Boosie Badazz - Trust Nobody Lyrics

[Boosie Badazz:]
Trust nobody
Don't trust your friend
Don't trust your sister
Don't trust your brother
Don't even trust your mama
Or your father
Or your grandmother
Or your grandfather
Trust nobody
Don't trust your girl or your girl's girl friend

Indicted by closest friends (indicted by closest friends)
Stole from mane by my closest kin
Real G's like me, we supposed to win
Supposed to have real G's not supposed to friends
Damn lil' mama look at you with them pretty eyes
Left me when I went to prison
Thought you was a little bigger
But you just like a nigga
Couldn't supply you what you need so you leave me like a killer
I said fuck a lot of niggas, now them niggas can't stand me
Love the shit out of them but I can't trust my own family
I need to go solo dolo to Miami
I bet if I was broke half these niggas couldn't stand me
Eyes on everybody, I don't trust a soul
The real ones ain't real no more, so I don't trust the code
Don't think my bitch silent just 'cause the dick good (it's true)
Your family would steal from you before your bitch would

[Boosie Badazz (Z-Ro):]
I trust nobody (I don't trust family, I don't trust friends
I don't trust nobody)
I trust nobody (God said you put your faith in man he will fail you every time)
I might love somebody (You can love somebody but never trust them 100%, they will turn)
But I don't trust nobody (The only person I trust is God, trust no one, like 2Pac he said)
He said trust nobody

[Boosie Badazz:]
I seen my homeboy do me kinda wrong
That's why you never hear Lil Junior in a song
Whoever thought about to be gone
Old boy used to be my dude now he blues
Whoever thought his top would be gone
Bad part I kept it G with homie
12 years still my bitch, played the people on me (mane)
Real tears in the cell by my lonely
Pen and paper envelopes the Ruger real my homies
We fighting bodies 'cause our homies
Had to realize niggas ain't loyal
And all smiles ain't from the heart
Man these niggas ain't calling
Bitch nigga pokey turned rat at like at 40
Ain't wanna see me on the streets took half a forty (took 20 years)
I'm like damn who next to switch gangster on me
Who next going downtown and lie that they ain't own it
Nigga, your picture wasn't perfect and it's painted on
You ain't nothing like me and Donk

[Boosie Badazz (Z-Ro):]
I trust nobody (I don't trust family, I don't trust friends
I don't trust nobody)
I trust nobody (God said you put your faith in man he will fail you every time)
I might love somebody (You can love somebody but never trust them 100%, they will turn)
But I don't trust nobody (The only person I trust is God, trust no one, like 2Pac he said)
He said trust nobody

[Boosie Badazz:]
Used to be my dawg, you was in my left titty
Scream ride or die, thought you would die with me
Found out you a bitch, you can't even ride with me
Now it's a war, you ain't on the side with me
Nigga used to be my dawg, you was in my left titty
Scream ride or die, thought you would die with me
Now it's a war, you ain't on the side with me
You ain't my brother, nigga

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Boosie Badazz Trust Nobody Comments
  1. Polo Macias

    Pussy nigha switched up tht i called a brother

  2. Dejuan Oneal


  3. Uglyboy Oscar

    Ion even trust myself💯🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. Dennis Mason


  5. Aaron Knight-Sims

    We spit on every song and cd and YouTube song!!

  6. Jackie Fobbs

    This me all day

  7. Robyn Mechem

    It's just something about Boosie 🙏💪 🖤 I will be an old lady still rockin this man.


    True trust nobody

  9. Bink !!!!


  10. R E

    *Much Respect*

  11. Whitney ROSS

    Ya family will steal from ya , for ya bitch would !!

  12. Queen killa

    Real shit tho .... everybody out to get me but they don't wanna be with me . Every time I show my love , ... well shit you know TRUST NO BODY . EVERYBODY HATING ON BAD BITCHES WHO ABOUT THEY SHIT . HATERS WILL HATE SO EAT WHAT'S ON YOUR PLATE AND APPRECIATE. 🤘💯 I TRUST NOOOOOO BOOOOOODYYYYYYYYYYYY 😭😭❇❇🤘🤘🤘😎😎😎😎😎

  13. Jason Mcdaniel


  14. Purvis Hewitt

    Say it Boosie you know what's right bro you know what's right boob you the cool bro bro bro you cool

  15. Erikaaa Baileyy

    Righteous felt this ion got no family to call on friends ain't even here nomo and niggas can't accept what they got 🤦🏾💯

  16. Brandy Roberts

    Best song ever

  17. marsha Kyles

    Don't trust a sloe

  18. Dareal Blair


  19. Jake Thomassin

    Ay HEAR ME OUT THOUGU. boosie boo man, it couldn't get realer and thank you,i mean I APPRECIATE YOU for this real street KNOWLEDGE..... i hear it deep.
    #honestthug #whatitis

  20. Christian Johnson

    Only person I trust is my grandfather besides god ! He always had me since day one, will never turn my back on him .

  21. Deanne Hyde

    Mannnnn I'm feeling dis shit I trust nobody not even my mama

  22. Ahmed Bille

    2020 and I ain’t trusting nobody more than ever !! Boosie ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

  23. Robert Munsey

    I trust own family cost me 8 years....crazy...lesson learned

  24. Workout Right

    I feel this deeply I'm in the pen my whole family turned their backs on me

  25. Markeece Matthews

    A I felt that shit when he said yo family will steal from u before yo bitch would shidd my sister stole from me and I thought it was my girl the whole time

  26. Milk Mane

    <3 you can love someone but never trust them 100, I don't trust nobody, had to realise... This song <3

  27. Faith Laryea


  28. Charles Collins

    9000 dislikes????9000 people who can't be trusted.

  29. Kae Freeman Duchess

    Mr.Boosie you take care of yourself Congratulations on the success of your New MOVIE your children are so wonderful blessings to you all and to your family be careful and be safe praying for nothing but the very best for you God is good all the time you know that.

  30. Petrick Carter

    I feel you 💯😭

    Gwendolyn Smith


  31. Pass Da Blunt

    Thank you can’t even trust my own aunt

  32. Amazing Amy

    Not too many black women can say that coming from where I'm from

  33. Ricko King

    2020 and beyond

  34. Tiffany Edwards

    The only person I trust is God ..
    Fuck man woman children

  35. Calvance Brumfield

    Nigga took 20 ta get my dawg gone out chere

  36. Apple B

    My new 2020 shit! New

  37. Wynette Worthy

    ...maybe you shouldn't have went to prison! They couldn't trust you either! Real talk! While you're away they still have to live! Stop plagerizing DMX and others! It breaks trust!


    Im a pos foe the bs ivr been putting my ole lady thru.. That lafy would ride or die 4 me..i aint even done one right to her since august.. She dont trust me ever again....hence she ain't my ole lady no more.. Sorry Jayci....I definetly got .da game fk...ed up.

  39. Camille Whyte

    Boosie we need some more shit like this yah hear me

  40. Camille Whyte


  41. Trannaya Lee


  42. Trannaya Lee



    Love tha shit out of em but I can’t trust my own FAMILY 💯💯💯

    2020 that shit still solid 👌🏽

  44. Patrick Miller

    Trust nobody i said fuck alot of niggas

  45. Calvance Brumfield

    Say brh thts my dawg tht boy say don't trust your girl or your girlfriend

    Calvance Brumfield

    Girl girlfriend

  46. Calvance Brumfield

    Everytime mane dam never put your faith in man dam smh

  47. night wolf

    The is the truth I do know how it feels 💯👍😿🤔🔥

  48. Quentin Waller


  49. Keegan Carter

    This is my favorite song of all time

  50. Laurie Savkovich

    So true. 👌👌

  51. dell Hendo

    Fact's real life shit


    real spill1000

  53. The Cooper Gang

    Facts!!! #2020

  54. Joey Bailey

    Man try to give me 50 to life something I didn't do Police pouch me in my mouth several times tried to make me sigh that statement was All lies Took my lick like a man when they beat me up and I'm a white man

  55. Ponda Graham


  56. YungKing Vevo


  57. future millionaire


  58. Taj The Great One

    I feel this on a different level.💯

  59. cheryl clark

    I like this song

  60. Black lives matter 94

    I hate how families always try to overlook the fucked up person in they family who always doing some fucked up 🤦🏾‍♂️.im here to tell you if you ever crossed my husband or anybody in my house it’s fuck you and gone forever be fuck ya 💯💯💯. They might forgive you but I ain’t I fw who loyal to me blood ain’t got nun to do with nun .

  61. Cash Money

    2020 trust nobody but God🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥

  62. Sherry Hawkins

    That's right you can't trust knowbody these days u only trust God he want never leave leave you are forsake you and he always got you when you got it are you don't got it

  63. Daniel Luna

    #boosie badazz go hawd respect 💯💰

  64. Roc Freeman

    I can relate to this facing all that time. But I beat em and everything was different. Trust nobody

  65. Taher Bashir

    Nuh nigga i trust my mama in my family dawg wake up

    Black lives matter 94

    Everybody different

  66. A t.v.

    Period! Thank you for this one!

  67. kush Kush

    Well this is a good song

  68. Jayz Newman

    don't trust no one 😂

  69. Tamika S

    I Swurr I'own Trust A Soul

    Black lives matter 94

    True dat girl

  70. Hurrikayne KayPee

    Song of 2020

  71. Mandy Smith

    Real boosie fan.

  72. tayshaun wesley

    and that trust

  73. Saudia Green

    Wow this is
    DEEP!!! Thank You Boosie


    Still jamming Jan 12 2020

  75. James Gotti

    Fuck the world I don't trust none these snake MFS Bossie keeping it 💯

    Black lives matter 94


  76. Professor Negro


  77. Nehemiah BraZell

    Welcome To 2020 . If You’re Here , Sombdy Prolly Done You Wrong . Trust Nobody & Boss Up On’m . Quietly 💯

  78. Y0ung Lil K3v

    Shout to my man Tupac R.I.P 👑🕊1971-1996


    Legends never die period👑🙏🕊

  79. Steven Moore

    2020 still on blast

  80. Nichole Aaron

    Trust Nobody i don't trust a sole fuck them

    Black lives matter 94


  81. Kel Jakk

    Click on tickets and read the part about the annual boosie bash. Tht shit game me chills when he said Baton Rouge history. Y’all Louisiana is on fire y’all. Support all Louisiana artist please y’all. I ain’t ever begged nobody for shit but I need y’all to support your damn state.

  82. ranando west

    Lil boosie dnt trust nobody

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    Ain't trusting nobody perioT

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    That Z-ro in the back mayne?

  88. D-BOYDOPE Dope

    Some of the realist Shit he done dropped 💯💯💯

  89. beyond crystals

    I only trust God and people mock me for it ,😂😂 oh well

  90. King Chaque

    No cap this song brings tears to my eyes every time I listen. My life fucked up fr smh. But this shit reminds me to never get comfortable around people. I only got me out here.

  91. Ke'Andre McClendon

    I can’t trust my baby mamas (3)