Bowie, David - As The World Falls Down Lyrics

There's such a sad love
Deep in your eyes.
A kind of pale jewel
Open and closed
Within your eyes.
I'll place the sky
Within your eyes.

There's such a fooled heart
Beatin' so fast
In search of new dreams.
A love that will last
Within your heart.
I'll place the moon
Within your heart.

As the pain sweeps through,
Makes no sense for you.
Every thrill is gone.
Wasn't too much fun at all,
But I'll be there for you-ou-ou
As the world falls down.

Falling down.
Falling in love.

I'll paint you mornings of gold.
I'll spin you Valentine evenings.
Though we're strangers 'til now,
We're choosing the path
Between the stars.
I'll leave my love
Between the stars.

As the pain sweeps through,
Makes no sense for you.
Every thrill is gone.
Wasn't too much fun at all,
But I'll be there for you-ou-ou
As the world falls down.

As the world falls down.
As the world falls down.
Falling in love
As the world falls down.
Falling in love
As the world falls down.
Makes no sense at all.
Makes no sense to fall.
As the world falls down.
Falling in love
As the world falls down.
Falling in love
As the world falls down.

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Bowie, David As The World Falls Down Comments
  1. majestic phoenix

    Who got theories 🌝🤷🏽‍♀️about this video

  2. Marcio Roberto Pereira

    Charlotte valandrey era lindissima aos 18 anos.

  3. Perla Sierra

    Alguien lo escucha en 2020?😍❤️

  4. Sistik123

    Jennifer is so gorgeous!!!

  5. Hiedra Venenosa

    David Bowie mi amor

  6. 48 Hours Of Beauty

    I first saw this on the Best Of Bowie DVD, and I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like DVD 2 has more colour filters on the videos than DVD 1. Despite not seeming like it has much of a meaning, it actually can mean quite a bit.

  7. Simone Gaspary


  8. Dieguytto11

    Labirinto no meu ponto de vista foi muito ruim... Mais a música ótima linda mesmo.

  9. ipaisnice

    2020 or nah?

  10. blueauroracos

    Here's a little theory I thought of:

    The music video for Underground was kind of how Jareth got into the Labyrinth, he started out as friends with Hoggle but then they had a falling out. The movie happened and at the end, Jareth would watch over Sarah in his owl form. And then we get to this video and it's just Hoggle and Jareth waiting for Sarah and Sarah misses everything from the Labyrinth and wants to go back but for some reason she doesn't. Jareth and Hoggle are just anticipating her arrival.

    This probably isnt what it entails at all but its a fun little theory I came up with.

  11. The double AA Batteries

    My boyfriend said we could play this at our wedding ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Sorry Not Sorry

    Such a beautiful song from such a beautiful man.❤❤❤❤

    Thank you, David Bowie, for sharing amazing talent with the world. RIP David Robert Jones❤❤❤❤

  13. Kayla Schulz

    You are toxic to my life

  14. Kayla Schulz

    I am leaving the world behind

  15. Kayla Schulz

    We will never see each other ever again

  16. Laura Hall


    Does anyone else try to find all (7) of David's faces when they watch labyrinth?
    One film I will never tire of

  17. Link Guist

    Fun fact. David bowie didnt have heterocromia but actually a different eye disorder that enlarged one of his pupils making the eye appear darker.

  18. Marcos Antonio

    Bowie. VC continua brilhando a onde VC estiver. Descanse em paz grande estrela.

  19. Infinite Cookie Cosplays

    I love thiiiiiis

    For JoJo lovers:

    Kira's song to Mona lisa

  20. Lydia_ the_weeb


  21. kat

    i don’t know why but the instrumental music (without David bowie’s voice) reminds me to a ranma 1/2 soundtrack ❤️

  22. Vianney Leon

    I'll place the moon
    Within your heart 💜

  23. Elena IllyDragonfly

    Poor lonely Goblin King, always waiting for his Sarah to come back...

  24. Jazygirl

    I like it better in the movie it sounds better

  25. Dace Cross

    I miss you...

  26. Variedadestv

    Alguém 2020?

  27. afore Tempus

    I love how that landscape made a face

  28. Zeza Von Zay

    Miss ya Bowie

  29. Obsidian Wolf

    Great song. Adverts fucking ruined the mood.

  30. Javier Cortina AMCOR

    Bonita banda sonora, Laberinto, David eres el mejor

  31. A Little of Everything StoryTeller

    Oh wow! I’ve never seen this. Sarah is so grown up here!!! It’s sad she never considered him as a person she could always love ❤️ I would have fallen for him 😘🥰 and not because he was Bowie but because his character was such a romantic ♥️♥️♥️

  32. Stephanie Soto

    Just fear me, love me

  33. Snowqueen 259

    Happy birthday David Bowie and have a great day up there🥰😋😍😊❤

  34. Alina Dutra

    Listening before Bowies 73rd birthday 2020
    R.i.p. you beautiful soul

  35. Ebony Toole

    Ok this needs to be played at my wedding if I get married some day it's just so beautiful and sad

  36. freggleagent

    As I was remembering your birthday I stumbled on this song. It's an unknown one for me. What a present!
    Happy 73th birthday David.

  37. Adam

    when you realize David Bowie was around 39 when this was filmed in 1986

    majestic phoenix

    Adam right 😭😭😭

  38. Leandro Tavares

    Ouvindo em 4/1/20

  39. Katelyn Vaught

    2020 anyone ?? 😭😍💞

  40. The King's Servant

    I need a billon likes button for this!
    ......fav song and movie❤❤❤

  41. Sky Haven


  42. Jordan Parker

    Roach brought me here.

  43. Gamerstooge

    I love The Labrynth it had a great form of magic you dont see in movies anymore!

  44. Camille & Mommy


  45. Jessica Mason

    A Legend always <3

  46. richard david

    Love this song thank you labyrinth

  47. MiKKA

    when i was little i didnt know that Jareth from labyrinth was david bowie. i found this song when he died and thats when i realized that my first crush was david bowie <3

  48. Theresa Pierce

    The first record I ever bought was, life on Mars. The 70s was such a brilliant time, Bowies creative and different look, sound and art, had an incredible impact and was exciting. Thankyou David, for being you. RIP Ziggy..

  49. boxsimeon

    Es triste y alegre esta canción me imagino dos personas que estan enamorados pero ambos son de otra dimensión y sólo se ven en sueños.

    lu viand

    Acertaste ! No sabía cómo describir lo que me pasa ..el amor es una fantasía , cuando te enamoras de imposibles .que sólo existen en sueño xq la realidad es otra y dañas a más personas 🤔

  50. Lífþrasir Loðbróka

    2020 &forever

  51. Luciana Silva


  52. Heather jo

    Always Top Class!
    & brill songwriting from the one & only .. David Bowie


  53. Craig

    Love this song so much!!

  54. Adam Housego

    Anyone else think this would have made a great Bond soundtrack?

  55. Nikki Nova

    I'm gonna get married to this song. The video legit made me cry

  56. Andrew McMeekin

    The romance angle is a little underdeveloped but who cares the movie is magic.
    This should have been the first single.
    The video doesn't quite work but I LOve the song.

    Nikki Nova

    It's about two people in different dimensions that only want to look into each other's eyes. Watch it again.

    Andrew McMeekin

    I've seen it sever-i-al times.
    It's just a little unrelated to the movie in a way.
    The film clips are stuck in to remind you and it makes it like a mix of two videos.
    I still LOve the song and the movie.

  57. meowza3k

    3:17 I never noticed the face before

  58. Rosano Fontes

    eu me sinto triste

  59. Wet Powder

    Que lindo eres aaaaa
    Es una pena no haberte conocido a tiempo

  60. nehemias cromwell

    oh my God.

  61. Sean Chiang

    This is very cheesy, but I still love it.

  62. Milene Maureen

    Amo ♥️


    Cómo ati

  63. KazumiShiunsai

    X la shusha q me gustan este tipo de weas

    Nacho Bernatene

    es lo mejor, para ver una tarde de invierno tomando algo

  64. Eduardo Rocha

    musica boa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Ellen Lee

    like the rhythm

  66. Dreadful Discs

    Did anyone else notice David's face in the landscape at 3:18 (...or is that just really obvious!?)

    majestic phoenix

    Dreadful Discs its iiisss dude

  67. imawhale

    I discovered this song yesterday and kept thinking about it. I’ll download right after this


    For some reason, this song makes me think of a verse from Matthew:
    " I will be with you always.
    Even unto the end of the 🌎."

  69. Evelyn Mortmagus

    Oh beautiful .....💖

  70. Judy Contreras Lazo

    hermosa cancion tan guapo mi david bowie...como me gusta esta bella cancion ...tantos recuerdos de mi ...juventud..

  71. michelleprieur1

    Rest in peace David Bowie.

  72. Cristiane Garcia

    Que música linda..amooo


    Cómo ati

  73. Lalo Landa

    Y despues los regetoneros se molestan si no los incluyen en los grammy? Aprendan a hacer canciones como esta y despues hablamos.

  74. Joe.Gilbertt

    this song brings back memories of this summer. and now i’m sad?

  75. Rebel Stardust

    This song is bittersweet to me...
    Love you Bowie
    Long live the Goblin King!

  76. Victor Mendleson

    Se essa música não tocar em meu casamento, eu nem caso. ❤️



  77. Megan Allen

    This song only gets better with time

  78. NFAA 5

    I wish he preformed this live just one time so sad to think he is gone 😭

  79. Lake b

    This song should be played when you are dancing with a beautiful lady and I mean dancing and not dance floor fornication you see people get up to these days

  80. upfrontbear74

    My personal favorite Bowie song

  81. Harlie Ayano Queen Aishi

    Alguien de 2019 .

    Y alguien cree que los dos se ven lindos. 😄


    Eran pareja antes

  82. Marina Azores

    Still shipping this boat in 2019

  83. Cristiane Cristovao

    Meu Deus, essa música é tão boa...

  84. Inspired Fandoms

    Nothing better than Bowie. 😌

  85. fernando b l peralta


  86. Katie Turows

    I just love this song so much 🥰🥰

  87. Mario Barba

    when you make a video to make people cry


    Such a great song.

  89. Student of Knowledge Wales

    Care to dance? ❤️🌹❤️

  90. Viktoria F.

    So I cosplay as Sarah in the wedding gown and I get lots of compliments. This is definitely one of my favorite movies

  91. DraCUDDY5

    Lindos! Ele e a música....uma pena que agora só se apresenta em outro plano

  92. — Wendy

    Amo muito ❤❤

  93. Cristian M Abad

    es maravilloso!!!!!

  94. pirligirl0120 pearl

    He went to join the stars in heaven. RIP David Bowie, we love and miss you😭😥😘🌹


    I also still miss him so damn much

  95. Alma Ruiz

    My hearts melting🖤

  96. Emily Star

    My god why did he have to die man