Bouncing Souls, The - Never Say Die / When You're Young Lyrics

We're the ones they couldn't keep in line
Living like we know there is no time
You're the heart this world could not deny
Never Say Die
All the emptiness we felt inside
All the ways they try to take your pride
All of this we will defy
Never Say Die
Looking back for one last time
On a world of lies we left behind
Time has come for us to rise
Never Say Die
When you're young
Write your songs
Take your time
Stay strong
Hold on
Don't grow old
Hang onto your heart
Stay close to your soul
Hold on
Stand and Decide
Never Say Die

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Bouncing Souls, The Never Say Die / When You're Young Comments
  1. Pouty

    The Bouncing Souls are Probably one of the best bands ever. I grew up on punkrock and all my friends were into everything else but despite we could all agree on the souls. They make great music. Hands down. Great band. Never disappointed and they keep getting better.

  2. Tony Nix

    One of the best Pop Punk songs ever, damn good song

  3. Adrian G

    Great song, but it could do without the second half of it.

    Paul Larusso

    lol said no one ever

    Paul Larusso

    good joke

    Gregory Chri

    Second half is the best part, jerkoff

  4. RancidClashRadioFlip

    I saw them 3 times this yeaqr and they never played this song. this song kicks butts


    +RancidClashRadioFlip last year i meant

  5. SONIA

    Favorite Song by Bouncing Souls!!

  6. Kevin Wagner

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa boiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. Victoria Vasquez

    hands down, this is real punk music!^-^

  8. Sophs

    heeeellll yeeeeeeeaaaaaaahh!

  9. OakRidgePunk777

    Hamburger Time (Dethklok fans? lol)

  10. Dane Tregoning

    souls rule

  11. HoboNoah

    @9645jimmy Hurr

  12. James Grimley

    @HoboNoah hahaha that was funny

  13. rancidpunx93

    one of their best songs. good shit.

  14. digitalpretzel


  15. fknfrank

    they saved the best for last!

  16. Nikole Luna

    i cant believe a year went by just like that...

  17. tfs94gt

    These guys have been one upping themselves for years and at this rate they'll still be doing it another 20 years from now. Absolutely kick ass song to end a very solid album.

  18. Dallin Coons

    I like the old school sounding ones.

    Gregory Chri

    douche. You're the type that doesn't want a band to change.

  19. Liam Johnson

    man the whole collection FUCKIN PERFECT

  20. yvolution12

    The 12 and last song, now just can't wait for the album to come out in january... maybe we'll have extras?

  21. evilspacevillain

    Definitely my favorite from the 20th anniversary collection.

  22. antiwar94

    This is a really good song.
    And it is very positive.
    I was kind of in a bad mood but after listening to this I kind of happy right now. :D