Borknagar - Abrasion Tide Lyrics

We're ensnared by the fate if persistence
As the forces of nature interact
To weather slope and mountain, close and by distance
Creating expanding ventifacts

Running water conducts the erosion
Leading grains of sand in the grind
Empowered by wind, time, and oceans
To wear down soil's rind

A tide that changes primary plains
Even principles positions
A flood that runs untimely through the elements and our veins
Shifting our focus and our definitions

New perspective from a vaster reflection
Thoughts flow like water from a hillock
That's repeatedly rinsed, achieving friction
Releasing knowledge of the rock

An archaic course across the outer core
Seasons transform while remodeling the Solum
Above the altering scenery stars soar
Watching the drama like diffuse phantoms

The land is disintegrated by a power that was ice bound
At the same time fertilized
As our forefather's feet touched a ground
That nature constantly has revised

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  1. E. Ximenes

    Obra de arte 👏👏👏👏👏

  2. Seanus32

    @TheFford3 Earl Grey? Dilmah? Sth else? ;) ;)

  3. Gothic2Knight

    ,,,,,,,,,E P I C..........!!!