Bowie, David - Day In Day Out Lyrics

Day-In Day-Out
Stay-In Fade-Out

Day-In Oo Oo
Day-Out Oo Oo Oo

She was born in a handbag
Love left
on a doorstep
What she lacks is a backup
Nothing seems to make a dent
Gonna find her some money honey
Try to pay her rent
That's the kind of protection everyone is shouting about

Day-In Day-Out
Stay-In Fade-Out

Day-In Oo Oo
Day-Out Oo Oo Oo

First thing she learns is
she's a citizen
Some things they turn out right
When you're under the USA
Something rings a bell
and it's all over
She's going out her way
Stealing for that one good rush

Day-In Day-Out
Stay-In Fade-Out

She could use a little money
She's hangin' on his arms
like a cheap suit
She's got no money, honey
She's on the other side
Oh come on little baby
Late night, big town,
police, shake down

Oo Oo
Oo Oo
Day-In Day-Out
Stay-In Fade-Out
Oo Oo
Oo Oo
Day-In Day-Out
Stay-In Fade-Out

She's got a ticket to nowhere
She's gonna take a train ride
Nobody knows her, or knows her name

She's in the pocket of a home boy
Oo she's gonna take her a shotgun Pow
Spin the grail spin the drug
She's gonna make them well aware
She's an angry gal

Day-In Day-Out
Stay-In Fade-Out

Suddenly there's angels everywhere
Angels in a ton of sound
And they shootin' her down
Shootin her with video-drugs-bullets and promises

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Bowie, David Day In Day Out Comments
  1. Pedro S

    A song with a quote like "She was born in a handbag" can´t go wrong...

  2. Saya Angel

    I think this is an underrated song. I am glad to find the video, but I wonder why there is not a clearer version. I still appreciate it.

  3. MASH! yamanishi

    Dear “David Bowie Official” ,“Day-In Day-Out” The video data of this music movie is distorted in a mosaic pattern,Please repair as soon as possible.

  4. Anthony Dorrington

    This song reminds me of some time how shitty somes days are

  5. Bruno Battheu

    Loving this... "not only in 2019" 😜

  6. policemanandrew

    Bros with longer hair. But soooooooooo much better.

  7. antaresares dan

    Vraiment mon clip préféré j adore

  8. archiveseeker

    I this is the 2nd time I've seen this video. The first time was in 1991!

  9. IwshIcldstrtover

    who are the band members with Bowie in this video?

  10. Aaron Gabriel Trivino

    Definitely one of bowies underrated masterpieces

  11. Tomoko Abe

    Poverty sucks. Keep your legs closed, and the books open and STAY IN SCHOOL.

  12. Pedro S

    You can´t go wrong with an intro line like: "She was born in a handbag".

  13. Saya Angel

    This song is underrated.mThe video is powerful. I just wish there was a clear version.

  14. hilrant



    MTV FLASHBACK Top 20 countdown May 31 1987 This was #10 this week and last week

  16. Nechole Cordova

    love this video


    David Bowie,un artista q nos cambió la vida a muchos... GRACIAS DAVID DONDEQUIERA QUE ESTÉS!

  18. grimble

    Direct social commentary about the state of human shortcomings was not necessarily Bowie's greatest talents as a songwriter. It showed that he had his heart on the right side, if for nothing else. He cared about people.

  19. Mark Shealy

    read this in terms of the current immigration issue

  20. LLJay55

    Hard life .
    Even today.
    For the young couples...

    I hope was wrong.

  21. LLJay55

    ONE of the 10 best videoclips ever made !
    For many reasons...

  22. Alison York

    Horse shit


    I came to get on here due to TOTP 1987 APRIL as yhis rate Bowie track was a hit in the chartsthen but i had totally forgotten this was a. hit What a strange thought provoking video

  24. LLJay55

    What a videoclip !
    Tuff... but REAL !!!
    look yours streets....

  25. kinelll

    is that William burroughs behind the drum kit? looks like him

  26. Romero Britto

    Why are the Outside and Earthling era videos not on the channel?

  27. Jim Bailey

    I loved this album when it came out in 1987. Then again, I love every album he made.

  28. Diana Peterson

    Great song.This video was fine when I first played it. What happened?

  29. emo parker

    Bowie Forever

  30. kevin most

    For me,this song and Time will crawl where the best songs on Never let me down.

  31. nickt1409

    3:23 its not rape time yet. 4:10 rape time. 4:35 Boogie rape time again. 6:11 F for Luck.


    MTV Debut April 1987

  33. Roy Rands

    So Dearly Beloved!!

  34. mangasky7

    If you're going to be the source of all the "official" Bowie videos, shouldn't you upload and share the best quality versions of them?

  35. Lella F

    Amazing!!!⚡⚡day in!!!💙💙⚡⚡

  36. Yair Gold

    the bullets and promises of one's life

  37. Hari Steinbach

    E v e n bowie had his waterloo.....with this bum bum song....terribly fancyless...

  38. Marius Moore

    Never Let Me Down is being re-released this fall with original vocals and new instrumentals.

  39. BengeJ Uknowit

    I love the angel/baby intro but this is definitely one of his worst singles & video. Roller skates & Bowie just don't go together!

  40. simonsaunders35

    I do like how bowie in his 80's videos tired to open our eyes to the world of what was going on. He did the same in let's dance,proper pioneer in how to educate ppl.

  41. Davi Morais

    Hail Hail "Never Let Me Down"!!!


    I love that david uses his songs to spread awareness of things that are happening in society, He doesnt keep his mouth shut because of what others say, RIP A TRUE LEGEND

  43. Pleiadian Advocate


  44. andrea raimey

    “Day in day out,stay in,fade out....” Pretty much describes my life. 😘😘😘😘to Bowie!

  45. John

    When Never Let Me Down was re-released, DB left off song ‘Too Dizzy’.
    “I never want to hear that f’n song again!”
    - DB

  46. Josh

    Sadly most of this album sounds washed-up, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few sticky tracks, including this. I still get the mess that is Shining Star stuck in my head sometimes...


    Josh Beat Of Your Drum is a rare bright spot on the original master. The 2018 remix on the box set is a welcome improvement and not so dated sounding.

  47. Rowan Crump

    I love the Dance Remix

  48. Rowan Crump

    Who's the drummer?

  49. andy cole

    Bowie never made a really bad album and this is meant to be his worst album! It still sounds good to me!


    andy cole Songs are good but the production is dated. The 2018 remix is more warm sounding.

    Cristian Tramontina

    Hours,his worst album


    He had a couple stinkers but the good far outweighs the bad


    I agree, especially considering I love his least favorite songs on this album, Too Dizzy.

  50. joe a

    one of his not as good albums (I'm a stan) but this song still _rocksssss_

    ric jones

    I too am Stan

  51. Oskar Ratajczak

    Terrible video quality...(yes I turned on 480p).

  52. chompypunk890

    I will love you for ever, David.

  53. Craig Martin


  54. Marty McLean

    A great track from an awful album.


    Marty McLean The LTA box set remix is an improvement.


    @duckiedale80 : What's the Lawn Tennis Association got to do with anything?!

  55. Velga Al Rasyid

    Oh my, this is so good..

  56. David Getui


  57. Bernard Couture

    I love all those vids that you're adding, but...
    this one seems to be encoded from a Commodore 64..!
    (it fits with that era tho)

  58. Adam Gill

    If you never felt like anyone really understands you. If you feel like you're on the outside, looking in. If you feel like you need to assert yourself, to justify your actions. If you think instead of talk. If you want and need but you don't get it. Bowie is yours.

  59. Empress Noir

    *dances and sings along*

  60. extreme Lube

    When you could not think you loved Bowie enough then he starts singing from the grave about illegal immigration.

    blah deblah

    Stay out...

  61. not thomas

    One of my favorite songs by Bowie for sure, glad the official video is finally on the official account

  62. Salsa Roja

    I feel like this upload has some video problems, like there’s a lot of hard pixelization. Maybe it’s just an artifact of it being an older video and put on a digital format. In any case I love this song and it’s been so long since I’ve heard it!

  63. MattChats

    Fun fact: Peter Frampton actually played lead guitar on most of the songs on the album this song is from, Never Let Me Down, and the subsequent Glass Spider tour. Apparently he & Bowie were childhood friends.

  64. Raimundo Santos


  65. Element

    I find Tonight to be far worse than this album.

  66. Marcos Izquierdo santos

    Bowie,donde estas?

  67. Liam Cahill

    What the fuck is this...

  68. Emerald H

    Rip the quality of this video

  69. L French

    Hey bub where’s the thumbnail

  70. Laura D'Amico

    Hi David!!! ....laura💝💝💝❤❤❤

  71. Not Happy Not Lucky And I Don't Go

    I love a bit of NLMD. It great driving music in the morning.

  72. Dawn Charlonne

    Love me some David Bowie!!❤️❤️❤️

  73. Vladimir Jovanović

    I was hoping for 720p at least

    Andrew Watts

    If you look at it, it was pretty clearly done on videotape (look at the very very 80s video compositing at the beginning), so the source material is either 480i or 525i, probably the former.

  74. fantomas dory

    💖💗💕💋💋💋bowie forever

  75. Branden

    I’m very thankful for these reuploads. Keeps the passion strong.

  76. Мила

    Кто-нибудь может объяснить, почему это происходит? Каждый божий день.

  77. Kyoko Sakura

    Pretty meh song.

  78. han.

    i miss you more and more every day 💔⚡️


    han. I think we all do.

  79. God Of Fire

    That hair tho

  80. Cristóbal Silva Castillo

    David Bowie para mí fue uno de mis artistas que más me marcaron y es increíble que en otras bandas que me gustan como joy división Bowie aya influenciado tanto

  81. myasshole69

    Was that Samuel L Jackson?

  82. dublagem dri vitti

    David best👍👍

  83. Clyde'

    a daily bowievideo

  84. Leo The Dark Knight

    Damn he was hot ❤️ Rest In Peace

  85. Thomas

    A hero never dies⚡️

  86. Ганнибал TM

    R. I. P. ❤

    Eoin Corish


  87. peter E

    Hé looks like Bruce Springsteen in This clip👍

  88. Diegonciopilato

    mejor que esta mierda esta dame tu cosita ai ai

  89. blameitonablackstar

    Hi fellow Bowie fans ☺💜

    Identity Crisis


    Anne Milne

    Hi back to you take it you have great taste in music 🦜💕😘🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  90. Pink Smoke

    My first hero......

  91. not really

    If there is any Bowie music video I dislike it's definitely this one

  92. Jeremiasz Łabarzewski

    The worst record

    Jeremiasz Łabarzewski

    My headteacher is the only person I know who likes NLMD

    The join

    I wish I went to your school.

    joe a

    Heathen is astonishing. it takes awhile to get into but it's one of the most emotional of his career. Slow Burn wrecks me everytime. listen to the lyricssssss

    The join

    I love the writing on Heathen. Lots of little nursery rhyme references here and there. And in the last track, I love how Bowie references a Lennon lyric (steel and glass) and then rhymes it with a Harrison lyric (all things must pass).


    joe a God yes, Heathen has amazing music and lyrics. Everytime I listen to the last track I get so emotional

  93. rose marry

    I miss him so much r.i.p bowie