Boosie Badazz - Motherless Child Lyrics

(He think he grown and he know it
He think he grown and he show it
Fatherless child, motherless child
He think he grown and he know it
He think he grown and he show it
You separate bars from man to man from bars)

Damn, Mikey
Why you never talk to no one in school?
Why you be actin' so rude?
You ain't got no friends at all with you
You walk home but I never see nobody walk with you
Or talk to you
Girls try to talk to you, it's like you cold inside
You keep on walkin' on a bitch
Kinda cold inside
You don't even trust your friends
'cause you never had a friend
'cause your mother left you when you was 10
Life full of sin
Walk to the store with the fiends
Conversate with the bums
Got no goals in your life
You ok with the slums
He been broke since he was young
He can't envision no peace
His daddy smokin' the pipe
His mama stuck in the streets
Fatherless child

He think he grown and he know it
He think he grown and he show it
He need a meal to feed his motherfuckin' self, homie
I know, fatherless child
I know, motherless child
I know, fatherless child
I know, motherless child

Wake up cookin' fuckin' breakfast
Iron his own clothes
Cook his own fuckin' dope
He don't trust hoes
He too scared to be a daddy
He don't trust hoes
What you expect, his mama left
He don't trust hoes
My daddy left when I was 14, I was fatherless
Nearly 14 up in the deep, real retarded shit
I sleep and eat on Garfield, I was fatherless
Kinda can't tell me nothin' [?]
My nigga Titus lost his mama
Been sellin' dope since he was 9
He say his Aunty his mommy and mad at his daddy
Can't nobody make him go to school
So he don't go, he ratchet
He say fuck the world
He get money he have to
Motherless child

He think he grown and he know it
He think he grown and he show it
He need a meal to feed his motherfuckin' self, homie
I know, fatherless child
I know, motherless child
I know, fatherless child
I know, motherless child

Free all my niggas in prison
Who need to be back with they children and siblings
So they can have less fatherless children runnin' this Earth
My niggas come from the dirt
The mud is downgrade
He got no mama and no daddy
So fuck it he found Satan
Fatherless child
Lookin' for love he lost patience
Got a pistol and went crazy
Wishin' he was Wayne shit so he could call Baby
This a fatherless child in a fatherless situation
He never had a father and I want a rapper to replace him

He think he grown and he know it
He think he grown and he show it
He need a meal, he feed his motherfuckin' self, homie
I know, fatherless child
I know, motherless child
I know, fatherless child
I know, motherless child

I know your pain
Fatherless child
Motherless child
The walk that he walk
Fatherless child
You might of lost your mom and your daddy
Pray for that child
This for that lil girl sellin' pussy
Fatherless child
For that lil nigga in juvenile detention center
Pray for that child
Pray for that child
Fatherless child

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  1. Aaron Knight-Sims

    Boosie we It acknowledged you

  2. Aaron Knight-Sims

    A boosie you not alone!!

  3. Aaron Knight-Sims

    All your songs we doing. A free style

  4. Aaron Knight-Sims

    Boosie we gavr freestyle out here brother

  5. C Muirduhyuhdead

    anybody know where I can bump the instrumental of this?? one of my fav beats for frees

  6. Lakiyyah Tarrance

    This shit hit hard💪💪💪💪

  7. K.G.E. bosses

    Who here In 2020???? The real still here supporting da real shyt...

  8. Brant 100

    2:37 Boosie Snapped❗💯❗

  9. Ashley Shelton

    @savageassju we love you boosie you the ome who replace my pops 👹💯

    Ashley Shelton

    Add me on IG PLZ 🚶😞

  10. Jelani Johnson

    Goat frfr

  11. Cupcake Gamer

    This is who I lean on when I’m up against life..Boosie been getting me by since my daddy died... I love you Hatch ❤️ 💕 💗

  12. Young Capo

    I dont even know my parents

  13. Problemz Child The 13Th Apostle Freestyle Radio


  14. Smokeindacity

    Motherless child

  15. Donte Butler

    Yeaaa boosie slidn

  16. Calvance Brumfield

    Tht boy gotta get his vocab up tho

  17. hugdeez nutz

    My mom's gave me plenty of great step dad's 😁

  18. Og Poodie

  19. Jason James🔥🔥🔥🔥

  20. John Doe

    "This a fatherless child in a fatherless situation, he never had a father now want a rapper to replace em"
    Boopac realist to do it since pac

  21. Appalachian Stackin'

    The number 1 factor that causes poverty is a single parent household. Not higher education, not social status, its simply having the family unit and mainly a Father in the household. Make a child, Raise a child!!

  22. Herbie Red

    Boosie has always rapped HIS truth his way and you can tell how he's in his whole other lane the older he gets. As he goes through changes, so does his music. Unfortunately that shit is RARE but that's what makes Boosie Boo a legend. Especially here in the south. #Thankyoulilboosie

  23. So Mula

    I’m grandma’s baby 🤟 grandma rip

  24. Carol Whisler

    Hi boosie just heard about your new movie heard it's going to be really really good and I know that my dad is in the movie and I want to know if he did any good he goes by the name of "WhiteGold" and if you ever get this just reply and let me know if he did any good. By the way good job stay successful.

  25. Stephie Pahlavi Zan

    Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
    Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
    Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
    A long way from home, a long way from home
    Sometimes I feel like I'm almost done
    Sometimes I feel like I'm almost done
    Sometimes I feel like I'm almost done
    And a long, long way from home, a long way from home
    True believer
    True believer
    A long, long way from home
    A long, long way from home

  26. Troy Hood


  27. Jay Taylor

    He got no momma or no daddy so fuck it he found satan

  28. Brandon Williams

    I got a stepfather but on the real I'm a fatherless child and my mom wasn't there until i was 16 when my grandmother died. R.I.P. Nanny. Mary Alice Williams you are forever in my veins.

  29. Rola True

    Boosie keep shinning 4 your haters 💪💪👍👍😎

  30. Blaide Smith

    My ma ain't ever leave but the bag always been more important


    lookin for love he lost patience, got a pistol and went crazy, this a fatherless child in a fatherless situation, i never had a father and i want a rapper to replace him

  32. Vonte Nation

    Bitch hard as shit

  33. Matthew Robertson

    I relate

  34. Princess The HairSavior


  35. bigmikesbullypits bigmikesbullypits

    Felt this cuz my mom was caught in the streets n dad was on dat pipe need a meal I feed my mf self #BIGFACTS

  36. Tre Dad

    Not to many niggas can make u feel it in yo heart

  37. Chris Duffels

    The streets need this he need a meal he feed his mothafukkin self ain't nobody realer than BadAzz you Hollywood rappers Betta quit

  38. NokingimaGod Undastan

    Ain listening to anything if it ain't BoosieBadass .

  39. ByrdBadazz313

    Boosie real shit i been listening to your music since i been a kid. U are the realist rapper out there💯 idk your struggle but i know pain... one day im make a song with you and i put that on everything

  40. Tee Great

    A true king tells no tales!

  41. Fabio Abboud

    i ❤ badass # green4reel 4sprayyy # relevant # breezy

  42. Rod H

    Boosie the new Pac 💯

  43. Zelly Zell


  44. Dark Sky

    Never disappoints. So much passion and emotion behind his words. One of the greatest!

  45. Amazing Amy

    Yep.. why would an 11 month old be riding with a damn stepmom...

  46. kev BLB kennels

    Boosie bruu I see u had dem bullies holla at a real dogman and get u 1 of these game dogs I got got A1 pups on deck [email protected] 💪hit me up real talk keep your grind going Raw

  47. Michael Young

    That's me

  48. Joseph John

    Fuck Boosie worse rapper ever probably a rasist helping niggas like they ur kids your a bitch

  49. Daryl Phillips

    I got no mum or dad no family at all i feel this song hard

  50. Chicago Pmgmt

    2019 Anyone?😘

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    Shit too Real 💯💪🏾😤

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    Boosie #Truth

  53. Amazing Amy

    Thank God she didn't raise a weak bitch lol

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  55. Rashad Stephens

    Auntie his mama💯💯💯💯 I can relate to that I lost my Mama in 2004 when I was 14

  56. Zack Kent

    Boosie the man

  57. Amazing Amy

    Well let me see if I can keep your bastard son alive 🤣

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    Boosie one of the greatest.

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    I cryied off this

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    Lol am dead at 1:50 😂😂😂

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  63. Uriel Castillo

  64. Jimbo 203

    Boosie is one of the goats..i listen to all his shit 2019 aug still and 4ever...every song has a meaning or story..real rap...💯👍🙏

  65. Shela Mullins

    Kansas City CHIEFS!! Lovin those colors!! 🏈 🎶 💯

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    Damn boosie you deep bro...pac deep!!!!!rns..smdh

  70. Murdaman Oonkie

  71. Jon 1

    I've been motherless since 18 months old my dad was a bad alcoholic these lyrics are true this is real hip-hop

  72. Trigger Capone

    If this song dont prove boo my generation pac you ain't lived N this generation frfr or you ain't from a place that put this as life

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    Boosie's the truth, the whole truth and nothin but the truth. 0_0

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    This song has gotten me through my worst times lately

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    touching song

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    Boosie knows the problems that keep us in the hood but what can we do. " You got no goals in your life, ok with the slums"

  78. Fah Q

    This shit so real even for a white guy. I went thru it.

  79. D Enriquez

    Shit sounds like my life my dad left when i was 14 now im 36.have not seen him since. Thanks pops for leaving me i would never have been the man i am to day to my 3 lil girls it made me a man.. Im not mad. Just 😔 Only if you can see your grand daughter boxing.

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    This shit make me cry every time I hear it mane


    Relavent! CHILLS!!!! JET-I/H.V.P. 💯

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    Respect. Real only

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    Been riding to this for a week or more..BOOSIE GOT A HIPHOP CLASSIC..!!!AND I'LL BEAT YO ASS YOU QUESTION THAT..

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    This man is the true definition of a good ass man from the wat he fathers to the way he helps his community I cant name another Male rapper who is with the shit like hi.

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