Borknagar - Roots Lyrics

The roots thrust – into oblivion
Beyond the verge of space
The erodent roots, the evolving loops
Thrusts, yet free roaming

There is a horizon folded
Blinding leaves of the universe
Throughout the inner core
My quest, my lore
Where the seeds recoil and return
Where the potency explodes to burn

Where the roots weave into the branches
Where dimensions blend into infinity
Where the seeds recoil and return
Where the potency explodes to burn

There is a path running free
Quintessential chemistry
Where the rivers recoil and return
Fallen stars explode and burn

The branches reach into eternity
Beyond the verge of stellar time
The evolving tree, the revolving spree
Anchored in me means floating free
No time, no space can ever be
My hive, my home
I belong beyond the stellar dome

Blinding leaves of the universe

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Borknagar Roots Comments
  1. Tati Kevin Wan




  3. Hunter Forsberg

    Every time... I am hooked.

  4. Renever Doni

    Melhor faixa da banda!

  5. Bayron Mollinedo


  6. Gee_JO!

    "There is a pork running free"
    Borknagar + Free Range Pork = Bliss


    I thought it equaled Porknagar?

  7. Stefan Infanger

    one of the greates voice ever

  8. Luke Leonard Rasmussen

    About Vortex I agree. I wish he stayed with Borgir.Second, I find it a tad juxtaposed that AARP landed an ad on a heavy metal music video on YouTube. Sorry, but old coots don't like this stuff.

    James Bob

    That makes no sense. How old is Jimmy Page now? Or Ozzy? Stupid in so many ways

  9. Kris Kurz

    What is Thall?

  10. Karol Popiak

    I just came here for Vortex vocals :D


    me too, i cant believe he left borgir for this


    Vortex was kicked out. Also, he was the singer for Borknagar way before he joined Dimmu.

    Demon Cleaner

    This band is awesome. Listen the other cds too. Better than Dimmu, in my opinion. So epic, progressive, extreme, melodic and magic

  11. Prisacariu Bogdan

    ....very good song, after i listen hundred time winter ..i search and i find urd which in my opinion is far better


    Agreed. Urd is much much better than Winter Thrice.

  12. Indol

    I came here for thall. this is not thall at all.

  13. I I

    This song is magic. \m. .m/

  14. Angel Bastida Morante

    impresionante banda, me gustan todos sus discos, trasmiten un atmósfera única, geniales!!

    quilmesdave jeje

    +Angel Bastida Morante Lo mismo digo. Ni un solo cd de ellos, es cuestionable.Desde el principio, que eran straight black metal, hasta lo que son hoy. Me encantan!

    Alfredo Villanueva

    Son genios ! Totales

  15. Klaudia Zielińska


  16. Torsten Adamietz

    Remembers me to some older tracks of Borknagar comming from the album "The olden domain" of 1997 - and this is one of their best.

  17. Joza Koza


  18. Vampiro 1978

    4:23 There is a path running free

  19. Esteban Correa

    Vintersorg!!!! great voice!

  20. Fabio1349

    ahahahahahahahahaha I love this misheard lyrics jokes....

    at 2:46 It gets awesome as fuck....!!!

  21. jeleopard

    The song is good, but what's with the shitty mixing? Drums are so far in the back, hardly audible, and the vocals are LOUD. What do.

  22. Jahir Roman

    Vintersorg voice is sooo Juicy!

  23. makoto shysio


  24. Pjotr w0bble

    I'm happy we still have Borknagar + Vortex :D

  25. AlxTheLamb

    Still, I would not include Dark Tranquillity in that list.
    Their stile has changed too little compared to In Flames for instance. I kind of like their new stuff also, unlike In Flames that has gone retarded.

  26. Dave Sykes

    Dimmu will cruise on the coals of former success for a long time. I don't like what they do anymore. want a hint if a band has thrown down the arms and gone in it for the money ? the changing of the band logo...metal bands (and others) who alter their logos to make them more readable/mainstream :) it sounds funny but it's true, check out Dimmu Borgir, dark tranquility, moonspell, In Flames, Agathodaimon, Samael etc etc etc.

  27. AlxTheLamb

    You would have never expected how the English language evolves:
    Now, the verb "to rule" is opposite to the verb "to suck"
    Anyway, we got far enough to the actual song we are here to listen to: And in my oppinion, it's just great! Love the fact that Vortex has now more time for bands like Arcturus, Borknagar, ICS Vortex, Lamented Souls... He's great in each of them... Too bad for Dimmu however, he was great there also :)

  28. Dave Sykes

    yep :) and we didnt even hint at the geniuses who fight, DIMMU RULES Cradle Sucks/rule borknagar sucks/ that's going somewhere !! :P

    PS: Patricia Kaas is (was) hot ! but yeah the music...meeeeh :)

  29. AlxTheLamb

    Doode, I totally 110% agree with you! On both points you made:
    1. One is allowed an opinion, and expressing it is the essence of progress;
    2. Borknagar was never Black Metal to begin with...
    The reason I was a bit of a bastard to the french guy is: He expressed his oppinion in an absotute manner. He never said "I think", or "I belive" or anything of that kind, but he just gave the sentince: "Régression" and afterwards a pointless explanation of how comes Borknagar regressed to being Pop Rock

  30. Dave Sykes

    The guy is allowed his opinion no ? I always find the arguments go nowhere where musical tastes are concerned...since it is just that : TASTE. it's like argueing on food...makes no sense... but I dont thing Borknagar ever prophesed to be a black metal band anyways...personally I dont give a shit about music etiquette, if it's good , I like it. I dont care WHAT the style is called by the wannabe critics who invent the terms.

  31. AlxTheLamb

    Proof that French people should listen to Patricia Kaas. Anything else is too much for their brains, that would later on produce retarded comments like yours.

  32. Danijel Tomičić

    Dimmu is nothing compared to Borknagar.Dimmu solded himself and i hate when bands do that also Dimmu is "satanic" band only to get more followers and they do not believe in satan they are just pretending!

  33. Danijel Tomičić

    Fuck Dimmu bitch this is way waay better,he sings much more here,guys from borknagar value him more than dimmu! He would be stupid if he ever comes back to borgir!

  34. ErabusVonGott

    please die and do you research, then die again

  35. Danijel Tomičić

    I.C.S. Vortex is making this song way waay better:)guys from dimmu were stupid for fire Vortex and Mustis from band!now they pretty much suck!

  36. Chadi Tannous

    beautifull and amazing album.

  37. Shalva Knows

    the album is magnificent , really like it

  38. Manic Maniac

    There is a dork running free.

  39. Paul Antony

    Warum diese Frage, und es geht mir gut danke der Nachfrage es wäre nett wenn du dir ein paar Videos von mir anschauen würdest und mal ein Statement dazu abgeben würdest.

  40. Paul Antony

    Ehm hallo es wäre nett wenn jemand mal ein statement zu meinem Let´s play schreiben würde.

  41. LordSyckron

    Have been a Dimmu Borgir fan for years, but I stopped listening much after Vortex left. Great that he is back with Borknagar! This shit fucking rules

  42. JChellvetes

    this work is such as continued from archaic course I expect more for new album but is the same sound, the most great album Borknagar-Borknagar, this new album is bored.......................

  43. PriestofGethsemane

    You repeat yourself. And none of us are sitting here telling of our extensive achievements to back up our bullshit. Just stop coming back to see how bad you're getting burned. "comment removed"....stronger than your retorts.

  44. Bearclaw Manipulator

    Stop crying.

  45. Qalmana

    lol told his ass

  46. LycanthropicArt

    Uh, Borknagar has been around since 1995. That's probably longer than you've been alive. So, yeah, they're not going anywhere. Plus, not to mention the numerous amount of tours they've done. And, with that, what band are you in, and will you be putting out albums? Cheers!

    - Wulf

  47. Big Guy

    Vintersorg AND Vortex? Sheeeeeit. This band is amazing.

  48. Anetron

    Vintersorg sings first, then Vortex and finally Lazare ("years into decades...")

  49. GeeKAdemics

    One of those bands I never get tired of. Plus Vintersorg and Vortex on one band is a pretty lovely thing to hear. Earcandy³ :)

  50. ProjectPT


  51. ranXerox09

    Vortex turns to gold everything he fuckin' touches. He sings in a song and I know in advance that it will kick ass big time.

  52. Luke Hammerheart

    then go do that, sir.

  53. Perpetual Paralyzis

    I think so

  54. Arcturus

    wow, yay, they both are all over the place in this song... THIS is i'm so glad this exists... Vinter and Vortex, together...

  55. ravernomus

    Technical playing combined with imagination and experimenting created an interesting project, we know it as Borknagar! Nice, nice, nice

  56. Ventriz G

    I'd rather listen to Molested

  57. mancho747heavy

    Are u sure is Vortex? Thats Vintersorg voice


    Niñato de 8 años detectado, posible retraso mental.

  59. Lefteris Kagias

    333 sec. of perfection!

  60. Mike Kiske

    Since the first time I listened the album I tought that Epochalypse would be the working song, but Roots is "easier understandable". And you guys Vortex's whores, don't forget that Vinter is in it too, he is so talented as ICS is. Their's duets just had made a new standard for avant gard extreme music. I can't stop listening this album. Borknagar please come to Brazil with Fission and Vintersorg as well. :o)

  61. Boris I

    I.C.S. Vortex brought me here.

  62. Flatbedder Chris

    Epic fucking sauce

  63. Kristian Balog

    Damn! This is my favourite Album of all time!
    Hail them \m/

  64. Ovlov Zhivago

    I'm not wild about this band, but they're already somewhere.

  65. Druid968

    4:23 ...There is a pork running free XD

  66. Cognitive Dissonance

    you re calling an 8 year old a faggot,
    new low no offence :P

  67. Kristian Balog

    The new Album is badass!! totally love it <3

  68. practicalfrost

    You are either deaf, or retarded. How can you say that this band will not go anywhere, when it has already published ten albums? Also, I would like that you would list a few of these bands that have "more potential". I bet that you can't do that.

  69. ElendilVII Eld

    Didn't like their previous album but this..this is beyond words!

  70. Bearclaw Manipulator

    Wow. Your musical taste is gay, sport.

  71. Stigmableedingblack



  72. TJ Chiles

    This makes me sad. It's unfortunate Vortex had his falling out with Dimmu Borgir. They made some AMAZING music together.

  73. bloozism

    is ur dad sexy?

  74. z3ratul99

    You're taste in music is laughable

  75. Harjawaldar

    didnt know bigshow played in borknagar

  76. Carlinhos Barreiros

    Vortex rules !!! Great !!!

  77. DevouredByThem

    The same happens to me, man!! I'm just addicted to this masterpiece, it's incredible!!

  78. asator777

    @ MrQuagmire26 I know its Vintersorg mainly, but it's Vortex who has the best vocal, at least that what I think

  79. MrQuagmire26

    Vortex? It's Vintersorg mainly.

  80. asator777

    one of the best albums from Borknagar! can't stop listening to it and Vortex's voice is amazing as ever! love it

  81. PriestofGethsemane must be a fake account or something...just for laughs...or the most self-absorbed, under-a-rock-living, retarded KID I've encountered this year. (I know 23..yaddayadda...but if you're retarded, then that would make you about 6, maybe 7???)

  82. roarhify

    Great song!

  83. drphibes1978

    Could not have said it any better myself. :-D

  84. thehandsofdoom

    that guitarist on the left looks like Kenny Powers.

  85. 96thedragonslayer

    How are they going nowhere? You do realize they've released 10 albums, right?

  86. 96thedragonslayer

    Urd is shaping up to be the best album of 2012.

  87. 96thedragonslayer

    This song isn't there best off the album, go listen to Epochalypse or The Beauty of Dead Cities then come back to me. And the photo makes them look heavy metal!!

  88. 96thedragonslayer

    I'm gonna take a stab in the dark and say you like Avenged Sevenfold.

  89. bloozism

    that band picture makes them look gay as shit. music is pretty boring as well

  90. TordenBlackfist

    Oh, and Kudos to Lazare. I see many people (with justice) hailing Vortex and Vintersorg, but Lazare made beautiful lines too in some musics...

  91. TordenBlackfist


    Urd is their best album IMO since The Archaic Course (although for me Olden Domain is their prime).

  92. LordAtrocity13

    Simply amazing.....

  93. Worse Than Fiction Podcast

    They didn't lose him, they fired him.... through a lawyer. And yes, he is amazing and Dimmu's Abrahadabra shows that they aren't nearly as good without him. They had to hire a choir to replace him... and it didn't work.

  94. BumCrackCookies

    Cunt. Simple.

  95. drphibes1978

    This band will go nowhere???? This is the bands 10th album release. It looks to me like they already have gone somewhere and proven themselves over and over again. They have been around since 1996 and just keep getting better and better. Most bands usually get worse after 16 years. Not these guys. You should do your research before popping off about a band you know nothing about. This album ROCKS!!!!

  96. Zap Rowsdower

    You sir, are quite an idiot.

  97. schink24

    This band has already been further than you could hope to achieve, both with Borknagar and in the other works of its members

  98. Jose Vicent

    q is a band Borknagar know where to put their music heard people know and interpret q bass guitar voice in total harmony q know these guys are very good .. likewise say q vortex is the pope's metal voice. but I am vortex sincere disk I really liked only two songs the same way I say ...... vintersong q is also excellent singer for me ....... the rest is pure .... bbbbbb screaming and not q are interpreted so well ..... not speak straws q these groups and their lyrics are very original