Boston - Foreplay / Long Time Lyrics

It's been such a long time
I think I should be goin', yeah
And time doesn't wait for me, it keeps on rollin'
Sail on, on a distant highway
I've got to keep on chasin' a dream
I've gotta be on my way
Wish there was something I could say

Well I'm takin' my time, I'm just movin' on
You'll forget about me after I've been gone
And I take what I find, I don't want no more
It's just outside of your front door

It's been such a long time. It's been such a long time

Well I get so lonely when I am without you
But in my mind, deep in my mind
I can't forget about you
Good times, and faces that remind me
I'm tryin' to forget your name and leave it all behind me
You're comin' back to find me

Well I'm takin' my time, I'm just movin' on
You'll forget about me after I've been gone
And I take what I find, I don't want no more
It's just outside of your front door

It's been such a long time. It's been such a long time

Yeah. It's been such a long time, I think I should be goin', yeah
And time doesn't wait for me, it keeps on rollin'
There's a long road, I've gotta stay in time with
I've got to keep on chasin' that dream, though I may never find it
I'm always just behind it

Well I'm takin' my time, I'm just movin' along
Takin' my time, just movin' along
Takin' my time, takin' my time...

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Boston Foreplay / Long Time Comments
  1. The Starman

    A classic

  2. Forced to use Google

    This alien shite at the beginning I love about this song as a trucker some trucks in whore frost antennas start slapping the cab or in weird spins and stuff u gotta stop and clean em off or buy a new Cb antenna but guys dont act like they should on CB ever anyways egos and stuff what I love is the blue collar ness of the guy and his music

  3. Frosty Bud

    just got yelled at by my teacher for blasting this timeless classic on my headphones in the middle of class. I have zero regrets. I'm quoting bill and ted : "Be excellent to each other and party on dudes!"

  4. TheTheratfarmer

    i said yeyohah\

  5. Grey Lewis

    Such an awesome song, and album. Rest in piece Sib. I miss that rockin beat !

  6. Patrick Kelley

    Always just behind my dreams, but it’s beautiful to have them.

  7. Paula Hutcherson

    Yes I noticed. 50 years ago.

  8. Paula Hutcherson

    Yes. 50 years ago.

  9. Random Insights

    44 years’s been such a long time

  10. J b

    2020 and so timeless this is!

  11. Ghost Dragon

    You can and never will forget me when I'm gone. I'm Boston, rocked you in the past and will rock you in the future ! Rock on in 2020 !!

  12. steppinout67

    Sounded like Speed king by Deep Purple.

  13. 58carlosstar

    Ray donovan !!!!

  14. Jorge Venegas

    The best history

  15. ArmorOfGod

    Man, that transition from Foreplay into Long Time is just amazing!

  16. Josh Tosh

    I heard phish open with this tune 20 years ago. Now 20 years later.....I'm still upstairs down!

  17. Ed Collins

    Why is the alt-Christian Right obsessed with the music of Tom Scholz and Boston? Tom had to send a cease and desist order to religious-political freak Mike Huckabee several years ago for playing Boston songs at his political rallies. (Evidently former Boston guitarist Barry Goudrea gave him permission, but the problem was Barry never wrote a Boston song.) Now it appears like one of Trump's impeachment lawyers, who lied to Congress and the American people during the impeachment trial, is now playing "Long Time". The lawyer's name is Jay Sekulow and his band, the Jay Sekulow Band, has a singer by the name of John Elefante who actually sang with Kansas in the early 80's. Of course, this was after the band's original and stellar lead vocalist-- Steve Walsh--left the band and Kansas briefly became a Christian rock band. Furthermore, Elefante didn't sing on any of Kansas' gold and platinum albums. The Jay Sekulow Band also features the lead singer of the rock band Petra. As for Sekulow, he plays guitar and drums and despite recording in an expensive studio, the band kind of sucks (especially Sekulow who looks like he has never played the drums in his entire life prior to the video). Hopefully, Tom Scholz will put an end to this debacle because associating such a great song with a garage band consisting of old men. Everything associated with Donald Trump dies and as more people see this video it will puts a nasty stain on "Long Time" forever.

  18. Michelle Colligan

    All these decades later, I'm still a die-hard fan.

  19. MrVideostreamer

    ..and rip sib! edit: and rip brad!

  20. SpongeBob McPringle

    Y is Boston a ufo how do millions of people live in a ufo how

  21. Harry Kadaras

    The use of guitar feedback and harmorminics is monumental in this production. Unbelievable how someone started playing guitar so late can come up with something like this; its just totally...Boston.

  22. vichy76

    There's a reason no other band does this as cover

  23. TheTheratfarmer

    taking my time.

  24. TheTheratfarmer

    tom shotlz played this, no. barry

  25. oliverrando

    Man this song is dope

  26. Andrew John

    Such an awesome sound. Still.

  27. Bo Gaal

    February 12th 2020 - Still playin it as loud as I did when I was 18.

  28. Paul7mac

    When all the shit has been burned this will still survive.

  29. Wendalla D

    2020 still Boston still rocks

  30. kght222

    i gotta keep on chasin' that dream, or i may never find it.

  31. Finley Currie

    I'd play this song in my 1978 VW bus at full volume...or until the speakers blew out. My Blaupunkt cassette player had about 10 watts of power, don't laugh.

  32. Roy T.


  33. TheTheratfarmer

    65% of 100 watts RMS is power man. once in a while i turn it up to 80%. sounds like a live band.

  34. TheTheratfarmer

    i turn up my 100 watt RMS amp and listen trough my Advent Legacy speakers. one neighbor complaned. your dogs bark every day! he shut right up. lol

  35. Her_biggest_fan

    Hot fire

  36. Lisa K

    2020 anyone❤️..Still have this vinyl album 🙂

  37. Tom Jenkins

    TURNed it up to 12.5 still not loud enough!!!!!!!

  38. Tony C.

    0:10 - All great rock songs have a small reminder at the beginning of how loud you need to turn up your speakers to optimally experience the rest of the song.

  39. loic huchet

    très grand groupe BOSTON subtil musique de qualité.

  40. FBI agent

    >:D we need an army of people to help bring good music like this into popularity in 2020
    it will be called the ""2020 the decade of rocks return"" whos in?

    FBI agent

    @Greg Yancoskie Thank you.

  41. RaffeToffe

    Found this song a few days ago. As a 19 year old this shit is banging

  42. doctaugly d

    In the end just chill listen to music and get higher than you've ever been before.

  43. 90caliber Macher

    I play guitar. I've heard them all. Hendrix, Vai, Clapton. But Tom Scholz has the best tone I ever heard. Like Frank Zappa, he played through a wah-wah with the pedal duct-taped midway down.

  44. Bethany Sibbald

    Class pure class

  45. Janie T

    its 2020 and still listening to this awesome track ! first bought the vinyl in 76 !!!

  46. NSTG

    3:24 Edubble - Taking My Time FF #40

  47. Sheila Daniels

    Watch Sina play the drums to this song. She is amazing!

  48. Giovanni Mario Impagliatelli

    Mooom! Tom Schultz is playing the piano again!

  49. Jess S

    Northwood Lake in Northport Alabama. The Boz room. We listened to this album over and over. His special effects light that projected whatever we thought we were seeing all over the room. Crowbaze. Moose. Redbone. Terrapin..... many others. Good times. They’ll see this someday and know what I’m talking about...... Thanks Boston! Y’all should be in the RNRHOF. 😎

  50. Mike White

    Too much weed in the 80's...far out

  51. Chris Durham

    Kids today just don’t get it, it’s a boomer thing.

  52. Evan Hoke

    Such a shame losing his amazing voice to suicide

  53. Evan Hoke

    The singer Brad Delp committed suicide like Chester from Linkin Park

  54. Aaron Wells

    Ray Donovan brought me here. Epic. The early Long Beach arena version of this is sick. I was 2 when this came out.

  55. Kenny Bailey

    Hard to imagine this song is 43 years old, and it STILL rocks.

    Bob McLaughlin

    Oh crap I'm old. But this brings back memories! Rock on!!

    G C

    Yep playing with surround sound, on big screen now. Lol. From l.p. to today's tec. 😁🎧🔊

    M Gardner

    They played this beautifully in concert. Giant organ at the back of the stage.

    Ghost Dragon

    And always will brother !!

    hydraulic hydra

    69 likes nice

  56. AudiophileTubes


  57. faze bungle

    born in 03 dont give a damn age is just a number in this case

  58. The Starman

    A classic

  59. Patrick Kelley

    There are sad, sick people who just bounce around on YouTube and bash music they could never make and never understand. I pity them. I hope there is a cure someday.

  60. Timberwolf Powler

    My PC headphones are full blast!

  61. David O'Neill

    Ray Donovan brought me here.

  62. Carlos Tornero

    Trump’s lawyer covered this.

    Chicago Dog

    No one cares

  63. Mikel Anderson

    2020 anyone?

  64. Doog Boy

    WOW! WOW ! WOW! WOW!

  65. Shadow Wolf

    My dad's been introducing me to his favorite rock songs from his early teenage years and young adult years. This is currently one of my favorites that he's shown me.

  66. Marcus Edwards


  67. The Daily Life Of A Lonely Man

    The bad thing about this song it ends....Replay....

  68. Lunar Skye

    And after all...this singer this man blew his brains out..

  69. jeddyhi

    That changeover to long time 2:27 brings tears to my eyes and I don't know why. It's like something beautiful and glorious smashing through a wall and sharing itself for any and all who wish to have it.

  70. Jessi Minda

    My love RJ 💕6/10/93-10/09/19 R.I.P my soul mate this was 1 of our songs I’ll see you again

  71. First Last

    Thanks Dad for being so fucking awesome!

  72. Tristen W

    Anyone here in 2020? Still love this music.

    Melanie Williams

    So what's not to love?

    Mark gayle Suko

    Hell yes, what a lame question!,,,,

    John Armenta

    You damn right!!

  73. Shawn Shepard

    Listening and jamming out in 2020!! YEAH!

  74. JJ Hernandez

    It's 2020 and yes, I'm jamming to this....

    Duc Nguyen

    Big fucking deal!
    People will listen and jam to Rock and Roll until the end of tine.

    Evan Hoke

    It was for years the biggest selling debut album of all time

    Evan Hoke

    My favorite band since I was a kid

    Chris Porter

    hell yea

    FBI agent

    aren't we all

  75. Errol Thomas

    Press like if you have this on vinyl with the orange label

    Patrick Kelley

    Does 8 track count? 😀

    Errol Thomas

    @Patrick Kelley Yes indeed

  76. Henk de Groot

    Schitterende intro voor bijvoorbeeld een rockopera; dit geldt dan wel voor de eerste 1:55....

  77. DaviJay Chamberlain

    Better intros do not exist

    Becky West

    Davi Jay Chamberlain so true!

  78. 1959blee

    1977. Pontiac Silverdome. Sammy Hager opening act, Eddie Money (RIP) , Boston main act. Best concert ever!

  79. We Love Chips

    That 2020 hitter

  80. Curtis Boswell

    Boston's sound was and is utterly unique. Genre? These boys flat out rocked. You couldn't pigeon hole them. They'd play everything from Prog-Rock to straight up guitar boogie....and do it as well, or better, than the groups that began those genres. When they came on the scene, in the late seventies, guitar effects jocks scrambled like hell, trying to keep up. They couldn't do it. Tom Scholz's "space guitar" special effects, were amazing... and the guy could play. His digital delay was patented. What else would you expect, from someone who was employed (in his day job...) as an electronics engineer, by Polaroid?? Guy has a degree in electronics engineering, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.... and all he ever wanted to do, was play guitar, in a rock band. Add to that feat, restoring one of the world's largest pipe organs....? That's a damned impressive Rock'n Roll resume.

    R.I.P., Bradley Delp... one of the greatest voices ever to come down the pike... rock or otherwise. Sometimes, those who sing the sweetest, are the ones who's souls are most tortured. Everybody makes mistakes in this life... some of us just find them harder to live with the memories of having made them, than others. I don't judge. Brad sang like an angel... and his voice, along with the rest of the crew's playing, provided the soundtrack, to the best years of my life. Thank you, Brad... if you're anywhere you can read this. Wherever you're at, I hope you found the peace and serenity there, that you couldn't find here.

  81. Jewtoob *

    Remember when music wasn’t about the individual and mostly about the band?

  82. The artist formerly known as 'An actual Faggot'

    all the ladies know Foreplay > Eruption

  83. StrikerZXT

    2020 and this is still one of my very favorites!

  84. Allison loves cats


  85. TheTheratfarmer

    turn off auto play. once in a while i turn up the old rms amp. 100 w only is plenty of sound. turn it up to 50% sounds like a live band, in my living room. with advent legacy speakers.

  86. Retro Archives

    It starts pretty good, and then it goes downhill at 2:31. Such a shame.

  87. Phill Acoustic Chaos

    That bass at :56 seconds is a thing of beauty.

  88. Jeff Culver

    Boston should be in the rock n roll hall of fame

  89. T - Bone Woodstock. O.C.

    Man. Hats off to this phenomenal group.pulling off the impossible .the original cure to corporate greed. Hail to you. And your gift of music you're group shares with all that know great music.

  90. Mark Snyder

    "Listening in 2019"?. I haven't stopped since my mom bought this and Skynards "One more from the Road" on my 16th birthday in 1978. Thanks Mom.


    sweet birthday present. I been listening forever too! I was 4 yrs.old in 1978

    Khai West

    so you are 57? awesome, i love it when people never leave their most favourite of songs. Keep listening

    Jamie Ragar

    Khai West I’m 54,this tune is the shot

  91. TheTheratfarmer

    taking my time, 1976. distortion, ah yeah man, sustain.

  92. Kathi Cobb

    Nice touch Lab.. I'd have evntually gotten here. I'd be crying if I wasn't laughing. You surely do get me! Carry on, found out my daughter's at work at Hardee's tonight. Forgot about that because she's been sick! hearts

  93. EG LA32 LG/333/EXLA/JOSEPH'S

    I've always ❤'d Boston . . .

  94. TheTheratfarmer

    man i zone out.