Borknagar - Matter & Motion Lyrics

Always moving
Searching for patterns
Digging for angles
Clutching at straws, climbing in air
Opening doors, closing windows

Expanding in our world
And outside

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Borknagar Matter & Motion Comments
  1. Alexander L. Malmros

    1:28 - entering heaven to find a Dying God.

  2. torturegates

    all is a fucking great but from 1:28 awesome epic

  3. bouncingpogostick

    1:28 <3

  4. griprit31

    Every time I listen to this I think dark sinnester version of something that be played in charlie brown

  5. Het Brein Dat Kwam Uit De Ruimte

    This song is really great, i used it in the soundtrack for my movie "obsessies"

    John Dee

    No ones ever seen obsessies....
    And no1 ever will

  6. Fatty Pancakes

    :O epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1:27

  7. 6werty2

    And this is why the piano is the master instrument. Besides the drums and guitar and bass.

  8. DettyxD

    i really like this song. it takes me...i dont another world!!