Boston Manor - Laika Lyrics

They say the truth's your best defence
I'm bleeding just to pay the rent
And broken dreams mean nothing
When you need something
Just to get you through the year

And now we're moving out
So pack your clothes, your books, your doubt
And bring the piece of paper
That I gave you, back when you were all alone

Letters sent home
With no return address
I've got a bag full of old clothes
I've got a bag full of stress

I'm so sorry that I'm leaving
You so little to believe in

Cause we had a house with a perfect door
And a front room with the right decor
And I came and wrecked it all
Yes I came and wrecked it all like I always do
Cause I didn't think
And I poured your life down the kitchen sink
With the dregs of yesterday
And now I'm going to be late
I'm sorry

I'm so sorry that I'm leaving
You so little to believe in
Just tell me, that you're free, of your woes and of me
There's weather more reliable than me

I'm calling base command
As the last bit of oxygen runs out but
They're down there softly sleeping
The sun sets over the Pacific region
I'm sitting here hanging in the balance
Just barely in the atmosphere
I'm sitting here hanging in the balance
Just barely in the atmosphere

I'm so sorry that I'm leaving
You so little to believe in
Just tell me, that you're free, of your woes and of me
There's weather more reliable than me

As lonely as Laika
Up there all alone
You miss the atmosphere
The stars are now your home

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Boston Manor Laika Comments
  1. Dexim

    this is Hella Gay!

  2. emo elyse

    rlly happy that even tho music technology is advancing so much they stick to pure musical instruments and pure vocals

  3. Cryonic

    Strong Blink182 vibes, amazing Refrain.

  4. Soccer Legend

    3:01 those lyrics hit me hard

  5. [broken machine]

    These lads really do make nothing but awesome songs.

  6. Yung States

    this shit always makes me cry gd

  7. SUOH

    Does anyone know the name of the boy in this video?

  8. stok3dplan3t

    Is this the same band that released the Driftwood EP? Singers voice isnt as deep

  9. Wavy Detail Studio

    These lyrics tho

  10. Tanya W

    so grateful to have heard this, im in love

  11. Insert_Name_Here224

    Can someone explain the music video to me please?
    I can't seem to piece it together.

  12. Piss Emo

    pretty sure Guardin ripped of the opening of this song in his song, "useless"



  13. Harley Collins

    Just so everyone knows, this song is not directly about Laika, the space dog. The band said this themselves during an acoustic performance of the song :)

  14. Thibou Vandaele

    Heard these guys on a concert in brussels and i was so surprised how good they were glad they were on tour with good charlotte or i would never find out of them keep going guys u rock !

  15. Cash Layton

    The song rocks dude.

  16. hot sauce

    This song is just so fucking good I love it

  17. rubick182

    Best song i have listened to in a while

  18. El Duderino

    This makes me wanna puke now that I know what it’s about

  19. Pullout Stallion

    Literally the most underrated band out there. This song is perfect and has the perfect video to it. I cant explain it. Such a good vibe.

  20. Moth Gum Official

    Holy shit, this band is going to get huge! I’m so happy I found you guys, all my music was getting so bland

  21. Kevin

    That change at 2:20 when everything gets slower is one of my favorite parts of any song. It’s so catchy and soothing. The base command line also reminds me of David Bowie’s Space Oddity. Love this song

  22. Mikel Jackson

    This song has been stuck in my head for quite some time and I could never remember who it was by, until now

  23. Maram Sultan

    Amazing voice!!!💗💗💗💗💗

  24. Natalia Manuel

    i decided to look up my name:Laika,and this came up

  25. Keifer Roque

    There's weather more reliable than me

  26. Jardell Rocha

    Amazing song

  27. Geoff Wigington

    R.I.P. Laika, 60 years have passed. You didn't deserve it. I cry when I hear about her. She was all alone 😢

  28. alex m


  29. Denial Not Accepted

    A taste of "Talking Back Sunday," influence in there. :)

  30. Thin Shady

    Too many guitars


    i would disagree

  31. Ashton Hamre

    they fucking killed it at warped

  32. Claudia asdfgh

    This video reminds me of "Gum" by Moose Blood.

  33. Monicque DeOliveira

    come to brazil!

  34. irazu zaval

    Idk how BM got into one of my favorite playlists and even tho I liked their music I would skip them to listen the same as everyday. One day I gave them the chance and then the name of this song caught my attention, now it’s one of my favorite songs because it gives me feelings for hundreds of things at the same time, makes me incredibly emotional and I appreciate that. Thought that they were playing on VWT this year but sadly they aren’t, now I’m sad, k bye.

  35. Tank Donut

    I thought that this song was supposed to mean “at a time” because in another language it means that (not sure which one), but this is so much more sad

  36. Roosevelt Zavala

    I don´t know how many times I've heard this song last 2 months. Great fucking album :)))

  37. Syler

    i love you


    Muito foda mesmo LAIKEI

  39. UltraWolfLord

    This song doesn’t have a million hits yet? This is like an anthem

  40. benjamin rqmitez

    Huecos kls

  41. Andrew Spencer

    i feel joyce when i listen to this manor

  42. Jayden Lipford

    Btw, Laika was a dog, owned by the Soviet Space Program, she was one of the first animals in space, and the first to orbit Earth. Laika died on November Third, 1957, in Low Earth Orbit.

    Like any of you really wanted to know..

  43. MyChemical _Satan

    Still listening to this song in 2018. Ha ha ha this comment is so clever no one has ever said that before

  44. John Amaddeo

    This may be a dumb question, but are the lyrics pertaining to Laika, the space dog?

    Jackson Brooks

    The Armadillo yeh

  45. ardymakarim

    the heart wrenching meaning of the video tho

  46. Sharixx__

    You guys killed it in Cardiff!!! :D Come back soon!

  47. Leila Ober

    hearing this live when they performed for Moose Blood was the greatest thing ever and i was so happy to hear it live oml.

  48. Vapor Aficionado

    When you nut but she keep suckin @ 1:42

  49. Frank Villarreal

    Got this shit on repeat here at work. Y’all are being jammed in the Rio Grande Valley.

  50. wtfomgstudios

    60 years ago today... Rest in peace, Laika

    Aaron Quasius

    Yanny Tøp cuz makes sense. oh wait that doesnt matter to you. hence your iq

    Tom Bufton

    whats there tumblr boss

    Kevin Gs WK

    Cortana blue

    Ethan Demers

    Aaron Quasius haha epic galaxy brain red pilled gamer

  51. gtfo john

    Someone please tell me if this video was loosely based off sleepwalking from bring me the horizon

  52. Remington Canter

    Saw these guys at the camel in rva a week ago it was amazing first time I had even heard of them

  53. Martin

    Who's going to Kerrang Tour?

  54. Pedro Rosello

    I just found gold

  55. James Joyner

    The Taking Back Sunday vibes are real. Love this song so much.

  56. redmonEIGHT6FOUR

    This sounds like the good (insert genre name) music of the early 2000's. I like it. Thanks for the good sounds.

  57. Brendan Gilman

    Fuuuuuuck me up homie damn

  58. Adam Birangga

    Underrated band

  59. cryptid

    love this!!!!

  60. Chica Rawwr


  61. Crazy Donut

    This is nice :)

  62. Big Idiot

    What does anyone think this song is about?

  63. Alexis Kroschel

    Met the whole band at Warped Tour in Chicago! All super nice and they put on an insane show.

  64. Peanutbutter1zation

    So....does anyone understand the video? I'm having trouble getting the message.

    Nick White

    Peanutbutter1zation if you ever find out let me know because I'd love to know too

    Juan Cano

    It refers to the dog that was sent into space, Laika. They never intended for her return so she died in space.


    @Juan Cano It's not about Laika contrary to popular belief lmaoo

    Juan Cano

    @Veronica : yeah, after about a year I realized in a acoustic video they did of this song was not about the dog

  65. Master Knife

    Had no idea you guys are from Blackpool

  66. Moises Luna

    el niño del vídeo se parece a wismichu, puto calvo.

  67. AcrylicV

    This song is beautiful, "as lonely as laika" makes me cry every time

  68. Vincent Medina

    2:50 someone's been listening to dear father by sum 41

  69. Calm Space ASMR

    They are so good live!

  70. Rahul Bhatt

    Be nothing is an absolute gem in pop punk. \m/

  71. Christian Demuth

    BAYSIDE meets THE STORY SO FAR...Perfect ;)

  72. Raphy Blue

    I see what you did there with Sum 41s Dear Father😏

  73. Jade Fisher

    Seen them live today and they were great, amazing stage presence and attitude

  74. Tiarni Maree

    Would love to see you guys in Australia! 🇦🇺🤞

  75. Louis Giannamore

    play with acres!!

  76. James Johnson

    Wow, this band is very Laikable ;)

  77. Hopeless Jboy

    can feel moose blood vibe .

  78. Brittany Alexandra

    check out the song "laika" by wil wagner. saddest song ever.

  79. electrica

    Ugh I love this song and this band so much

  80. Bobbydog66

    Oh god this does sound like I'd find it on a burnout game.

  81. George Fanourakis


  82. Bojangles Paul

    I hitch hiked through Rhode Island and ended up with a T-shirt of this band. truly amazing <3

  83. Rylee Uebinger

    I'm Vegan

  84. 高橋さと

    saw them recently in Denver and they killed it.

  85. K Briney


  86. Abbie Reinhard

    these guys are underrated.

  87. anika ฺ。*:・


  88. Kohnnie Clifford


  89. Goral XX-6

    So beautiful <3

  90. shelbie stover

    This song kinda gives me blink 182 vibes.

  91. Melissa Legg

    Got to see them live last night for the first time and holy crap they are so good!

  92. Maxxie Kua

    Holy shit. This band reminds me so much of trophy eyes

    Nick Close-Innis

    but better (my opinion)


    Way better

    Joey D. Gabba

    Waaaay bettaa

  93. Yoga Cholandha

    This is one of the best songs I've ever heard in my whole life.


    Normally not a fan of exaggerations, but I 100% agree with you.


    I agree

  94. olnfan16

    how does this have 29 dislikes