Bose, Miguel - Big City "Confians" Lyrics

Waking up to a rising sun
Looking out over the morning sea
Another world is calling ahhh!
The time has come for me to leave

I will miss this forgotten land
What I do is right
I have had a dream that talks to me
I must take the boat tonight

me iré me iré me iré yo!
me iré me iré me iré ba yá!
me iré me iré me iré yo!
me iré me iré me iré ba yá!

Where I go there are many roads
Old suns set between towers of stone
Pillars reaching up to the clouds
I will make this place my home

All you gave I will not forget
Tell my friends that this must be so
Mama Papa please dry your eyes
Pray for me now I must go...

me iré me iré me iré yo!
me iré me iré me iré ba yá!
me iré me iré me iré yo!
me iré me iré me iré ba yá!

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Bose, Miguel Big City "Confians" Comments
  1. jose norberto Sanchez lluch

    Bellísima canción..grande Bosé..una versión magnífica del disco XXX

  2. ntokozo dlamini

    Greatest hit of all time.

  3. Faith Babuseng

    This song soothes my soul...

  4. john mabaso

    A dedication to late Eddie Zondi may his soul rest in peace


    what a gem ,in love with this song as always

  6. Motsamai Chaka

    Searched for the name for past 3 months, finally got it. Magic!!Brilliant. Buying the CD today.

  7. Watercube Services

    This track reminds me of Cebo C Manyaapelo

  8. Mudzanani Orries

    Hmmm... What a lovely song. I really love this song 👌👌

  9. Thabiso Vuso

    This song reminds me of varsity times,great song indeed...composed 1987



  11. Jabu Osa

    Greatest songs of all time simply the best everything gel together nicely

  12. Sibongile Baduza

    I am addicted to this song. Good memories of my late aunt (may your soul rest in peace and childhood sweetheart. I wish I could turn back the clock.

  13. Rita Buda


  14. Samuel Lesutha

    I never comment on anything and this is my first comment, This song reminds me of my childhood periods in early 90s

    Pro Ndaleni

    I agree with you Sam. Same feeling too

  15. Zodwa Ndebele


  16. Owen Ramashia

    After some years serching for this. AT LAST I GOT IT

  17. lehlohonolo likotsi

    Music at its best.Well done song.You are getting 1000 yesses from me.I ve been searching for this song for my entire life, un till one vendor came to my rescue last weekend.I bought my self 2 copies.nice one.

    Thulani Mdluli

    lehlohonolo likotsi where can I get the copy my email is [email protected]

    Owen Ramashia

    I was rescued today

    Fidelis Msomi

    Where did you bought man m looking for it

  18. Khazamula Mnisi

    Great ballad indeed of all time.

  19. charlein stone

    reminds of me of my days at Cala. Yhooo. It reminds me of my Younger brother ( Bro Li ) and my cousin ( Bassie Hlatshaneni ) May their souls rest in peace. Bambo

  20. Ter Se

    A brilliant composition.

  21. Wandisile Ndziweni

    Wow this song takes me back to my home town Tsolo

    charlein stone

    suspect you know my cousin , Wena! He was from Qumbu. I first heard it from him. His name was Bassie Hlatshaneni. What a Man! May his soul rest in peace. Bambo - Bandile

  22. SandaXaba

    Heard this song playing on Radio 2000 in the Haaibo Breakfast Show. The Iceman took me back to my childhood; and that was eons ago

    charlein stone

    Funny! I love it stax, Shwabada

    Benton Msimango

    I heard it about the same time too. Woke up this morning and it was playing in my heard. I think Ice even mentioned that Bose was acting in the Bold and the Beautiful version of his own country.

    nkosinathi chiliza

    I heard it on the evening therapy with the Iceman #2000

    Sibonelo Mathenjwa

    Just heard it now on #IceTherapy on Radio2000. That's why I'm here.

  23. Michele Kurlan

    Love at very first listen way back to 1991 in a waiting room. This song is so gorgeous. Check out Miguel Bose on wikipedia. Very interesting background, childhood, who the godparents were.


    ADDICTION !!!Remind me of one of the best days in my life travelling to (Mpumalanga in SOUTH AFRICA ), the landscape and the weather were complimenting my music. pick up BIG CITY(Miguel Bose). synchroniser, wow

  25. Sammy Guilty

    thanks to Alice Seilane for sharing this song with me. It takes my memories back to Mpumalanga(South Africa) where my roots are at!

    Thank u too The Black Buck for giving us such a sweet melodies. *teary*

  26. Mr Xaba

    How I wish I could have it on my phone

    charlein stone

    Sorry for you , Nonkosi. I am already having it on mine. Bambo

  27. Thulani Mabuza

    big song old memories

  28. Michael Mafokata

    hey it was one of the best songs,reminds me when l was still 21 yrs old at the university

  29. stephen mashwabi

    Qwa Qwa Phuthas by night ha ho lla ena

  30. mpumi mpetsheni

    can one download these song/tracks and how?

  31. mpumi mpetsheni

    i remember 1989 whilst i was in my matric year in the northern cape (south africa) this song was all over the radio stations...i gues it was good enough to have not been well equiped with television sets back then cos we used to listen to our favourite radio stations day in and day out.this song just bring tears in my face cos i've been looking to listen to this track and today its like woooooow!!!

  32. WhopBobbaLuBop

    Where's the other one?