Bow Wow - Let It Breathe (Freestyle) Lyrics

G6, yeah

Got this shit jumpin' like a crackhouse, Rovers and them 'Lacs out
Ballin' like Stackhouse, talk shit, get packed out
I was on a money chase, yeah, I took that fast route
All these rappers garbage to me, time to take the trash out
Rappers claimin' they rich before they take their tax out
Black card swipin' shit, and could never max out
50 for the walk-through, you know that it's packed out
If I do a show in your city, that's a packed house
Tryna mack on Jordyn Woods, slid into her DM twice
Tryna see what that be like, told her I could change her life
Call my nigga Tip, like, "Is it cool to wear this Gucci now?"
'Cause this Gucci shirt been in my closet hanging for a while
Hit Miami just to get a tan, then I bounce back
Designer on my feet, and a name, you can't pronounce that
Call my weed man like "I need weed and you can ounce that
And dawg, after I smoke it down, you know I'm coming right back"
32 years old, my nigga, but I'll still look 16
Chunkin' up the 5, nigga, you know what that shit mean
Bullet never on me, it's on the homie, hands stay clean
Side bitch trippin' on me, always wanna make a scene
So I take that bitch shoppin', shut up all that hollerin'
Fashion Nova plus some good dick solve all her problems when
She be gettin' on my nerves, dawg, hit her with the curve, dawg
Love the way she throw that pussy at me like a curveball
Crap table, yeah, I had to double up (Double up)
All my bitches bad and they down to fuck (Down to fuck)
Every time I drop you know that's platinum plus (Platinum plus)
Bosses at the table, you can't sit with us
I thought I told you, boy, you know that it's over, boy
Had the biggest comeback, feeling like I'm Soulja Boy (Who, Draco?)
Took a couple months off, nigga, I was gettin' bored
Two-hundred-thou' a show just for me to go on tour
Talk shit but back it up, money come, we bag it up
Five million, six million, eight million, boy, I'm up
Jail cell this year, I've been through a lot of shit
Nigga tried to sabotage the name but y'all ain't stoppin' shit
Pimpin' told me some ho on the music, dawg, just drop the shit
Told him I was nervous, I was thinkin' twice 'bout droppin' it
Got a couple label meetings, album, yeah, shoppin' it
Y'all been begging for this shit, I hope you muh'fuckas coppin' it
I'm in Queens, nigga, shoppin' at the Coliseum
Walkin' outta GB's in some kicks you never seen
(Queens) Street corner store, you know where I'm close to that
Bad bitch, fat ass, walkin' past a laundromat
Short shorts, all that, said her name was Britney
She be hangin' out in Baisley, she probably fucked 50
Hold up, let that bitch breathe...a'ight, let's get to it
Say you gettin' money but your team starvin'
Custom chain and watch, it came from Ben Baller
Ex-fiancée on my line, this bitch still callin'
Shit, I wonder if her nigga know she still stalkin'
Brrr, brrr, brrr, nah, I ain't pickin' up
Send her straight to voicemail like I don't give a fuck
A lot of goals I gotta reach and I ain't lettin' up
Call Smack, I need a battle, yeah, the bet is up

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Bow Wow Let It Breathe (Freestyle) Comments
  1. Aaron Burrage

    Straight fire, If he starts Battle rapping that would be something to see !!!

  2. True Blue

    Y’all gassin THIS?! 🤦🏾‍♀️ he didn’t say shit about shit it was just the usual big dick big money fuck these hoes treat them bad blah blah blah garb smh y’all must think Future has bars too huh easy ass crowd lying to this boy 😂😂😂

  3. mrchase0310

    Fucking absolute fire


    I’ve been waiting for some new fire

  4. Isaiah Adams

    “All these rappers garbage to me. Time to take the trash out.” My favorite line in the song

  5. Landen Smith

    Oh my bow 🔥

  6. mz.Bossy C


  7. Cash Lis

    Jaw feeling broken 🤯 bars 4 eva 🔥🔥🔥

  8. Yassie DaBaby

    Yes i like this 😂

  9. TrollinYouNiggas

    He wrote this one 😂😂💀‼️

    Splitzy Entertainment

    He wrote it all

    Jada Ess

    That old news shit is like 10yrs old now...Stop it 🤦🏽‍♀️


    Lmao "call my nigga TIP and asked if its okay to wear Gucci now, cus its been sitting in the closet for awhile now"

  11. KinG FitZ

    I feel that 32 look 16 line I'm 26 look 16💯

  12. Chris Da infamous

    You can definitely tell JD had nothing to do with this mixtape. I give Bow Wow his credit cuz, shit nobody make mixtapes anymore. He went hard on this.

    mz.Bossy C

    JD I have shit to do with it thank God Bow Wow sound like a grown ass man so he went hard he needs to stay right in this pocket leave JD with his [email protected]📣📣📣📣💯

  13. jay emme

    Bars 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😂

  14. YoRelxx

    This nigga done came back with some heatt


    Bow 🐐 always been good at rapping 🔥🔥y'all joke him for recent shid but he always had bars

    True Blue

    He’s hit or miss and since he’s been grown it’s been a straight miss. This was bubble gum at best, he wasn’t even talking bout shit smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

  16. KeepingupwithNell

    This jawn hot🔥

  17. Saleem El-Amin

    7 for 7 ✊🏿loved the Jordyn woods line

  18. Saleem El-Amin

    Hold the fuck up I have to run this shit back! This shit hard as fuck!