Bow Wow - SUGE (Freestyle) Lyrics

I just quit smokin'
This nigga pack got me smokin' again
Gah Damn
Fuck is this shit?
We ain't the same stop making comparisons
You know my money be different (facts)
Your bitch look at me
She all on my dick
I'mma take her back
Probably gone hit it
(I'mma fuck)
I slip on the rubber she know that we fuckin'
But baby I don't let no kissing
The weed came from Cali
You know what I'm smokin'
My nigga
And nope it ain't midget (damn)
I made me a mill in a week (facts)
But see to me that's just chump change
Ya'U niggas ain't ballin for real
Cause all ya'll do it just pump fake
In the back of the Bentley that Mulsanne
I tokyo drift in your lo-mein
It's that new deal on that balmain
And this is the culture, that ball game
I'm talking shit to the players
While Kevin Durant, he just hit 'em for 30
After the game, he ran up on me
And he gave me a dab and his jersey
Ain't trustin' no ho
You know how it go
See all they want is the clout
And nope I ain't pillow talkin' to these hoes
'Cause they run they mouth
I drop the top of the Porsche
Paddle shift put into sport
Ex bitch got me in court
It's pending so
I'll keep it short
I'm all on the news
With scars on my face
And my mug shot they
Made it a meme
And because I'm young
And I'm rich and I'm black
And I'm famous they blame
It on me (shit)
I'm trynna beat the case
So fighting and shit to this day (true)
I got on my knees and I pray
Wishin' this bitch go away
I'm back in these streets
I'm single again
Everyday I throw
A party
You know what I drink
I'm on that Ciroc
My nigga I don't do Bacardi
Man they complain in my building
About me they sayin'
I'm bein' too loud
But fuck 'em
Man I'm just young
And I'm wild
And I ain't turnin' shit down
Been doing this shit for a while
Ever since I was a child
It's like I birth all ya'll niggas
Ya'll ran away with my style (They did)
Ya I'll let you borrow my shit
But see now I want it back
Ya'll niggas play with these hoes
See we just play with the racks
Ya I'm ahead of ya'll niggas
Ain't no way man they gon' catch me (never)
These rappers be lyin' in raps
I'mma start callin' em Jessie
My neck and my wrist yeah it's frozen
No this ain't luck I was chosen
Aye gimme a minute
I'm countin' these hunnids up
Money stacks big
I can't fold it

Ya'll know what the fuck goin' on man
Yo Bow, we takin' everybody shit
We runnin' it up on these niggas
We re on level 10 out here
Let these niggas know what's going on
We talkin' that fly shit
We talkin' that good money shit
We got them bitches too
What the fuck they gon' do with us
Let's go Bow
Back to business

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Bow Wow SUGE (Freestyle) Comments
  1. Ry Daddy Savage

    “Tokyo drift Eatin lo main”🔥🔥🔥

  2. Aaron Burrage

    Bow Wow needs a Biopic one day

  3. Sai La Vei


  4. Stefen White

    That was pure 🔥!

  5. FinalFinalist

    Why oh why am I jus now hearing this

  6. Gustavo Henrique

    New School, respect Bow Wow... He's in this shit for years more than your Lil Things rappers guys

  7. akaSavage

    Idk why people tried to make it cool to hate on him like he aint got bars lol. Bow Wow is a legend. I wish he stayed making music consistently.

  8. King Mello

    Beat sounds like a JD beat no lie

  9. Yung Cashh

    Lil dude actually snapped

  10. Kwan Jackson

    Bow shyt'n on dese bubba gum ass rappers these days!

  11. Dizzy808 - Music

    bow snapped

  12. tommaso Mark

    Bow freestyles always fire!!! I hate that he don't take Rap serious

  13. Marius


  14. Jessica Knowels

    This lit🔥

  15. Tone 210


  16. Kenneth Tolbert

    Official Remix should have Da Baby Nicki Bow and Busta

  17. Juwayriah Bryant

    AYEEEEEEEE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  18. Dallas WorldStarNews

    Nice channel #subscribeback #dababy & #stunna4vegas #vs #TREEDOGGMRATM & #_hunchososa_ #weacceptyourchallenge #subscribe #Watch #YouTube Da Baby - #Suge #Remix #on #ReverbNation #DJGEE #DJGEETV #WORLDSTAR #Vsatten #XXL #DJGEEVEVO #THEREALDJGEE #iamdjgee Jeff Gee Garfield Cynthia Bean Mratm Ygr

  19. Brayan Segura


  20. Jim Daniels

    This the hardest bow wow ever spit.... #NEWARK

  21. Isaiah Adams

    "These rappers be lying in rap. I'mma start callin' them Jessie". That's my favorite part of the song

  22. TriceCierra

    He is STILL daddy. He just decided to accomplish different endeavors. 😘💖😈

  23. Chazos World


  24. Jay

    Bow Wow: the streets need me to hop on that Suge instrumental

    The Streets:

  25. TrapAlot Niko

    No cap he do a video to this he back🔥🔥🔥

  26. The Big Man

    To bad he joined that wack ass sosodef shit

  27. cdm386

    He must make 10k a week .... no chance in hell he makes a million bucks a week lmao

  28. Chris Lipston

    Stg this shit 🔥 bow just killt this shit

  29. Jesse Carter

    aight bow wow

  30. Elisha Lucifer

    187 ATL FUTURE, 187 MIGOS, 187 That faggot on catfish... Damn shame Bow gave shine time for a total fake! Faggot made it worse. Media expoure. Naw... Death Row!

  31. BadAzz Taz

    Even tho Bow wow lied bout that Plane jet shit that was a Big Ole Lie but that nigga went in on this joint🔥🔥🔥🔥😎😎😎🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾

  32. Starr Jasmine

    He did that lol 👏🏽

  33. Alvin Hagans

    But y'all accept Blueface. BIG SADD!

  34. Alvin Hagans

    Niggas got stop hateing on BOW

  35. thygreatmark

    If Bow flow was like this all the time. I would actually listen to him. He snapped on this and I love this instrumental.

  36. MFWERadio

    Talk that shit Bow and DJ Jus

  37. Sade' Anderson

    Okay Bow. I hear you barking! 😍👏👏👏

  38. Krock The Indigo

    At first I was like why tf snoop up here wit his daughter'

  39. Krock The Indigo

    I like this production tho'

  40. The Big Man

    Bow stop with the deathrow shit

  41. Felisha Smalls

    Ok, Bow... I'm fuxn with this...

  42. mz.Bossy C


  43. Ahmond Sigler

    This freestyle go hard it’s fire and it’s a hit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  44. King Nassir

    Bow wow got da best Suge freestyle

  45. Justin Quintos

    Sounds J Cole ish.

  46. K Dieezel

    💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔫 It is.💪😎 👍

  47. Darian Dulin

    He shoulda did it wit the baby on it too this shits fire tho nbs

  48. Darian Dulin

    He snapped

  49. Ty Hairston

    This shit is dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥bow killing shit

  50. Team Fam Klan TV

    Check out lately baby by team fam klam

  51. Marcus Walter

    This shit hits dumb hard🔥 he killed it

  52. LilSeanmusic.

    He fucking snapped you a hater if you think he didn’t

  53. T'd R'y

    Dam near better then da baby

  54. T'd R'y

    Get em 🔥

  55. Marcus Johnson

    Why he sound like j cole if he did trap music

  56. Detroit Mi Dunkin

    How tf Bow Wow come harder than Jeezy on this??? 😂😁🤣

    Tahj McCoy

    Facts 😂😂😂

  57. Joee Bruv

    Hardest I've ever heard bow wow go!🙏

  58. ShiroGarbage

    Come on bow this you right here dawg. You not bout the antics fam. You bout the music. This sone straight heat dawg

  59. Rochelle Williams

    Bow Wow Came Back Harder And This Song I Lit AF

  60. Helena Nina Bang Hicks

    This nigga went hard asf💯🎯

  61. Robert Young

    aint going lie he snapped

  62. Sick Shit

    This shit suck ass frfr why he sound like everyone else multilayering his tracks and patternized his shit with the same adlibs everyone else got...fuck no bow wow...smh whaat happened?

  63. Brian Charlier

    I’m ready for him to jump back in the game off the bench.#hair nappy but I’m happy pocket full of die.

  64. Redbintrappin


  65. Tricky Nick

    Bow wow gets hated by default like nickelback

  66. ashley mcreynolds

    Bow is spitting

  67. KeithGoCrazy



    This and the original have different sounding 808s and I can't cope with it

  69. Keith Pritchett

    He took da baby flow....yall can stfu sayin he got bars....only thing he wrote his self is "my lip gloss poppin" when he put that wig on callin himself lil mama💯 he got more ghost writers than real gjosts😂💯

  70. Keith Pritchett

    #RealNiggaFactz# Y bow wow? Just whyyyy?....i aint even heard it yet but like this shit if u agree he should of remained sitting his lame non gangsta ass down

    Fuckyour Thoughts

    No bitch your wrong. Sit yo ass down. This is 🔥🔥🔥. Dumb ass

  71. ImYourNightmare

    This nigga biting dababys flow... stay irrelevant

  72. Young City Bombaclat Topics

    Swag 😎

  73. OC Keez

    All yall mfs was doggin my boy last year dont support him now bow always was dope to me just misunderstood mfs a trip when u buzzin again though 🤦🏾‍♂️

  74. Justin Sumeland

    Say what you want but it's good to hear that nigga back on his shit...

  75. 若いエスコ

    Every time he rapped about these other rappers not having shit... He was really talking to himself . Oh MR I got a jet.. face ass. So really the song corny af lol

  76. KinG FitZ

    This a hot freestyle but of's the greenlight Bow! 🔥

  77. Broseph Jr

    Y’all crazy if y’all don’t think this not good

  78. Alpha Mal Leonard

    Okkk okkk okk 👌👌

  79. Young Conscious

    His whole Greenlight mixtape series is fire!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Big FaQs

    Fit Jase


  80. Malik Marsh

    The hypeman was okay tho song sucked

  81. V.S.O.P 1.0.0 Proof

    Lil Bow Wow was really hanging with the OGz from Death Row and making G funk music at a young age. Put some respecc on cuzz name.

  82. Ashley McCullers

    Why he didnt rap his own tempo though 🙄🤷👋

    Fuckyour Thoughts

    Actually he can. You trippin hard.

  83. The Chimera

    If u forget about all that hate u prolly got for mans, u might just hear a old rapper making a second come up.

  84. Tiny_Pretty21

    Took his flow ! 🤦🏽‍♀️Jacques jr

    Tevin Thomas

    Funny how when Bow raps like this on other songs that is not Da Baby own y'all won't say that. Bow been rapping like this YEARS.. I heard J Dole, Drake & others rap like this too..Go tell them something too


    😂😂 I don’t hear what youre hearing .. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  85. Lachiman Kabalaster

    So niggaz still be bandwagon hating bow wow? People need to get over shit already smfh

  86. India Shanté

    Okay Bow Wow I see you lol

  87. Eve

    he did good , but da baby will awwwllways be better imo , period .

    Fuckyour Thoughts

    Haha. Nigga please stop pulling on these niggas nut sack. BOW flow is way better. Da baby speaks on thug shit selling drugs and killing so yall respect it more. But bow ripped this beat. His flow is smoother then da baby's PERIOD.

    Tevin Thomas

    @Fuckyour Thoughts Bow flow n cadence was better than Da Baby on his own song...Da Baby was offbeat at times as well.. this is lightwork to Bow they don't understand..

  88. DineroWizdom

    This beat so goddamn fake 😂

  89. Tori bryan

    "scars on my face and mugshot they made it a meme"😄😄😄😄😄

  90. Kha'lil Smith

    Nigga really went crazy

  91. Skie Bashment


  92. PromoTone

    He turn back to Bow Weezy the goat 💪🏾💪🏾💯

  93. Keisson Ford

    Yall jackin it. This wasnt impressive

  94. Dylan Cornett

    Noooo shit its Bow Wow!

  95. Rockyylikee

    Bow stop it

  96. kyrx

    bow wow was ahead of his time
    time has caught the fuck up

  97. Rotties

    He stole the flow so its like who cares