Borknagar - Oceans Rise Lyrics

Deify the depths of intimate caprice
The noble morsel of the grand eternity
Face the furious and black domain
From where all the wisdom once came
As a weak and stunning flare
Yet so completed and clear

In the eyes of the elementary existence
May the fallen of eternity explode
As primal instincts of devotion
Where the seeds of chaos blow
Where the almighty substance flow

When the oceans rise
And thunder calls
The shape of furious manners fall
Where the oceans rise

Between dimensions asunder
The maze of fragmented flare
Harvest the pain of the will and despair
Where the seeds of chaos grow
Where the almighty substance bow

Millenniums are falling
Millenniums are calling
The dawn of a new era

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Borknagar Oceans Rise Comments
  1. T Sblen

    I had no business trying to understand this at 13 years old. But I’m glad i did. At 35 it takes me back.

    E A

    what did you understand?

  2. emrah malkoc

    there was a man in trabzon, a turkish death metal group baterist, made us some track music cds of metal music. it was the year 1998 or 2000. i wanted to get 2 dark tranquillity music cds. he also added an extra song to one of that cds. in those years i had a cassette player which has 1 cd player on its top. i listened this song like thousand times. in 2002 when i had gone to university, i played this song to one of my friend with a cd player. he said this song is not from dark tranquility. also he didn't know whose song. like 3 years before, i remembered and found it with song's lyrics. thx god, i find you again and never forget. :D

  3. Tom O'Brien

    I first heard this in 97, have searched for it it ever since. And thank the lord i found it.

    Angela Ryan

    Which lord..?

    JX VX

    @Angela Ryan Buttlord!

  4. Sanford Son

    Excellent melodic black metal from Norway. The Black Metal Capital of the World.

  5. Leo Conchola

    Metal For The Masses when I first them amazing

  6. unfleshedII

    my favorite song in the world

    Daren Manville

    i'm with you, seriously

  7. MarkBlaze

    Man Grim was a killer drummer Hail!

  8. Lavender Salad

    I love drumming to this song :D I really need to make a video sometime \m/


    Grim was one of the best bm drummer, RIP

  9. Christian B

    The really awesome thing about this song: It's great in this original version as well as in the Origin version. One of my favourites by Borknagar and over all.

  10. Ado Filth 666

    This should be the anthem of Norway🇳🇴

  11. SevereRepugnance

    One of the most epic tracks of all time, the song that got me into Borknagar, which in turn expanded my conscious understanding of black metal as a genre. Fucking awesome band.

    Daren Manville

    same here..2002 ish?


    @Daren Manville
    The album was released in '98, but I believe I first heard it around that time, probably 2001 for myself. On a Century Media compilation which also got me into The Gathering.

  12. Daren Manville

    pure epicness

  13. Wangtorio Jackson


  14. R3-ich

    Amazing riffs

  15. Semih Evirgen

    never gets old

    Daren Manville

    +Semih Evirgen nope

  16. Eduardo Redux

    Vortex is cool but Garm is the man for black metal vocals


    @Eduardo Domingues True that. Vortex is still sick though.


    Vortex is badass, but melodic vocals was his forte.


    True especially in arcturus though vortex is fucking awesome too garm definitely has an awesome way of sounding completely fucking insane and brilliant at the same time haha

  17. Dave Lopez

    Shit i remember listening to this song on my discman back in school... so many good memories :) 1998

    Jovica Milosevski

    Me to bro good o'l days :D

  18. jair souza

    A Noruega é o berço das melhores bandas de Black Metal e claro, o Borknagar esta entre elas.

  19. thor

    the archaic couse o melhor album do Borknagar

  20. Guffy Ali

    who is the common member btw borknagar and enslaved though?

    David Perez

    Ivar Bjornson

  21. Sonny Mall


  22. PUG206WRC

    I like Vintersorg, but for some reason Borknagar sounds better with Vortex. This album is probably their best album, followed by Quintessence.

  23. TheHucore

    When the oceans rise
    And thunder calls
    The shape of furious manners fall
    Where the oceans rise

  24. TheTruth3977

    oh my god! Borknagar is awesome!

  25. Federico A.R.

    @DrChalkwithering and what did you think about them?!! :)

  26. Christopher Cruz

    one of the best song of Borknagar