Borknagar - Rivalry Of Phantoms Lyrics

The tide of the substances
Furious force, a stunning course
A war unbroken
It's the coil of the combining ends
The dawn of the random fall

I summon the winter, the autumns son
The way of those, the way of mine
I summon the winds, the rage of storms
My way is for those, the sinner?s kind
Damnation groan, hear the call

The tide of the substance, spins in the core
Like a furious force kept stunning beyond
It's the coil of the combining ends
The dawn of the random fall

I summon the rivers the ocean?s son
The way of those the way of mine
I summon the motion, the presence of time
My way is for those, the sinners kind

Beware the sight of those
Those who were my sight
Beware the hate of those
Who rivals as the storms
Who storms as rivals
At the plains, in the havoc
The rivalry of phantoms

The erosion is my war, die you may
The wind is my passion, utterly you weep
The rivers are my blood, drown you may
The wind is my passion, the passion to fight

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Borknagar Rivalry Of Phantoms Comments
  1. Patrick Bertlein

    Been listening to this since it came out!

  2. Nucktmeron prog

    ainda fico me perguntando porque aqueles filhos da mãe mandaram vortex e mustis embora.

  3. Старый Пацан

    3:34 Let the fun start!!!

  4. AeacusCanti

    yes, he joined after the album was produced, the same year.

  5. PUG206WRC

    @TaddeoValestra Vintersorg joined the following album "Empiricism". This Album sings Vortex.

  6. Konfu

    'Twas an early year of me life when I was listening to this record. Rain was beating against the roof and storm was shaking the walls. I had just returned from a bicycle trip, in the rain, and dripping I inhaled the power of the music. I had witnessed the rivalry of phantoms, and I was humbled.

  7. Tads Obach Obach-Acosta


    i stand corrected

  8. AeacusCanti

    Vintersorg is good,

    not this good.

  9. Plague Angel

    @Wyndrax You know, of course, that correct grunting/screaming comes from the midriff?

  10. Tads Obach Obach-Acosta

    ummm... isn't this vintersorg's voice?

  11. Skirge

    @mrhensonandmrhartzog actually, the right technique will not really harm your voice. Maybe *slightly* more than talking, singing and well, growing older :p I can talk out of experience a bit, I often did harsh vocals for about 3 or 4 hours straight on rehearsals and my throat was generally not even soar afterwards. Actually, a few experimental seconds of vocals without technique felt way worse than several straight hours of grunts and screams :D

  12. ganondorf59

    I'm seeing them live, seeing VORTEX live in September. HAIL BORKNAGAR, HAIL BLACK METAL!!!

  13. Phillipe

    I can't help but shiver at the thought that Vortex is hurting his perfectly awesome operatic voice while doing those screams..

  14. DraculVaDomni

    \m/ Borknagar \m/ !!