Bouncing Souls, The - For All The Unheard Lyrics

A guitar collects dust like his heart,
Soundless and still
A girl collapses on her bed
Writing words never read,
Troubled youth spills over into
Troubled life, and at times
We walk alone with our troubled minds

A guitar strikes a chord hits a misery so hard so bold
Sounding through this world where it's so hard to feel that gold

It's running through us all
A beauty
Buried deep under a river of grief
Where the Muddy Waters flow and the stones don't roll

This is for all the unheard,
All the music left behind
All the songs
Left on the floors in the closets of our minds
Where's the passion gone in our hearts?
Lost somewhere in the grind
It's time to bring it back
It's time to unwind
Find what we lost
It's time
It's time to bring it back

A lost song lingers on
Bouncing off stars on and on
A moment gone or is it looking for you
To sing its tune

Troubled youth spills over into
Troubled life, and at times
We walk alone with our troubled minds


It's time to bring it back [x4]

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Bouncing Souls, The For All The Unheard Comments
  1. Dj Daniels

    We play Bouncing Souls regularly on the Biker Music Radio pages, this should not be Unheard.

  2. mj jordan

    Golden gate

    Daniel Gagnon


  3. jack danial

    Pure hart,pure sole the just sing aboult life. Sad,happy angry, gorwing up. Being old the lot fucking love thos band

    Daniel Gagnon


    Daniel Gagnon

    Like an old floppy disc

  4. kittenlover foster

    I'd like to slap the ten people that could have the audacity to downvote such a great song! 😉

  5. kittenlover foster

    Everything I have thought about the Indy scene, life, politics, etc. The Souls have always seemed to eloquently put it into a catchy form over the years. I have always appreciated them. First time I saw them I was 12 in St. Petersburg GO not Russia. I am 34 now and I will say that this band just continues to improve like done wine year after year. They were good in the beginning but BEYOND AMAZING now!

  6. kittenlover foster

    What a great underrated Souls song!!

  7. Christo Schwellnus

    Unbelievable penmanship!!!!

  8. Fecal Thunder

    So good. Thanks souls.

    Daniel Gagnon

    Not them souls

  9. Roger Balingit

    I love this song by the Souls. It inspires me to just keep on doing what I am doing in the face of adversity.

    mj jordan

    Roger Balingit what is that now ? Reality is faded and everyone I know is also , everything could mean anything now and waste my time asking any bank. All I know u hurting Mum still. .?

  10. TheJmdeadrattlesnake

    i love that picture

  11. NarpytheCrimeDog

    Such a brilliantly written song. Underappreciated by Souls fans.

    mj jordan

    NarpytheCrimeDog comet

  12. luqmanpilu

    The Other F Words.

    mj jordan

    luqmanpilu definitely playing it

  13. NarpytheCrimeDog


    Fuck Jesus.

    Praise the Souls.

  14. Liam Johnson

    this song is amazing long live the souls.

  15. y2jusy

    motivates me every day to write..... pure heart and soul