13. Matthew Rojas

    His voice sound similar to Patrick Monahan of train

  14. Lolly Palooza

    I discovered Bowling for Soup covered this song and nearly spit coffee. This is awesome.

  15. CaydenSaki

    So is the band broken up

    Jesse Bronson

    Nope. They are still touring and even have shirts for sell that say "Bowling for Soup is still a band"

  16. Carmela Szymanski

    Ive only learned about BFS recently. Wish I knew them before disbanding.
    Great group

    Jesse Bronson

    Except they didn't disband and are still currently touring so.....

  17. Mark Clemons

    This is a cover of an Edie Brickell song.

  18. Lopsang Lama

    why no credit to original artisit ??

  19. Japhet Avila

    this song put a mark on my soul. ❤

  20. sniperwolf646

    I just wanted to say i love this song.. this is exactly what i am feeling recently and i think i should go back and be alone.


    Is it me or does the lead sound like Chuck e cheese?(I know he does voice Chuck but it feels weird to hear that voice come out of a human to me.)

    TtotheA totheK

    CATHERENE SUDA he slightly reminds me of jim Carrey

  22. Tiny Company

    This video came out on my b-day why couldn’t be happy

  23. Snootchie Bootchie Nootchie

    You Jeret your the best and so is the rest of bfs please come to Canada and do a tour you've been a hero of my since I was a boy don't give up

  24. Justin Jackson 80s fanatic

    I swear I just saw jaret riding a dirt bike irl

  25. Ceri Jones

    Damn love this band so much 🤘

  26. TheBoky

    que paso con la banda?

  27. C.S.Johnson. W.

    still listing to their music in 2018.... best wish from Hong Kong

  28. C.S.Johnson. W.

    still listing to their music in 2018.... best wish from Hong Kong

  29. BensonOfNoBenson

    What a chub lord!!!!! :)

  30. ¡Nøt Dead Yet! / N.D.Y.

    Reminds me of blink 182s 'not now' video

  31. Jeremiah Kirby

    Nice Edie cover! Kamikaze shots at the Aardvark was 20 years ago. Those were the days.

  32. DefagoLion

    I miss them so sooooooooo much ;_;


    They released a new album back in 2016

  33. joanna inez

    how i miss these guys, they could easily cheer up any situation with their music

  34. Lucretia Wallflower


  35. PyroAkira


  36. WalkerTheWastelander

    Come backk!!!!!

  37. Coolio Ash

    Gonna miss you guys

  38. jamie watson

    You wouldn't think this was a cover would you? Lot of emotion coming through

  39. It's ya Boi Dillon

    I don't think I've felt this emotional since my grandfather's funeral

  40. chomper chp

    temazo yeaa

  41. Kevin Samte

    BFS miss you guys

  42. AdamPlays Music

    the intro sounds very similar to tears in heaven. anyome else get that vibe

  43. Dark Senel

    what happened to the band, im crying

  44. B dude is a krab

    Absolutely one of my favorite bands when ever i see this video it makes me cry I wish the best for them because they are amazing I remember the good days when I was a little kid and I found a little song called almost I listen to it on and on and on I really will miss you guys bowling for soup 4 life

  45. 仿的榜样

    Smosh:Dammit stevy!!!

  46. Bree Borgosz

    Warped Tour 2017 motherfuckers

  47. Chicken Nug Studios

    When I first heard this song I tried really hard to not cry and all my friends were worried because I was so sad and now whenever I hear this song all I can do is cry

  48. Melissa2087

    Great song! Can't wait to see them in 3 weeks in NYC!

  49. Rizky Hafani

    BWS you have my respect you are my inspiration , my mood

    I have you still punk guys 👏🙏

  50. Nicole Polizzi

    I miss this group

  51. immortalwombat10

    His beard is this song.

  52. carlos bernad

    don't do that guys still best band in my youth age ....
    thanks for all your songs...
    the concert its awesome

  53. Noahide

    Been a fan of 1985 for a while now. Now is the time to start checking you guys out. Cool songs so far. Will probably buy the albums.

  54. LinkSouls

    Can't wait to see these guys at slam dunk next year!

  55. Rhys Myatt

    Seen these guys today and they were amazing!

  56. Jessie Haynes

    isn't this guy now the voice of Chuck-E-Cheese?

    Jordan Riker

    They're also the creators of the Phineas and Ferb intro

    Shanice Trejo

    Jessie Haynes yes

  57. Ancient Darkness

    love this song, but the intro is very similar to "one better" by aaron carter

  58. Emily S

    Oh don't mind me, I'll just be over here crying my frickin eyes out

  59. Jordan W S

    Would love to see them live, just once... Maybe as they seem to be returning to touring but ya never know :/

  60. iiSPΞΞDZΞR

    I miss them

  61. Pasdrummer

    Visit my channel if do vou want see drum cover, please

    tim becker

    Pasdrummer fuck you


    tim becker what is your problem?

    tim becker

    Pasdrummer ouh sorry I won't say it to you, I would say it to a person who say: BFS is so bad I hope they die. I'm sorry

  62. MeIanchoIy

    *Depression and Anxiety unites*

  63. I. GON



    I. GON 僕もです。

    I. GON

    @チャンネル真伍 さすが👏早く留学話の続き聞きたいよね


    I. GON はい

  64. Davey Ramos

    We'll miss you, very much.

  65. dolledupyoongi

    I cried so hard... Why does everything good have to end? It isn't fair...


    Otis ™ They're back together lol

  66. Greg

    Jaret has such amazing vocals :)

  67. Nina Aranka

    It's beautiful

  68. Trevor Hockley-Stair

    I am crying right now

  69. Jaclyn Commero

    Are they still together?

  70. SleepingKitten

    I thought it said "posed 2 days ago" and I was like "Holy Crap They're back" but it actually said 2 YEARS ago :\

    Wandering Around

    +squirrel, moose, and clarence still here buddy, jarred or however you pronounce his name was in a bad place but realised that bfs was where he's meant to be, there still here man :))

    Jordan Smith

    They literally just ended their UK tour.they're still going

    Rebecca George

    They are doing music for Phineas & Ferb.


    +Rebecca George I'm seeing them in October in London so they're most definitely still around

    bosslady812 queenbeeag

    They never left.

  71. Ryley Egan


  72. wolf man


  73. karma

    Considering they are a comedy band, its songs like this that make them truly special


    +Callum Smith this isnt thier song


    @Pyro Dark True, but they have still covered it despite it not being their genre; it turned out to be amazing.

    bosslady812 queenbeeag

    trey r. No it's not.

    Lolly Palooza

    This is a cover of an Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians song. They're a late 80s/early 90s band and very worth giving a listen to.

  74. Jaxon

    This is jaxon reddick

  75. Jaxon

    Jaret Reddick is my great uncle

    Jacob Szczygiel

    seriously? dude that is awesome

  76. Fried Chicken Squad

    Nice When you had a BAD day

  77. kaitlyn scott

    They came and played in Wichita Falls Texas ( their hometown) last month and it was amazing!!!!

  78. Kayla Alexandra

    Did they ever play warped tour?

    Chicken Nug Studios

    Yeah I think they're doing it this year too. Don't quote me on that tho


    Yup, they're on the Warped Tour this year too!

  79. Sub to Yenity

    you guys are awesome

  80. LukeVibeyy

    they did not break up its just a song DONT CRY BABIES

  81. lucky Picciri

    This song made me cry hard!

  82. lilman10te

    no I'm not going to accept it

  83. 유오승

    와 이분들이 만든노래 다른것도 다 좋지만 이곡은 더 맘에듬♡♡

  84. Moyo

    thnks fr th mmrs

    Chicken Nug Studios

    Even though they weren't so great *cries*


    They were great

  85. Pony -Sama

    hermoso <3

  86. nigel ambun

    hope u still great bfs

  87. MrPoppunker

    2:19 you playing it wrong Jarret :P

  88. Silver Crow

    why did there band brake up there music is awesome i hope someday they well get back to gather for 1 song or tons (i hope its the 2ed one)

    Dalton Clark

    They didn't break up. They are still doing tours. One in 2016 I know of forsure.

    Ines de Freitas

    They're not broken up lmao they still do tours and such

  89. Chase Brothers

    It's both a good and bad song bad because it turned me into a sobbing mess lol and good just because

  90. MiaTheWatermelon

    Nooooo Jaret please don't quit! I've only known this band for at least 2 months and I'm already in love with their music! I listen to a lot on punk rock/pop punk music, but these are by far my favourite xxx

  91. Molly moo

    My birthday song idc if it makes me cry I love it