Boosie Badazz - My Pains Run Deep Lyrics

Too many dead on tha same street
My pain run deep
3 dead in tha same jeep
My pain run deep
Prosecutor tryna frame me
My pain run deep
They shootin' at me
Tryna slain me
My pain run deep

You know I be wit' that vest on wit' that choppa tho
Will bang it all at pappadeaux
You, you, you all ya'll, the impossible
I ain't runnin' from nobody
We got problems, we neglect it
Only here to send 1 message
Pussy boy, you gon' respect it
Killed ivy tha whole car too
So you know I can't bar you
On site if I saw you
Dearly depart you
Damn homie how they caught you
Many nights wish I could call you
The same way I feel bout my father, lost ghost
It hurted harder than the muthafuckin' kidney stone nigga
Cuz that kidney stone sharp
But this shit here long nigga
Damn Titus, I wish I could bond ya out nigga
But they don't want our money
They wanna take us out

Too many dead on tha same street
My pain run deep
3 dead in tha same jeep
My pain run deep
Prosecutor tryna frame me
My pain run deep
They shootin' at me, tryna slain me
My pain run deep

My nigga shot and he can't breathe
My pain run deep
I wouldn't have stopped, they woulda got me
My pain run deep
Deathrow, they tried to stop me
My pain run deep
Diabetes out this I.v.
Hospitals, hot pistols, we can't leave home if its not wit' us
Boy my life is in another league
Duckin' blues, blowin' trees, fuck it
I'm tha leader of tha crabs in the public, fuck it [?] it's ugly
That money don't mean shit right now, I need surgery

90 g's or they won't cut me
My pain run deep
I'm on tha table
And I'm gettin' nervous
My pain run deep
They put murders on my whole circle
My pain run deep
Tha bank they hit me for a half a ticket
My pain run deep

I been goin' through some thangs
I see blood in my eyes
Too many thugs in the street
Who I loved, they done died
Murder 1, slide, slide
Now a nigga baptized
So many murders on our street
We got murder on our mind

Most of us ain't read the signs
Smiled, and told em fuck 'em when indicted for my crime
Just cuz my, cuz my, my cousin shit they gave that boy a dime
My other cousin, he got 30, and he ain't never been convicted
All my life, man it been twisted, say a prayer to all tha kids
Lick tha letter, send it to you then you receive it on ya bid
Me and tha police got a bad history
Can't stand them bitches
Before they killed alton sterling
They been spankin' us niggas

Too many dead on tha same street
Southside, Eastside
You know what they say on tha West Coast
Too many gangstas on tha same beach
Black Dickies
And a white tee
Soulja Ree's

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Boosie Badazz My Pains Run Deep Comments
  1. Marlissa Gobeil

    For real man . This fire you making runs deep in my soul.. 💯💯🖤🖤

  2. Terrance Clark

    Mann that nigga ran this bish I can feel were he coming fa

  3. Latanya Rucker


  4. Troy Hood

    My pain run deep I seen my homies got murdered my youngest nigga was only 13 and my big nigga was 28 RIP PEANUT (13)
    Then I lost my MOMMA to diabetes I was only 17 she died 2 weeks from 18 birthday I haven't been the same since

  5. Terrence Ransom


  6. Maurice Burleigh

    Deep message Boosie. Another masterpiece communicated through pain. I appreciate you soldier. Keep your mind right. Nuff respect!

  7. Antonio Lee

    Boosie a real nigga so you can feel it through his music all them other rappers is studio gangster bad ass is 100 with his shit keep give us tht real shit my nigga

  8. OG Bobby Harris

    Story of street niggas everywhere

  9. Jessica Hales

    He's the straight up MF truth PERIODT💯💯💯😎

    yahko ________

    👍🏿💪🏿🔥 I know for 15 years now B.A.D.A.Z.Z. HE'S been my clutch my fast break, motivator
    Shiid, that truth pull me through some dark places what can I say he my niqqa Imma always
    V!B3 wit B.A.D.A.Z.Z

  10. Ian Wilson

    Hospitals. hot pistols

  11. JuiceFrost LeFlore

    Instead of takin a grip on life
    They rather grip a glock wit a thirty
    Some forced to grip a grave
    Lil bruh nem kan't grip what da judge ordered

    King JuiceFrost

  12. JuiceFrost LeFlore

    These lil niggas just don't know Bad Azz!
    They don't wanna listen
    They wanna learn da hardaway!

  13. christopher love

    Rip my boi Chucky Belmont boyz

  14. Ethan Murray

    Ireland listening 🇮🇪🇮🇪

  15. Yasmin Nannup


  16. odelle skinner

    That beat tho

  17. terry spriggs

    My pain runs deep

  18. Azema Coffelt

    Luv u boo

  19. Azema Coffelt

    Luv u boo.

  20. General Cornwallis

    Boosie the truth. Love from Trampa bay fl. My pain run deep Boosie and you get me through the impossible

  21. Jesse Garcia

    Always there for me the perfect playlist for this life. So much pain. From the struggle to the hustle the fall and behind those walls, Boosie keep it up. Don't let these devil's get ya. 4197$8$970.

  22. saybree fillyaw

    Love u son street mom proud street

  23. shane byrd


  24. Sandrea M

    Damn I love this song

  25. Lone Ranger

    When the Heavens take your pops away 3yrs ago this month! Double up take your mom away! Which makes it a yr this month! Pain runs 2 deep!

    Koleone LaFlare

    Stay focused homie.Thats the way through this shit...B Blessed..They still with you..

  26. Terrell Jones

    2019 I feel this boosie this pain running deep free all the real

  27. fsm_ jakarri23

    A legend

  28. Troy Lott

    My pain runs deep...speak to them badass

  29. Xzavier Patterson

    Ain't nobody better than Boosie, only the hurt, and the real understand what he talk about in his lyrics.

  30. Lugger Forty

    Crank it up trail time

  31. Lugger Forty

    Procecuter trying to frame me but my spirts and angels got that ... jhad

  32. JSO JungleShitOnly

    Boosie Music Touch Every Real Nigga Dat Bitch Got Me Street Smart 4.0 Type Shit 💯

  33. Negus6

    This song make my body cold this side of boosie is deep👌🏾💯

  34. Future Hendrix

    "other cousin he got 30 and he aint never been convicted"! Damn this sum mf heat 🔥😠😤

  35. jason Veloz

    💯 sick ASF 1 luv playa


    💯Knockn whole album..this ain't dark it's too heavy

    Nunu Dior’

    REAPER MIKE on gang , gang 💯🤞🏾

  37. Dean Curtis

    Weinersnitchzel special wit 🧀😭

  38. Anna Loftus

    I felt his pain thur this song just lost a cousin to gun violence #R.I.P. cousin Chris (Cc) gone, but never ever forgotten!

    Koleone LaFlare

    Stay focused ma..He still here with you,just on a deeper level...

  39. oliverrando

    I wonder if Like lil boosie would like biggie if he was alive since this album is called boopac

  40. Lil chair Evans

    His music tell's the story of mine and every real street nigga's life. I appreciate your life badazz

  41. Kee Lou

    My pain run deep 👌🔥Badazz

  42. Rakim Mims


  43. Denise Moody/Tucker

    Boosie My brother from another Mother but from the same Heavenly Father ❤️

  44. Kelly Alyce Birdsong

    Fuc you pay me...

  45. VIP Xvii

    This shit should be in the millions

  46. Damion Gipson

    This shit should have 10 million views no capp!!!🔥🔥🔥💯💯

  47. Latanya Rucker

    That's how you learn from the best gangsters in the hood no comment s

  48. Latanya Rucker


  49. Ronald Smith

    That shit beating so fuckec up just ran a light

  50. Anthony Lewis

    This shit cold mane that Vlad tv interview put me on to this

    Lou Lou 2 Kool

    Anthony Lewis Vlad ainnt much

  51. Zelly Zell

    Best Rapper ALive

  52. Victor Shaver

    You, you, you, "ALL YALL" THE IMPOSSIBLE

  53. Discokid715

    Murder 1 slide slide now a N**** baptized. Hahaha...

  54. Marcus/ my life!

    Real shit

  55. Les Leb

    To many dead on the same street 🔥🔥

  56. Dee James

    realest nigga in it 💯

  57. Keith ORE

    Sound like luscious

  58. brabrabadazzsavage

    Can’t nobody talk that shit like boosie

  59. Richmond 384 Richmond


  60. oliverrando

    this song dope


  62. Peanut Polite

    Boosie only make that real musik💯

    John Walls

    My dog Boosie

  63. Princess Hardrick


  64. lazyeye719

    This whole fuckin album knocks harder than yo mamas nipples and boosie just ripped each beat straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  65. Amenrah Highest

    realest nigga rappin


    Amenrah Highest And Mozzy as well...

    Lou Lou 2 Kool

    Amenrah Highest facts

  66. Yay Quest The Grind

    fire 🔥

  67. Derrick OwenS

    iight nah leggo 💪🏾💪🏾🔥🔥 showin love frm da chuck #843

  68. Bless 601



    Bless 601 he did his fucking thing on this bro. It's real good to see boosie still coming strong