Boston - Let Me Take You Home Tonight Lyrics

Now I'm not like this, I'm really kind of shy
But I get this feeling whenever you walk by
I don't wanna down you, I wanna make you high
If you could see your way to me, come on and let me try

Let me take you home tonight
Mamma now it's alright
Let me take you home tonight
I'll show you sweet delight

You must understand this, I've watched you for so long
That I feel I've known you, I know it can't be wrong
If we just get together, I want to make you see
I'm dreaming of your sweet love tonight, so mamma let it be

Let me take you home tonight
Mamma now it's alright
Let me take you home tonight
I'll show you sweet delight

I don't wanna make excuses, I don't wanna lie
I just got to get loose
With you tonight

Let me take you home tonight
Mamma now it's alright
Let me take you home tonight
I'll show you sweet delight

I don't wanna make excuses, I don't wanna lie
I just got to get loose
With you tonight

I don't wanna down you, I wanna make you high
And I get this feeling whenever you walk by
If we just get together, I wanna make you see
I'm dreaming of your sweet love tonight, so mamma let it be

Let me take you home tonight
Mamma now it's alright
Let me take you home tonight
I'll show you sweet delight
I wanna show you sweet delight, show ya sweet delight
Pretty mamma wanna show ya sweet delight

Let me take you home tonight
You know I wanna take you home
Let me take you home tonight
I don't wanna be alone
Let me take you home tonight
Let me take you home tonight
Let me take you home tonight

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Boston Let Me Take You Home Tonight Comments
  1. Randi Gordey

    memories 🙄😲😏😂🤣😎🤗😅

  2. Вадим Олифиренко

    Как поют,как играют,как звучат,какая мелодика...Что никто из наших их не слышал? В1976 году у меня был этот винил.Ничего рядом не стояло,вихрь хард рок'н' ролл.Где русские коменты,а?

  3. ms. poopsie

    Song for me & who I should've been with. I love you Mark. RIP

  4. Yolanda Ramos

    My biggest regret is never saw them in concert...I have loved Boston since I was teen such great times!!!

  5. Denise Hedden


  6. Skullivan Franklin

    Imitated never duplicated what a Band !!!! Nuff said !

  7. Makayla Roberts

    Haven't heard this one in a while 💜💙🎸🎶🎤💖🤘

  8. Vincent Perlongo

    Oh Momma it's alright!!!!

  9. Rickey Engle

    Sure as long as it's in the country some were,,

  10. Marie Briley

    You guys have no clue how many memories from 1981. So in love, still am. I'm 55 now! Still loving Boston

  11. slow stogey

    fucking album rocks

  12. Jhamel Wade

    This is the song 😂👌👍 😉

  13. chris Hall

    My favorite Boston song , wore this album out. Drank a lot of 3.2 beer to this .

  14. Michael Re

    This song was the "B " side to the top 40 smash "Long Time". This 45 should have been released as a double-sided hit single. It sounds very similar to their hit smash "Amanda".

  15. Tyler Amitrano

    Hey everybody I’m Tyler Amitrano and I’m 14 going on 15 I really enjoy music like this they don’t make music like this anymore the music today is radio ca ca. I enjoy Boston, The Steve Miller band , Bad Company, The eagles, The Beach Boys, the Everly Brothers , Journey , Van Halen. I also really enjoy Johnny Cash , Patsy Cline , Kitty Wells , Loretta Lyn, Merle Haggard , Hank Williams Sr, Deep Purple , The Rolling Stones , the Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revial, Tommy James and the Shondells, Roy Orbison , and so many more my list would not stop. 😊😊

  16. guitar guy

    The 314 people who don't like this .....geez....


    How can any human with a soul thumbs down any of these classic songs? Oh well. Your souls loss.

  18. JiggleBaby501

    The year - 1979, the place - Mission Beach, the people - fabulous, the music - complete ♥♥♥

  19. Vance Lubben

    What a jam!!!!

  20. John

    This song takes me back to when I pulled more tail than a retard at a petting zoo.

  21. Kim Waddell

    One of my favorite bands and song the whole ALBUM kicked ass

  22. Randi Gordey


  23. Chris Skeens

    Boston still rocks in 2019

  24. Denise Hedden

    🥀🖤🥀Amazing Love Song🥀🖤🥀🤘

  25. Complete Charleston

    One of greatest albums / bands of all time - fun trivia fact: this was the only song on the album recorded at a "real" studio (in L.A.), with full band members, vs all the other songs which were recorded in Tom's basement with just him and Brad - it does have a totally different vibe to it, but I still enjoy the tune.

  26. Sam Sv

    A parte final, ce ta loko, muito boa essa canção criatividade a alto!
    Deus abençoe!

  27. Aaron Poisel

    I love this song!!

  28. Karen Lovett

    Another death that shouldn't have happened.

  29. Tonnie Robinette

    Never ever been another band like BOSTON!!

  30. dave piercy

    great tune

  31. Sum Ma

    My senior chief brought me here

  32. The Grim Show

    Martin Diaz's Profile pic... its a very cute cat :3

  33. The Grim Show


    The Grim Show

    (his great voice can never be replaced, R.I.P)

  34. NativeDreamer2012

    Still Jammin' to these tunes in 2019 🎶💖

  35. TheGrant59

    Best band of all time

  36. michael eckert

    I use to play this ALL the time as a kid. Was going through old boston hits and found this... Memorys. Made me happy as hell like i couldnt believe i lost this tune.

  37. Khaotic Kool Breeze

    It looks like 287+ people will be taking a cab ride home tonight. My son once told me when he was little that liked 3:40 - 4:46 because it him feel like that he was having church with Boston.

  38. Khaotic Kool Breeze

    It looks like 287 + people will be taking a cab ride home tonight.

  39. Paula Quainoo


  40. Elizabeth Hough

    My friend loves your songs

  41. Cherilyn

    Definitely gets you in the mood

  42. B Johnson

    Makes you feel like you did when you didn't know what mortgage insurance was

    Robbie Frentz

    B Johnson lmfao. Yes what a bummer lol

  43. anthony evans

    Boston, a band that never faultered!! They played at a time when millennials and their ways of life didn't even exist yet..

  44. L. Enzo

    A trainning filled with TALENTS.

  45. Carl Budweg

    Just for my woman

  46. Tracey Lynn


  47. SpaceJamOut

    This song hits the spot everytime

  48. Jeff Fish

    thank's for all the memories of my youth

  49. 7heRedBaron

    The 1970s, when dreams of taking Heather Locklear home tonight didn’t include checking her in at the front desk and showing two IDs.

  50. Woody Schuler

    Greatest black light poster EVER!!! (And my favorite album cover EVER!!!) AND my favorite debut album EVER!!!

  51. Jerry Carney

    The whole freakin album is one of the best things ever

    Dave Lisa

    I totally agree 😎

    Kevin Sansom

    Without doubt an incredible artistic creation...with an unique and beautiful story to accompany

  52. Carol du Plessis

    Would've gone home with Brad Delp any night !!!

  53. JPN technostream

    00:43 ホントだー 醤油ついてない!!

  54. Dreamers Rock

    Boston was always a Kool of my favorite here....🤘

  55. Kevin Mcnamara

    Just the perfect moment in time. Sit back n enjoy this one!❤️🤙 flawless album

  56. Rich Secrist

    Some of the best music ever recorded and played absolutely amazing

  57. James Lonergan

    To the point of scoring on this song -- I banged one of the hottest girls in my HS in the back seat of my dad's 1986 Chevy Monte Carlo to this song. I showed her sweet delight.


    it was so long ago i bet you banged your dad in his chevy.

  58. Joeyharrison1999

    249 people have no taste in music.

  59. Melanie first album was this one. love it!

  60. Tina Burnley

    This music is always sounds sooooooo goooooood! Thank you Boston

  61. Jen Stasyshyn

    This song is from the era when I last saw my high school sweetheart. It stirs so many memories.

  62. Zeech Mattis

    Back in the day I had two girls with me at the show this was last song played can still see them every time I hear this

  63. CoolBlueBroadcasting

    This song takes me back to Fall of 2001. Found an old Boston cassette to play in my '82 Dodge. Sweet times. I remember because of the 9/11 attacks.

    Anyone else have a crazy nostalgia memory of this song?

  64. friskey wiskey

    erica smoker,i love you


    I thought this came out in the 80's.?

  66. Tigerguy 101

    Say what you want, but this is the only Boston song that I don’t care for

  67. Arthur Humphreys

    I can't believe still the music of my youth is 40 plus years old.

  68. Googler B D P

    Brad Delp another musician dies right before a Saturn return.  Other artists as well but usually during the first return at approx. age 27/28.

  69. jamie mabry

    Great view of the real earth

  70. Sammy Flores

    This album was the highest selling debut album of any group. I don't know if it still holds that record, but it did for decades.
    Reminds me of my 1st label printing job in East L.A. . Minimum wage was $2.10 an hour, I was making $3.00 an hour and happy as a lark. Colombian Gold was the new thing and Lots of good Rock n Roll. Truly Golden memories! Paz y Amor

  71. catherine

    thanks dad :-)


    I love how this song starts out calmly, with just singing and guitar, and at the end escalates to raging alcoholic party mode😂

  73. Lincoln Secor


  74. Gabriel Insaurralde

    A 216 no les gusta la buena composición vocal e instrumental..

  75. tom murphy

    (shut the fuck up and) let me take you home tonight


    I love how this song starts as Calm with pleasant vocals and guitars, and escalates to raging alcoholic party mode


    EATSLEEPDRIVE2002 even more so. At the end the song picks up tempo rock beat and then modulates to a southern gospel beat. Pure genius

  77. Joshua Rialto

    Was this the first song they all played together during the recording of the album 1976?

  78. Sorena Bailey

    This is music.brings memories of high school

  79. Trixie Pixie

    I'm listening to boston. In honor of my mother for mother's day. She loved this band. Happy mother's day mom!!

  80. James Lonergan

    If you don't like this song, it's OK -- there's nothing at all wrong with being a 39-year-old virgin living in your mother's basement...

  81. Matthew Todd Adcock

    #Boston; #HallofFameInductionCeremony now! Pronto! Underlay!

  82. jacob heater

    Such a heart racing song long live boston

  83. John Barfield

    1:55 great solo

  84. Benjamin Patton

    Some guy a few comments down said it a little better, but Brad Delp was one of the best rock singers of all time!! What a killer voice, it seems so effortless.

  85. RobertGillan1953 The Naja Snake Coverdale

    The same voice of my real friend Celso de Jesus in Rio de Janeiro he is fantastic singing all here but the voice it seems to be play back and it s not

  86. Augustine Irigoyen

    How ls that

  87. Donald Neilson

    Great band

  88. William Poole

    One of those bands they play a lot on the radio and yet it's like you're hearing it for the first time.

  89. Gamers Residence

    This is fucking amazing!

  90. Grace Barzyz

    Boston had a really good sound.......this is when music was really great. ❤

  91. usctrojans001

    Perfect Back Seat Music!

  92. Guy Basnett

    Gucci riffs

  93. Anita Cuellar

    Who cares hes,got voise,that took him wherever

  94. pete maravich

    every time i hear this band i remember sittin and breakin my brothers copy of this album still feel like crap about it even though its been over 30yrs ago great band and album

  95. Steve Mandl

    this kinda sounds countryish

    bobby c

    TN or KY USA like, I agree.