Bow Wow - HoodStar Lyrics

[Bow Wow]
Hey man this what the world've been waiting on dawg
New beginning my nigga
[Bow Wow]
Prince of the rap game you know
Me bow weezie
The ambassador omarion
Dig that homeboy
you niggas ready

[Bow Wow]
I squeeze the life out of the game
So call me python
Nigga I transform when they turn the lights on
Mic on ice on yeah gets my shine on
Mr. money ain't a thing
Junior with Omarion

and I confess that I'm feeling myself
I confess that I'm winning through wealth with money under my belt
So much R&B fever that my show can be shelfed
I'm lost in the flow I can't be helped

[Bow Wow]
I got a swag that can't be cloned
Got a Benz and a Bentley and a lac and a jag all chrome
I'm a boss watch your mouth boy (who you think talking to)
The hood love what I do (fuck you think talking to)
Respect what I does

[Chorus (Omarion, Bow Wow):]
We live the life of a hoodstar
'cause your boy nice with it
Girls line up at the bar (at the bar)
That's 'cause I'm nice wit it
Forget the price get it
They talk it but we live it
They talk it but we love it
the definition of nice

[Bow Wow]
Look I can't describe how I feel man
It's like everytime I breathe I make a million
Shows we can back them out
Money come in large amounts
Balling till we fall nigga
Yea what I'm talking about

Screaming like guns started poppin in the club
Only thing poppin is bottles filling my cup
When we step on stages like the twin towers are blown
Fire in my eyes ice in my veins its on its on

[Bow Wow]
Aye the pimp game is ruthless phantom roofless
Young bow weezie
Defintion of what the truth is
I'm everywhere the money be
Everywhere the honeys be
you looking at the real shit
Other niggas wannabe
Columbus to la
you lames know just how we get down
Go to any city and we shutting down your whole town

We young with it and cocky

[Bow Wow]
Yea we the problem dynamic dou
But not Batman and Robin

I got a swag that can't be matched
Got a house in the hills and it looks like a carshow in the back
I'm a boss boy (who you talking to)
The hood love what I do (fuck you think you talking to)

[Chorus (Omarion, Bow Wow)]

[Bow Wow]
I'm saying man this what we do
you know what I'm saying
24/7 365
The definition of nice
You know
They talk it but we live it
They talk it but we live it
The defintion of nice

[Chorus (Omarion, Bow Wow):]
We live the life of a hoodstar
'cause your boy nice wit it
Girls line up at the bar at the bar
That's 'cause I'm nice wit it
Forget the price get it
They talk it but we live it
They talk it but we live it
The definition of nice
(nice, nice, nice, nice, nice)

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Bow Wow HoodStar Comments
  1. Miyah Rodriguez

    Yaaaaas millennial tour 2020 their best album

  2. Stoney M.

    My shit...underrated. Legends.

  3. Local Goon

    Who else here after the tour announcement?🕺🏿

  4. merveil1

    Absolutely Nobody:
    Not a single soul:
    Bow wow and Omarion: Lets do an Album together

  5. Thomas de Gier

    Stillllll listening in 2019?

  6. SyCorey Baker

    2019 still bumping

  7. Bala Swaggerian

    menh this was underrated

  8. Rizoumèo

    Même avec les années on s’en lasse pas👌🏾🔥💫

    Mike Richardson

    Rizoumèo 0:21 she looks just like you. Is that you? Lol she can be your twin sis.

  9. Elon Martin

    Song fire I always bumped this

  10. brian marée


  11. atl zone 3


    Tricia Cummings


  12. vontelildude

    2017 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

    Felipe Linhares

    vontelildude tmj

    Musheer Millz

    vontelildude 💪

  13. Giovanna Fernández

    THIS SONG... ❤

  14. Tyler. W

    It's been awhile since this album came out. It's surprising to see how the years fly.

  15. Bernard Simons

    fan?, yes, still, brings back varsity memories

  16. Elaine Santana

    amo todos os videos de hip hop.. mais esse vídeo é o melhor de todos

  17. DejaStar07

    And I know many may not agree but Bow's flow has always been fire!! He is so underrated.

    Dee Bee

    They agree most just don't want to admit it.

  18. DejaStar07

    The album was crazy to me...didn't get the recognition it deserved in my opinion!

    sam zimuto

    ijust cant get over it since it was released i know each word and the beat they should just do it again


    back in the days..

  20. Ilias Tory

    2015 still listening!

  21. dejaun walker

    tight video

  22. Melody Berry

    Replay all day

    Last Kvng_zeal

    @Melody Berry tru thiis whole album is fire

  23. Dr3amTM

    scott storch betch

  24. Terrell Miles

    Dis my shit

  25. Gohhardorgohome

    like this if u listening in 20012737

  26. Michelle Abrenica

    twenty. thirteen. what

    Last Kvng_zeal

    twenty. seventeen. what

  27. ZGzoids

    whatever happen to those two together? This was one of my favorite songs.

  28. platf0rm

    S T O R C H

  29. MsYoungmoneyYMCMB


  30. Patience Mhike

    i got a swag that cant be cloned....... love this song

  31. Abbo Mohammed

    Like if you listening in 2013! Omarion! DJ HOME BOOY!


    Like if your listening in TWENTY-13 :)

  33. LJ Caton

    Listening in 2013 You Know

  34. yasha dabeast

    this is when omarion was the damn prince and bow wow was an actual good rapper

  35. yasha dabeast

    this song was is and always will be sick like if you agree

  36. asferguson2010

    lol so true.. ine kno y Omarion cut his hair... dat en workin 4 him.... n he need abs again..!!!!! babes bow wow ca rock da hair cut and the hair 2.. plus he got da body .. YUM ..!!

  37. Julijana veršić

    I miss them making songs

  38. animalz07

    Well produced track

  39. Larissa Manuela

    i love it s2

  40. Lekia Smith

    like this if u listening in 2012

  41. marielou penz

    Awwwnn love them cuties both xxxxxx

  42. KAYTEE4Beiber

    gr8 song! :)

  43. Williams Saravia


  44. Tjamito Garcia

    'i can't describe how i feel menn
    its like anytime i breath i make a milion'

    damnn thats whassup!



  46. iMrExclusive

    15 people ain't Hood Stars

  47. houstonsveryown

    @brewstArz there was never one. the only released two singles of the album. label lost interest. the album at least had 5 potential singles including this song.

  48. berfinteke

    besssst song ever!!!! :-) <3<3<3<3

  49. TurquoiseDream


  50. Emobizzle

    @BigE93Baby i cant tell if that was an insult or not.... on one hand I'd like to be an "educated successful student athlete" but on the other hand I wouldn't like to be a clown... or perhaps I could be all those positive things at the expense of dressing like a clown everyday.... not entirely sure, let me get back to you on that

  51. Eyþór Elvar Pálsson

    309 thousand views. WHAT THE FUCK?

  52. Renee S

    @MzShawty2fly jus a change

  53. MzShawty2fly

    Luv Bow Wow He Sexy As Hell Lik Damn ...Omarion Sexy Also But Why He Cut His Hair

  54. tidussora1022

    that black singlet omarion is wearing anyone know wear i could get on like a website or something

  55. brewst★r™

    whre is da official vid?

  56. brewst★r™

    whre is da offiial vid?

  57. GetItBre09

    i remember when this album came out i was hella excitedd.. man this whole album was goo.... well to me.

  58. temp

    @BigE93Baby well bow wow is an actor ;)

  59. romana.94


  60. crazedGram

    This song is old but still good. Slammin this in the benz 55 still!

  61. t_wanna

    um no dere not gay u gay who eva said dat

  62. 21mp01

    Bow Wow is mega HOT! ;)

  63. litboilui

    @A10pilot617 LOL

  64. $iriusMusic

    If they had an actual video for this song it would be actually profitable.. this is actually a good song 5 *

  65. cutsey654

    love the video they kept it simple no girls half naked good

  66. NoddowForeal

    i agree wit u

  67. NoddowForeal

    but he did live there...that dont meen as soon as he got discovered he moved out..and plus most da rappaz in da game aint gangstaz so bark up anotha nigga is hip-hop and tlkn about struggles and come ups are part of y not speak on it,someone may jus relate to it

  68. Harris Hustle

    Yup I will say u R rite bout he's been rich since younger but wat I disagree on u is that he CAN spit & ALSO Rap he's been in the game a Min now, rapping like crazy about Bitchez at 13 cmoon!

  69. epimoreno

    Now Lil Wow can spit I am not going to say that he cant rap. However, what the hell does Lil Bow Wow know about the hood or the ghetto life. He has been rich since he was little kid. So please Lil Bow Wow stop talking about the hood you never lived there and never been there maybe when you make your music videos but thats it. SO STOP IT

  70. Duane P.

    Can any1 tell me whats the brand of bow wow's cellphonecase on his pants ???

  71. houstonsveryown

    thank you for saying that because it is!!!
    i personaly think they could do another album. but it has to be done right wth better marketing.

  72. Shoaib K

    i cant belive bow n omarion think they r hood......

  73. BowWeezyEst

    The bestest song on this album:)

  74. Daniel Wolfe

    no u fukkin idiot he ddnt take the title from romeo. i shuld smack dha shyt out of u

  75. Thomas Luik

    Love the song !

  76. Pierre Stevens

    omg omarion felt his crotch when bow wow was in there no homo omg and bow wow looked down a little i saw dat

  77. bazoena

    OMG LOVE THEM they are soo pretty
    keep doing ya thing guys (l)

  78. DejaStar07

    thanks gordon550 for posting all of the faceoff vids...i love this cd and i really wish they had been able to do more vids and go on tour...


    I gots to agree because I love him too and if I take a picture of my collage my mom helped with a few years back you will see why so we can keep showin' our baby love.

  80. Charlene Clarke

    I cant get tired of Omari. I luvvs him so much

  81. Miah L

    i like dis song

  82. Phil Konrad

    yeah but the whole album is so damn good

  83. Samer Al Baghdady


  84. VicThor

    dam bow weezy you are great man rock it man...i love you man're my favourate singer man love it ...don't give up always your fan

  85. TWitWoW

    Agreed. Best song on Bow Wow's best album. Omarion is awesome. :)

  86. Richy0407

    this is pretty wank really :|

  87. Chérif Tall

    yea bow flow was on point in da whole album its just dat he could have chosen someone betta like chris man omarion singing was da same throughout da whole album

  88. Cristal Palmers

    O is so hot, me encanta

  89. Imran lief

    sexyy tog

  90. Time Stamp


  91. Lady Cam Official youtube Channel

    AJ CUT HIS DREADS !!!! OMG !!!

  92. Lola Lewis

    Mmmmmm only if Bow Wow was as big as O!!! He still sexii though with his fine self.. and Omarion is Hawt!!!

  93. soulfulheart81

    I love this song