Borknagar - Earth Imagery Lyrics

Amongst the elements, I surrender on eternity's behalf
The soil on which I walk, the air in which I talk
The drop I swallowed, the fire I followed
- is the circling direction of time, the vague line of existence

The earth defines my synergy, the mountains refines me energy
The fire clouds my distant view, the flame erupts my fiery due
To Mother Earth

The ocean mirrors my purpose, the rain affirms my goals
The air shrouds my presence, the wind reveals my existence

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Borknagar Earth Imagery Comments
  1. Ilya Ignatov

    Song reminds me of dark souls


    Check out the moon and the night spirit


    The opening screams Final Fantasy VI.

  2. Richard Bendall

    I personally think that Vintersorg's voice has a lot more subtlety than ICS Vortex's and that his bombastic style might ruin another album like this. Would love it if they did another album like this though. Does anybody know of any other albums like this?

  3. Clot God

    They should make an album like this with ONLY ICS VORTEX SINGING. (I wish he was on this one)
    And, They should make these kind of songs on top of the heavy ones every album.

  4. Robson Netto

    They should do this kind of album again....

  5. Chris Di camille

    Excellent SOng!! Yeah!

  6. mistressofdecay

    It gets boring after 4:47...

  7. Icarus01

    the flame erupts my FIERY JEW
    no matter how hard i try, i always hear it like that

  8. whatthemeh

    @camel9088 farmiliar with alcest, heard of agalloch, I'll look into nest :D

  9. whatthemeh

    Anyone any recommendations of contemporary artists that produce music simular to this EVERY album :D

  10. Macklaud

    Thjis album, to many is the proof that metal musicians are truly musicians.


  11. One True Vikingbard

    acoustic black metal

  12. Shivaji Ramos

    I salute you!

  13. Artur Vicente

    By the way, what a great bass lines, huh?!

  14. Artur Vicente

    @freackize Excuse me, dude,but it's not metal. Metal is not accoustic.
    It's easiest say that: I don't like metal,I like accoustic music.
    Metal is not just screaming but heavy riffs, distortions and aggressive vocals are important points of its conception.

  15. Johny Blasphemy

    this is my favorite tipe of metal
    i don t like metal that is just screaming
    this is pure metal

  16. Christopher MacKenzie

    this is fucking sick. real deal right here. ranks as one of the best bands out there in my book

  17. Éric Deslauriers

    BTW you're litlle late my comment is 2 months old.

  18. Éric Deslauriers

    I'll say exactly like CannibalCorpse909. If you can afford a pc you certainly can afford the CD. Being an original composer is a fucking tough job. I'm sure they worked several months to build this album. Do you understand this is their salary?

  19. Ghost

    If someone is posting on a 700 dollar computer, I'm sure they can muster 15 bucks to buy this cd. These guys deserve it.

  20. Éric Deslauriers

    by buying do not respect them if you download it.... you shouldn't listen to them.

  21. Fnoep

    google: origin +rapidshare

  22. Trey Miller

    This is beautiful. Anyone know where I can download the whole album?

  23. Arannya Monzur

    The clean vocals sound like Blind Guardian sans the harmonies. Good song, first album is best.

  24. illidanocturno

    Prepare to count sheep.. (preparado para contar avejas (zzzzzzzzzzzz)

  25. yokonus

    I own almost all the borknagar albums, this one must soon be mine!

    Its like opeths soft album,it just works!!

  26. Lleanlleawrg

    Great song.

  27. PauMetal90

    Excelente disco!!!! Lo adoro!!

  28. Youtube Administrator

    not whati expected

  29. Zimy0

    Thank you for upload!