Borknagar - Grains Lyrics

The grains of my solid roots
Go deep into the youth of existence
They mirror the path of my forefathers
Through the winter way alone
To mount and rove - to evolve

As the sun, the very one
Enlightened the road I found
Along the grains of ages
The roots of my being
Projects all that you are seeing...

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Borknagar Grains Comments
  1. Clot God

    Shouldn't that've stayed in your head until it became a reality???

  2. Clot God

    On Facebook Asgeir Mickelson admits to working with Lady Gaga.
    Spell check on Borknagar, Asgeir and Mickelson., But not on Jay-Z.
    Racist Youtube!

  3. Achraf Benyazid

    how come there's no guitar cover for this album.
    am i the only one who is playing this entire album,i should get a nice vid cam and record some shit of mine and post it OO

  4. FatiferumJH

    yes it is :)

  5. A Coffin Ship

    thank You for adding here! epic song :)