Boston - Rock And Roll Band Lyrics

Well, we were just another band out of Boston
On the road to try to make ends meet
Playin' all the bars, sleepin' in our cars
And we practiced right on out in the street
No, we didn't have much money
We barely made enough to survive
But when we got up on stage and got ready to play
People came alive.

Rock and roll band
Everybody's waitin'
Gettin' crazy
Anticipating love and music
Play, play, play, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Dancin' in the streets of Hyannis
We were getting pretty good at the game
People stood in line and didn't seem to mind
You know everybody knew our name
Livin' on rock-n-roll music
Never worry 'bout the things we were missing
When we got up on the stage and got ready to play
Everybody'd listen.

Rock and roll band
Everybody's waitin'
Gettin' crazy
Anticipating love and music
Play, play, play, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Playin' for a week in Rhode Island
A man came to the stage one night
He smoked a big cigar
Drove a Cadillac car
And said, "Boys, I think this bands outta-sight
Sign a record company contract
You know I've got great expectations
When I hear you on the car radio
You're goin' to be a sensation!"

Rock and roll band
Everybody's waitin'
Gettin' crazy
Anticipating love and music
Play, play, play, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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Boston Rock And Roll Band Comments
  1. Stevie Lough

    Almost 2020 and jamming to this song

  2. Jack Kennedy

    I don't know what was in the water in the 70s, but I hope it comes back.

  3. Logan 5

    great song one the best and most successful debut albums of all time
    the music stands the test of time

  4. William Rice

    One of my all time favorite bands from that era...they studied music theory and it paid off...

  5. Stefan Jäkälä


  6. Ken Parsons

    Almost 2020 and this still sounds like it was released yesterday... awesome song, album and band.

  7. Eddie VanHalen515076

    Why were they dancing in the street with hyenas to begin with?

    Ken Parsons

    Eddie VanHalen515076 haha. It’s a Massachusetts thing 🤣

  8. Fred O'Brien

    "Boston" was/is an awesome band. I miss Brad's incredible voice and range. Thanks Tom for putting "Boston" together !

  9. Mike Lyons

    1:55 this is where they got famous. Rocky Point Amusement Park Warwick Rhode Island. A big producer was listening to them and gave them their shot. I used to live in Warwick Rhode Island and have seen Foghat, Leslie West and Mountain, Nazareth. At the same exact place right on Narragansett Bay the water. Probably some big ass Italian producer. Smokes a big cigar and drives a Cadillac car! Anyways I live right down the street.

  10. Vincent Perlongo

    Album of my Life

  11. JC Negron

    Damn this song smacks!!!!! So good!!

  12. James Kennedy

    Just another band out of Boston..........

  13. Karla Staley

    Takes me back to looking forward to Friday and Saturday night and as usual being the life of the party and the party was always at my house.. God I miss my old friends that have gone on ..heaven has so many

  14. Ron Roberts

    I just like my music very LOUD AND THEY ARE THE BAND TO DO IT!

  15. Ghost RacerX

    One of the best if not the best debut albums for a band ever....they rocked it all the way through the album..Rockin' it now and forever..Rock on
    2019 !!

  16. Mshifter 12358

    This and zeppelin is my life

  17. Robert Miller

    Brad we all certainly miss you. Sorry whatever was wrong you felt suicide was your only solution. Thanks for your great singing and all the videos. You will always live on thru them.

  18. Tails The Fox

    Nice I love it

  19. Spikey100000

    Wish I’d been alive to enjoy this time of music 😢 absolutely brilliant melodies and voices and jamming instruments and just fun to listen to - actual music!!

  20. Danatronics

    So are you on team "car radio" or team "Carnegie Hall"? Reply with which lyric you hear it as!

  21. Warren Todd

    A great album that will stand the test of time.

  22. echoes of floyd

    It's inconceivable when you were to think that the good times have flown away and never to return again.
    At least, that's what it seems to be for now...

  23. Michel da Rocha Fragoso

    Conheci o Boston através de um LP do meu falecido pai. A banda tem uma energia na gravação fora do normal, tem vida. Muito diferente de tudo o que vemos hoje. Descanse em paz, Brad!

  24. Kent Anderson

    Best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. troy yamaguchi


  26. troy yamaguchi


  27. Russell Notestine

    The high harmony in the line "Sign a record company contract" is unreal...

  28. ruke T907

    This song is for you dad I know you loved Boston hope your listening to it loud up there .

  29. САЩАДИКАЙ Majapahit Philips


  30. Zach Newby

    I think brad delp definitely is the best in my books hes got skills that no one can reach

  31. Donny Mitchell

    Top 10 rock album ever ..The End..

  32. Brendan Strode

    302 people weren't getting crazy or anticipating amazing classic rock

  33. Gary Klafta


  34. James Laiola

    Boys. I think this bands---OUTA SITE!!

  35. Karen Lovett

    God I miss the 70's

  36. gaetan landry


  37. Leslie P.

    How in the hell does 295 people don't like this song are they crazy?!?!? beats the hell out of the crap they listen to today. Long live these wonderful tunes!

  38. Champ39

    Boston is the most innovative group of all time and there's only one way to listen it..... loud!

  39. codyjones109

    broke my leg, sophomore year, sent to study hall, lunch room tables, meet a girl named Anne. she was pretty, strawberry hair, wore the strangest hippie cloths, saw here everyday for 5 months, asked all kinds of stuff, told all kinds of stuff about me. She wore this one shirt, BOSTON! I asked, Hey you like Boston? she said, ya I guess, so. Its my dads! 3 weeks later she killed herself. I will never for get Anne. I could tell her all about myself and she listened, without any judgement, or stuff like,why didnt ya! Anne, I will always remember you when I hear this song, well truthfully I remember, you, always!

  40. Tony Gomez

    Still JAMMIN @ 56 , coffee beans n smokes lol

    Nick Hill

    Haha yes

    Robert Snook

    Still pissin' off da neighbors at 64. Boston ROCKS!!!


    oh yaa smokin

  42. val Fletcher

    If u here U ROCK!!!!!!

  43. L. Enzo

    BOSTON is...rock & roll band !!!

  44. Dabacon BossBro

    Boston is the king of the guitar

  45. Robert Kraft

    ..🇺🇸🎼🎶🎸🏆💖. THANKS. BOBZGT🏁🐾👻

  46. Strange W A V E

    Boys I think this band's outta sight.

  47. colleenlovesbolan

    This never gets old. Never.

  48. Sara Morales

    2:07-2:016 shiiit that's music

  49. Phyllis Bullitt

    35 years old. I will ALWAYS love Boston.

  50. TreyYoder_66

    such a kickass song tho

  51. Dr Yx

    Super dry voice!

  52. RR Moyer

    Are they still alive? Nevermind..i looked it up. I think most of the original band member are still alive,.....impressive.

  53. O_o

    Does boston tech still work????????????

  54. Eric Estrada

    Nice to hear this song while drivin on the freeway lol

  55. Dakota Sheldon

    Such an underrated band for how talented they really are

  56. Mahlon Goodridge

    I remember when Brad Delp passed away I felt really sad inside. I liked these guys since I was 12. I thought MTV or VH1 would do some kind of tribute to honor his contribution to rock music and life. Musta missed it...
    Caught it all on U-Tube years later. Deserved more in my eyes and ears! 🙂 Brad and Sib, keep on rocking in the stars! Your both in the real Hall Of Fame!! 🎼🎵🎵🎶🎶🎸😎🙏🏼

  57. Mike Riddle

    Amazing Production. That verse riff is sick as fuck. Sounds like an old school 8bit racecar video game loop or something.

  58. Steve Stotts

    Put them in the RRHOF!!

  59. Donald Galardi

    These guys had music in their souls

  60. Hope Lines

    One of those songs (and bands) that knocks me out. Pure heart.

  61. Ddz

    You know it still shocks me to this day how he gets that tone out of a 56 Les Paul I've played one many time and I've NEVER been able to replicate that damn tone

    meow bastard

    He had the pickups replaced

  62. joe Pipe

    Since the beginning, i never listened a band to play with that energy mix to a particular melodic chorus. Only Boston do that.

  63. Hope Scarff

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    the NONI juice !!! YOUTUBE B-17 and the Sandi ROG story !!!!! CHEMO is a chemical weapon - mustard gas - BANNED in
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    !!!! WTF !!!

  64. Nigel Fortune

    Great to hear some REAL heavy rock n roll again...this is how it’s done!!

  65. Dominic Modugno

    Imagine what Boston could’ve been today had Delp not killed himself.


    ya real old.

    Dominic Modugno

    wayouttatune2 no I mean more popular and not so underrated like they are today. They probably would’ve sold more records too.

  66. Dominic Modugno

    Brad Delp took his life WAY too soon and WAY before Boston could have been a well known band around the world like AC/DC.

  67. Htx457

    Song ended and there was silence. My mind was wrecked.

  68. Bill Jones

    This is the boog back in the day getting these tapes.From Columbia house 11 for a penny great times

  69. WILDASLIFE NATURE FILMS: Simon Littlejohn

    What can one say except BRILLIANT ENERGY

  70. Ken Allison

    Takes me back, cruising main, summertime with my buddies looking for a keg party and girls. Man life was so good back then!

  71. Henry Markison

    if some one tells you that rock is dead, give them the finger and play this song. Then give them the finger again

  72. oldschoolwaverider

    Is that Freddie mercury singing?


    oldschoolwaverider Brad Delp is the singer. Great voice.

  73. Henry Markison

    tell me youy dont hate hs song. this is lit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Angel Gd

    Just for the record they never actually went through any of this to become successful. Their story is super interesting though, check it out I ain't gonna tell you it.

  75. SuperLift Rick

    15 years old and rocked my parents house to this album...cracked windows and wore out the vinyl.

  76. キーユとユーキ


  77. Hope Scarff

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  78. Brett Rick

    I always heard Boston at keg parties way back in the day.Steve Miller Band

  79. Denise Hedden

    Boston is always awesome

  80. e e

    Who could dislike Boston?

  81. Aidan Hall

    Man I love Boston Kansas led zep rush journey Styx and all those guys nobody will EVER top these legends of rock

  82. Gregory Rousse

    Seen them is 1977 with Brad Delp and again in 2014 with Tommy Decarlo ,as we all all know brad had the greatest voice ever ,Tommy wasn't too bad

  83. Steve Jim

    Am 15 and this my favorite band

  84. john g

    Great Band!!!!!!! Music does not sound like this any more.

  85. Chuck Wesner

    Hall of Fame for Boston for Megadeth anthatx Slayer Metallica rest in peace Quiet Riot Pantera Slayer Randy Rhoads Cliff Burton Motorhead AC DC

  86. Mike Lyons

    Rocky Point Amusement Park Rhode Island. that's where the song is from. Right on Narragansett Bay.

  87. Francisco Diogo Lopes

    The best. The best. The best. The Best.

  88. Tony Cowser

    I got this 8-track in 76, for my 11th birthday. I love it just as much now, at 52, as I did as an 11 year old kid. Classic, classic, record.

  89. Enrique Benitez

    I saw the original lineup back in 1979 during the Don't Look Back Tour at the Pan Am Center of New Mexico State Univ and it was very disappointing they didn't sound as close as they do in the studio ....without the studio sound enhancement computers & equipment some of them the invention of Tom Scholz who hold a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT...I went very excited to the show but came out empty....I do enjoy their music but only when I listen to their albums.

    y t

    Interesting comment. Somebody else told me the same thing and he was at their show in Anaheim.

  90. David Gardiner

    Delph 's vocals rule. Holy Shit

  91. whitezombified

    0:56 is the best

  92. Harold Balczac

    Man, I wish this song was longer. Almost sounds like a faster version of Peace of Mind.

  93. hoklavatbey

    Oh yeah! Beautiful music. That riff, the vocals... \m/ \m/



  95. Tom Smith

    Studio wizards on the order of Steely Dan and Supertramp...they sure kicked more ass then both of them combined.

  96. Andy King

    I was on holiday from England with the missus and as we walked into the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, above the door was written, “Well we were just another band out of Boston.” I remember turning to her and saying, “Quite right too!”

  97. Gordon Cashwell

    This is rock and roll

  98. Mike Lyons

    The song gives me chills...