Boston - Hitch A Ride Lyrics

Day is night in New York City
Smoke, like water, runs inside
Steel idle trees to pity
Every living things that's died

Gonna hitch a ride
Head for the other side
Leave it all behind
Never change my mind
Gonna sail away
Sun lights another day
Freedom on my mind
Carry me away for the last time
Oh yeah

Life is like the coldest winter
People freeze the tears I cry
Words of hail their minds are into
I've got to crack this ice and fly

Gonna hitch a ride
Head for the other side
Leave it all behind
Never change my mind
Gonna sail away
Sun lights another day
Freedom on my mind
Carry me away for the last time

Gonna hitch a ride
Head for the other side
Leave it all behind
Never change my mind
Gonna sail away
Sun lights another day
Freedom on my mind
Carry me away for the last time

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Boston Hitch A Ride Comments
  1. db30

    This song is about suicide. It's ironic that the lead singer, who sang this, actually killed himself.

  2. Tim Cunningham

    I’m with you, I had the 8track 😉

  3. James Kennedy

    Life is like the coldest winter / people freeze the tears I cry !!!

  4. James Kennedy

    Going to hitch a ride/ head for the other side/ leave It all behind !!!

  5. Krusherx

    I listened to this when my dad took me to preschool. I was raised right.

  6. Steve B

    This is the best guitar solo on any studio album by any band ever.

  7. TheTheratfarmer

    Epic Records

  8. Gerard Mcparland

    loved this album ... the summer of ? 76 ... one of the best columbia house 8 tracks ... i still owe them for this plus intrest ...hope they dont come a knockin

  9. Paul Kenneth Santos

    666th comment.

  10. TheTheratfarmer

    some humans remaster this music. how can it remaster, the master? lol.

  11. scott r.

    first concert i saw was Boston in 1977. i was a junior in high school. still the best concert i've ever seen.

  12. Stuart Alexander

    Just brilliant. A perfect song, and I don't say that lightly.

  13. gary ganswich

    first concert .compliment of my friend allan galfand,thanks man!

  14. gary ganswich

    perfect song after smokin- PLAY LOUD

  15. Fred Virtuoso

    Tom was a genius in his own right but I can't say I like the way he treated Delp after it's all said and done. Without Delp's stellar vocals they wouldn't have been a success.

  16. Billy Badass

    That guitar solo is one of my favorite things in this world.

  17. Jason Waseq

    Fucking Love Boston!!!!

  18. Pariwager

    1976 I was 16 played this album a million times, just poetic,

  19. Jerry Thanks


  20. Matt Frankman

    Purest rock.

    Love you guys

  21. Galimir Nund

    Man this was the stuff back in the days..

  22. Rick Needham

    My onscreen lyrics version here! Rock on with Boston!!!

  23. Dee Wallace

    Larry W best of your memories always Love u so much Dad thank u 4 all those years haha!

  24. James Kennedy

    Being free Is fucking great !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Lonewolf3073

    The guitar solo could not be more perfect. Just brilliant artistry by Tom Scholz!

  26. Peter Harvey

    I was blown away when I saw them at the Sport-a-torium in Hollywood, Fla and the live performance was practically identical to the studio music on my LP. Absolutely stunning.

  27. David S

    The very first album I purchased...thanks to the influence of my big brother! OMG, that was 40 years ago and I still never tire of listening to the whole album (playing air guitar and all I'm doing now)

  28. Monster Zero

    This album was audio perfection I wore out 2 8 tracks, MULTIPLE cassettes and an lp back in the day

  29. James Kennedy

    Freedom on my mind.......

  30. James Kennedy

    Leave It all behind / never change my mind!!

  31. Stephen Jokela

    Turned 10 yrs old the summer this first came out. Bought the LP for my 12th birthday and wore it out. Proceeded to wear out 3 copies on vinyl, lost count of cassettes until it was finally released on CD. This song and others on the album were the reason I took up drums, later guitar and bass. 40 + years on and the harmony leads in the outro break still make my hair stand up. Defy anyone to name a song with that kind of impact in the current crop of "music". Rock on Boston and RIP Brad.

  32. Hamdel Sun

    Thinking of this as my youngest is a senior in high school and soon will be departing the nest and can't wait to go off to college.
    So sad.
    My kids remind me their departure is a good, healthy thing.
    It's still breaking my heart....
    I love them so much.

  33. James Kennedy

    Life is like the coldest winter / people freeze the tears I cry................

  34. Rick Macias

    Freedom on my mind carry me away for the last time!! My life

  35. Mikey Moore

    Notice how Tom's guitar work follows Brads searing vocals on this song, the ripping guitar work near the end of the song is awesome too ! Definitely making it one of my favorite Bostons songs of all time.

  36. mister b

    There is a guy in my car....hitch a not gonna be yours...

  37. James Kennedy

    Gonna hitch a ride /head for the other side.........

  38. bonavistabike

    I dare you to listen once.

  39. Watchful Eye

    This is the end result from being graduates of M.I.T. Creators of an EPIC MASTERPIECE such as this!!!!!! Music composed with surgical precision...

  40. Vincent Perlongo

    I miss hand claps

  41. Logan 5

    The aliens came down and gave a bunch of guys extra super talent to make an album that will be listened to forever..

  42. Vincent Perlongo

    No Band before or after has ever sounded like Boston.. Instantly indentifable sound of musicianship and melodic verses

  43. V. Fernando Estrada

    Gracias Boston por tan bellas e incomparables Melodías que me recuerdan a mis años de juventud. Pero todavía sigo escuchando y disfrutando vuestras canciones. Saludos desde Lima Perú

  44. Matt Bishop

    This is my favorite song along with all the other songs on this wonderful album. I bought this LP at Target in Garland, Tx in 1976 and played it every day after school. Probably a hundred times.

  45. Leif Berg

    How's that early Acoustic treatin' ya ""

  46. Elizabeth Quibodeaux

    I'm 55 still listening to Boston

  47. MAS

    Awesome song,one of my favorites.
    Played this over and over wen I was 3,
    I'm 12 and 3/4 now still playing it over and over.
    I'm a leaper haha,what year was I born?

  48. Leif D E Berg

    I would never sell out the people...Your bigger dummies than I thought

    The Rocks thing...yah

    Beat It !!

  49. James Kennedy

    Carry me away for the last time............

  50. George Mallory

    That last couple minutes of guitar is like heaven on Earth. Next to Peter Frampton it is probably my second favorite guitar solo in any song I've ever heard. I had a lot of lyrics wrong. Now that I know them, I want this song as the "walkout song" at the end of my funeral. Officially my absolute favorite song, now. Was always top 5 or ten but now it's numero uno.

  51. Bilbo Baggins

    Who the hell took time to listen to this and give it thumbs down? That seems subhuman to me.

  52. Phil Rice

    Can’t believe this was not on their best of album

  53. Gerard Dobinson

    Wow.i remember in cali wmy head phones on my dads technique turn table jamming out. Good old days

  54. Mikey Moore

    Clean and seamless music, Brad's voice is amazing on this track and Scholz put together amazing guitar work behind him. One of my favorite Boston tunes ever !

  55. James Kennedy

    Life is like the coldest winter / people freeze the tears I cry !!!!

  56. eggnbaconful

    The drumming on this song is killer!!!

  57. Ghost Dragon

    Props to that notch, and he makes it flow nicely.. Rock on 2019 !! Best of the best of it's time and the future !

  58. Wolfman Black

    Excellent song I was 10 years old when this song came out it answers a lot of questions about life if u feel me bitch a ride for peace of mind !

  59. Denise Hedden

    🥀🖤🥀Amazing Song🥀🖤🥀🤘

  60. Hank Studdard

    Anyone that loves this song should watch the cover done by Lexington Lab Band. It is quite incredible. The guitar work and the B3 organ solo are spot on to the original.

  61. James Kennedy

    Leave It all behind.........

  62. James Kennedy

    Life is like the coldest winter/people freeze the tears I cry !!!

  63. James Kennedy

    Never change my mind !!

  64. howie9751

    Years ago when you bought a stereo system, speakers, turntable and receiver, you would often take an album you liked for testing the sound of the components. I used "Dark Side of the Moon." I was helping a friend buy a system and he wanted to use this album. I told him absolutely not. "Boston" sounds great on anything.

  65. D Palombo

    The only ride I need to hitch for that "freedom on my mind" is right here in my hammock with Jesus and a loop of this song's last 2's just so sweet. I wish it were 20 minutes long.

  66. Scott G

    The best song ever. Having a shitty day, put this on and you will feel better. Play it over and over and louder every time and the bullshit day is forgotten. Again, best song ever.

  67. Donnie Shue

    When this song came out on loud abnoxious FM radio I related to hitching a ride back across the river 20 miles ( oh so far from home kid) now at 55 I'm heaing alot different meaning to it

  68. sniper161718

    Greatest guitar solo of all time and I'm a major Zeppelin fan.

  69. James Kennedy

    Going to hitch a ride /Head for the other side !!!!

  70. Sean Wingate

    Best guitar solo ever 💪

  71. Michigander in Exile

    0:24 I was 14-years-old again.

  72. Dalibor Lanik

    Damn, can't stop listening to this song.... RIP Brad.

  73. James Kennedy

    Life is like the coldest winter / People freeze the tears I cry !!!

  74. Curtis Beasley

    As I've been listening to a lot of Boston lately it dawned on me, you know what's wrong with music today? No hand claps.

    Ben Harrison

    Ha, that makes me think of the cowbell sketch from SNL. I gotta be honest, I could use a little more hand claps. Really, explore the space!

  75. Lukas Almqvist

    I am aikare and still rocking boston, cool right? /Böjs i blajan

  76. Michele Parker

    Goosebumps; everytime I hear that outro solo...

  77. Denise Hedden


  78. Grake L

    People my age will live not knowing about this amazing song...

  79. Robert Clyde

    These 40+ year old Boston records have aged well. Can't stand 'classic rock' but this still works for me.

  80. Scott Fisher

    Miss the 70s when I hear this.

  81. Jedi Knight Joshua

    He said come and hitch a ride

  82. Roger

    The only thing bad about this song is that it ends!

  83. James Kennedy

    Freedom on my mind........

  84. James Kennedy

    Going to hitch a ride/ head for the other side...........

  85. James Kennedy

    People freeze the tears I cry........

  86. Emeka Alaka

    My best. Tom was hot. HB3 splendid

  87. DodgeCityKid

    Tom could not digitize his music and cut & copy parts and put them where he wanted to. He had to play all the parts and double track them on his own and put them manually where they need to go, all analog. The sound and tone is amazing and I believe thy were the first band to use chorus on the tracks, which makes it even bigger sounding. Tom Schultz is the Man!

  88. Roger Schmitz

    "... gonna sail away, sun rise another day, leave it all behind.." Don't know if I quoted this little verse, but rather more importantly, we must move forward. Double love, Peace. Amazing song that feels like it fell from heaven.

  89. justin c

    No comment

  90. Miranda Waters

    If my soul could make sounds it would sound like the guitar solo from this song

  91. Matt Sharpe

    I walked my dog on her last walk at our local park to this song with tears streaming down my cheeks as our walk neared the end as we approached my truck ... Her cancer had spread and she was being put to sleep at 1030 the next morning........ I’m balling as I type this, and I’m a full grown adult male in my 50s... I love you Pepper ❤️❤️❤️😢😢😢

  92. Mikey Virgin

    One of the best songs. I love the production. Guitar, drums, vocals, bass, etc. Everything sounds perfect.

  93. David Jones

    That solo damn that dont play like that anymore.

  94. Claudia Cappella

    Fantástica !

  95. James Kennedy

    Carry me away for the last time..........

  96. mike Pirie

    man, I wonder how many times I've restarted this song from 2:27?......... Just the best!

  97. Keith Ferrilla

    My favorite Boston tune. Great solos from Tom. The outro solo is so beautiful. Should be illegal!

  98. randall scott burress

    This one and Journey "Winds of March" ...must be played together?

  99. James Kennedy

    Freedom on my mind..................................................