Bow Wow - Damn Thing Lyrics

[JD:] eva be out..and see sumbody dat you want right den n there,
You dont even feel like talkin, you just wanna walk right up to em and be like..

[Bow Wow:] Hey shorty, what I gotta do ?
[Da Brat:] Say what ?
[Bow Wow:] To get one night with you
[Da Brat:] One night
[Bow Wow:] I aint tryina play no game
[Da Brat:] Iis that right?
[Bow Wow:] I'm jus tryina do to da damn thang
[Da Brat:] Hey boy first lemme say
[Bow Wow:] Uh huh... wadd up
[Da Brat:] If i ever let u play
[Bow Wow:] Uh huh...
[Da Brat:] Never would leave u on this thing
[Bow Wow:] Y
[Da Brat:] Coz i know for doin my damn thing
[Bow Wow:] No gas liquid in this young fly mr
I could turn a honda to 7-45 whippa
Shorty if i ride wit ya dat wud be a nice picture
If somebody say chese they takin' bout me
Like heeeey
Na holla back though i gotta lotta that
I could hav u in some true religons louis dis gucci dat
Shake wat she gave ya
Your momma would be proud of that
Once i get you back some

Ye aint gon know how to act
You on fire
Oh i think i
Oh i think i like ya
Boy i think i
Boy i think i might just
Let you hold da Lambo let you ride the Coup
Spend rubberband banks girl tell, me tell me


I see you runnin round wit des regular cats
I was just thinkin to myself you can do better than that
Im so ahead of the pack
Be no mo peddles relax
An Mybaq' that how you say it but you spead tha baq'
Like hey shawty wat i gotta say
Where i gotta take ya, wat i gotta pay
Even if its for a night or if its only for a day
I promise i Bow wont bite, Bow will behave
Even though you on fire
Oh i think i, oh i think i like you
Boy i think i, boy i think i might just
Let cha hold the Lambo, let cha ride da Coup
Spend rubberband banks
Girl tell me, tell me


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Bow Wow Damn Thing Comments
  1. El Angel Gabriel


  2. Nemo Goddess

    I should remix tf out of this song

  3. Josalyn Parks

    Love this song music

  4. Dameon Traylor

    Yeah... I'm... Not.., Were not in.. At That club... Location.. So God Bless You..., Thanks.. It's a Big View to miss..!

  5. David Hughes

    T. I. had to have written the first verse. Sounds like him