Bowen, Wade - Mood Ring Lyrics

I know nothing about this woman,
Everything I do wrong
Sometimes it's hard to fathem, just what Page she's on
Well I found a pretty little mood ring, at this local five a dime
It's gunna solve all my problems for a Dollar Ninety Nine

If it turns black, I should turn back
If it turns red she likes what I said
If it turns blue, I should leave her alone
If it turns green, she wants me I know
She wants me I know

I followed the instructions
Yeah, I read them word for word
And I memorized the color charts
Oh cause I wanted to be sure
I told her baby it's the thought that counts
As I slipped it on her hand
Yeah and then I crossed my fingers
With this ring I'll understand

If it turns black, I should turn back
If it turns red, she likes what I said
If it turns blue, I should leave her alone
If it turns green, she wants me I know
She wants me I know

Oh, all the things she's not saying
I'll know
While the color is changing

If it turns black, I should turn back
If it turns red, she likes what I said
If it turns blue, I should leave her alone
If it turns green, she wants me I know
She wants me I know

If it turns black, yeah I should turn back
If it turns red, she likes what I said
Yeah and if it turns blue, I should leave her alone
Oh and if it turns green, she wants me i know
She wants me I know

Yeah she wants me I know
Oh she wants me I know
Oh she wants me I know
Oh she wants me I know
Yeah she wants me I know
Oh she wants me I know
She's got to want me I know
She's got to want me I know

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Bowen, Wade Mood Ring Comments
  1. Ed Wood

    This is a paul thorn song

  2. Matt Daggett

    Talent......great band.....high level musicians

  3. Monica Rios

    How did I barely find out about this song?!...this is totally my song. Men tell me all the time they can’t read me. I love this. 🥰

  4. Rat ng

    I love this song😍😍😍😍

  5. Kimberly Brunson

    It suks make a new one

  6. Destrie Cloud

    lol thanks Austin

  7. Alain Lutz

    Superbe, vraiment superbe !

  8. Amanda West

    they play this song all the time at my job, addicted

  9. Jay Weekes

    soo cutee

  10. Dj Manyoso

    I finally got my girlfriend, now my wife a mood ring... And it did come with directions.. this is the first song I sent her..

  11. JuliasGallery LLC

    My friend used to play this song in his set...
    He has since passed away. I miss he and his music deeply

  12. Roy Torres

    Sharing the same stage with Wade tonight 🤘

  13. Cinch Gilmore

    What I sang to my '' girlfriend "

  14. Tina Keefer

    One of my all time favorite songs of his!

    Ed Wood

    Not his song paul thorn song

  15. Christian Reyes

    Mood ring

  16. Bethy Moehrig

    Awsome love song! You can feel the romance. Love it!

  17. Little Mexican Wolf

    This is my favorite country song

  18. MrTaxedToDeath

    Awesome song. Thanks for sharing.

  19. David Hernandez

    am i n love whith this song

  20. Elrose Davis

    ♡♡♡Love it♡♡♡

  21. Walt Ulbricht

    One of the best!!!

  22. ladonna Robertson

    Like crazy

  23. ladonna Robertson

    I love this song , my mom started listening to it and now I am singing it aloud

  24. Katie Booker

    awesome song

  25. Jessika Delaney

    I dance to this song all the time with my friend, Tanner. He introduced me to this and I play it on repeat all the time.

    Coy Rutledge

    Jessika Sanders dancing is one of my favorite things to do I go dancing every weekend

  26. Maggie Garcia

    this song brings soo many memories.. my ring will always be green <3 N&F

    Freddy Ruiz

    love uu

    leticia normitaa

    +Freddy Ruiz 😢😢😢 imy

  27. wheelmanstan

    sooooo good, in a collection of good songs

  28. Cassie Bell

    love this song mood ring

  29. Mike Purcell

    I like this version better than Paul Thorns version..IMHO

    Fuzz Man

    Thorns videos are mostly live and not a product of sound engineers in a studio. I like this version .Thorns songs are pure genius in a time when commercial pop music just sucks

  30. Faith Smith

    wan my boyfriend put this song on ut was the frist time i hurd it and i was sitting next to him in bed and we were lisening to this song called mood ring and i started to cry

  31. Adan Saenz

    Fantastic song!

  32. Tammy Meador

    Great song!

  33. Inger Helen Skogly

    💜 Beautiful 😁

  34. GBBesties

    I'm dating wade bow and cousin his name is Ashtyn lol that's so cool 😂👍💞

  35. forsteve

    Thank goodness I was there to save us from liking it 666 times

  36. Stella Tye

    If only LOVE was this easy...

  37. Shelbi cody

    Absolutely love it..if it were that easy lol

  38. Gary Bogner

    My dad sings this to his wife...I love it.........,it's great )

  39. Giles Mann

    This guy ain't bad ,more mainstream. I just like Paul thorns voice on this one a bit better.a


    I checked out Paul Thorn, very nice!


    @LaurenChained Paul Thorn is fantastic!! and 100% original

    Tr Foster

    it was that easy at least I know how it feels to love so deep nothing matters nothin she did to me

  40. Dorothy Heidrich

    Love this song

  41. Stephen King

    Good song horrible voice

    Super Mix Motion

    This is a awesome song and he has a awesome voice!!!

  42. Robert Geldof

    If it turns mood ring; you're dating a hippy.

  43. Justin Lackey

    Boycott Nashville shit wtf this music is real

  44. Justin Lackey

    1.99 Hell yeah

  45. DixieRebel201989

    Wade bowen is a great artist and a good person mood ring is just one of the many many hits to come hell us texas country people know that oh if your wonderin what texas country is dont worry about it cause its a texas thing all yall other people wouldnt understand

    lonesome cowboy

    DixieRebel201989 dann right haha

    John Aubele

    Awe c'mon, I'm a corn fed yankee from the suburbs of Chicago, born n' bred, and I love this music...

  46. Mr. Bill Allen

    What are you talking about? the song is in the key of G, the verses go from the 2 to the 3 chords (Am to Bm) which makes the verses somewhat ambiguous key wise, this ties in with the somewhat uncertain lyrics. When he goes to the chorus he's DEFINITELY in G and his lyrics reflect a more confident attitude. The bridge is in Em (6 chord) a related key which sets the bridge off as similar but not identical. I do not care for the extended jam at the end but that's Wade Bowen's, not Paul Thorn's.

    Chris Vee

    Paul Thorn let Wade cover his song, they are good friends. look it up

  47. Thomas Gilbert

    quite possibly my favorite song

  48. Faith Lewis

    Love this song!!!

  49. Arthtur Smith

    Paul Thorn is a million times better! If you like this great (never said I didn't like this version) but I am a HUGE Paul Thorn fan and I think y'all should check him out!

  50. MrJakediesel

    My mood ring turned black:/

  51. Roberta Torres Weldon

    love this amazing

  52. monica cook

    I love this song my boyfriend got me a moonring

  53. haidynpetro

    i love wade and this song

  54. wheelmanstan

    this song is perfect, I mean why isn't this song HUGE? I really hate this Nashville corruption bullcrap. Absolutely no reason guys like Larue, Rogers, and Bowen shouldn't be at the top. Just another handful of great artists suffering the nashville blues, it's really sad.

  55. Adam Coe

    this song (particularly the end breakdown thing) reminds me a little of "Children In Bloom" by Counting Crows, from their second record...very cool. If you like this tune, check out the Crows song, they have a similar ending fade out thing.

  56. whitney stapleton

    @2009Murderface dont say anything if you dont have anything nice to say so quite dissing

  57. mx4riojas67

    Love Wade Bowen and LOVE this song!!! He is gonna be big.........y'all mark my words!

  58. Cody Fox

    dude no disrespect,im not big of a country fan to be honest,but i am an all arround musician,and that transition from the verse to chorus,was terrible,u like swiched keys and that didnt fight good at all,like good song yes,but making the music sound good not so much if u are gunna make a good song, u gotta make your transitions sound more natural and not push like u did sorry to dog on wade though

    Jake Walker

    Cody Fox shut the fuck up Simon

  59. offaxisdude

    great song...check out the original version by the songwriter Paul Thorn
    a lot of these guys are doing Pauls songs and doing a good job
    check out burn down the trailer park also doublewide paradise...

  60. vincent mccoy

    i cant stop playing this song what the heck

  61. Monroe Jagged

    Love it :)

  62. Rick Lobo

    These lyrics may have been written by a toddler.

  63. Alex Riebsomer

    Pretty good version but I like Paul Thorn's voice better for this song. Paul Thorn is a great writer and a great guy. Hopefully he makes it big and quits writing songs that get other people big like Wade Bowen.

  64. sheashaw52

    Woo Wade Bowen. IN HOC SIGNO VINCES

  65. Brooks Johnson

    @HaiCourtney No problem at all.