Boosie Badazz - I Hope You Make It Lyrics

Boosie Badazz
I'ma send this out, to all the niggas doin 30-40 years, life sentences, fightin' life sentences and shit
Send this out to that woman with HIV, tryna make it, you know, for that nigga, shootin' that ball tryna go to the league you know, hope you make it

For my black sister who have it hard, tryna find rides for her kids right now
Her baby daddy on a bid right now
I hope your days are filled with laughter, no tears after
I pray your man done learned some sense, all them years captured
Jump out the gym, this lil nigga, he touched the shot clock
But his friends thugs, will his thugs, be his shot block
He cooked a rock pot, I hope your friends solid and still
I pray forgiveness for all the real niggas, if you listenin'

[Boosie Badazz & Anthony Hamilton:]
I hope you make it, through the struggle, know a nigga love you, say thug I woke up early to pray for you, God's got a plan for you
I hope you make it, through the hard times, we can don't stop, babygirl, I woke up early cause I'm prayin' for you

Babygirl, I hope you make it, through that pregnancy, through that car wreck, that fucked up your face, your feet, changed your life, made your nigga leave
Single momma I hope you make it through this drama and what this world got comin'
Its hard to live by the rules when your lil girl got nothin, you strugglin'
He facin' life and 40 years, bein' lawyer to his peers, he'll get out and get to the biz, he need a lawyer though
She just 16, she got two kids, momma don't wanna watch her kids
You tell her you love her, you got her, she need a father

[Boosie Badazz & Anthony Hamilton:]
I hope you make it, through the struggle, know a nigga love you, say thug I woke up early, God's got a plan for you
I hope you make it, through the hard times, we can yours mine, it ain't over thug, God got a plan for you

Do your time, I pray your time get easy, after three or four years
I pray your trigger get easy, after three or four kids
I pray for that playground, no violence
Pray for that playground, your patnas
Pray they don't lay down your patnas
It ain't safe in your projects
I pray they cut my taxes down
Don't bring a rat around
I pray for freedom for all the real niggas
B.G. gone walk it out
I pray the rats stop talkin' now
Pray he don't leave it at the house
Murder one, his nigga lost, he sniffin soft now

[Boosie Badazz & Anthony Hamilton:]
I hope you make it, through the struggle, know a nigga love you, I been thinkin all night, I said a prayer for you, God got a plan for you
I hope you make it, through the hard times, we can don't stop, no need to have an ol lady if she ain't gon grind with you, I hope ya'll make it
I hope everybody see better days, no hate in me
I hope you make it, ooh through the hard times, know a nigga love ya, know we prayin for ya, hope you make it, hope you make it make it yea, hope you really make it, hope you really make it
I hope you make it

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Boosie Badazz I Hope You Make It Comments
  1. Deserray Coleman

    Free my brother Desmond

  2. Tracey Mandeldove

    Boosie deep with it💪

  3. Marlon Jaunice

    What I been through this pass week ....I wake up after I said my preys then jam this omw to work and on the way back need to have a ole lady if she not going to grind with u 1000 and trust me no weapon form against me should prosper my future wife fuck my dude who was like a brudda to me but it over thug god has a plan for u and I still prey for the both of them with heart torn apart god is good

  4. Shaketha Ashley

    We gone make it. I made a mistake but this song just inspired me. I caught a case and man I needed to hear it ain't over.

  5. Flow Flow

    boosie you are more strong than stronger

  6. Orb Amazed

    Listen to it 2x 😂

  7. Orb Amazed

    2019 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 song shouldn’t have any dislikes

  8. JAY804SKI

    Boosie da G.O.A.T.

  9. Brittney Hawkins

    My first time listing to this song. I LOVE it. Boosie is the realist

  10. Joseph Nohelty

    I hope I make n my loves ones too. And everyone real too.Boosie I love you homie. Your 🎶 got me n still getting me threw this storm as we speak.💯🙏😇

  11. Joseph Nohelty

    Free B.G 💯💪

  12. Samantha Pough


  13. Jay Gleeson

    This song got me through so many nights 💯💯..
    "Luv To the Real"

  14. Crypto G

    Yo this is one of the HARDEST SONGS BOOSIE GOT, damn!!!!!!💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💯🔥🔥🔥🔥😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

  15. Terrollieo Brimidge

    love it so much it cheer me up and it so true

  16. Enrique France

    Anyone still listing in 2019

  17. Keonna Byers


  18. james Christmas

    I hope I do too

  19. Dno tommygang

    People who don't listen to boosie hypnotized by this new generation world

  20. Mike Jay

    Shame the real gone, boosie a real life 80’s babies we been smothered by this new generation x shit they ain’t raised right no more so much confusion and hustling backwards salute Boosie boo

  21. Nakesha Flowers


  22. Nakesha Flowers

    😩😩😩😩 maaaaan this still my shit. This song cold blooded. Every word of it

  23. Nicole Roberts

    Booies l hope you make it th

    I 💘 you

  24. latosha adams

    Why this not on the radio

  25. latosha adams

    Why this song make me cry

  26. Hound Gang Ent. Mac_lar8

    2k19 I know we all will make it!

  27. arturo morales

    It’s sad that boosie won’t get the recognition he truly deserves but watch when we lose this great man and he’s music it’s than that they will recognize him n that’s the truth

  28. Mgng Scotty2tymes

    I hope WE all make it ‼️🗣 GOD GOT US🙏🏾

  29. Shae Tucker

    Let me find out Anthony Hamilton a G lmao

  30. TheMADD2013

    I’m sorry for slipping on this. Dam I almost missed a lesson!!!!! I’m giving boosie a Grammy. 🏆

  31. Gdawg Solo

    Off the fuckin flap❗

  32. Wayne Martin

    Can't wait for a negative comment I'll be back believe that

  33. Music 4TheReal

    Legend god bless you Boosie

  34. Stumpy Stump

    This is one of the only songs that has ever made me shed tears. Boosie, you a real mf. Everyone who been through some real shit gotta feel this one.

  35. Bilal曾家耀


  36. jamie buchen

    He hit home with this song.

  37. Dale Shearin

    Felt this

  38. Still Striving

    Beautiful song

  39. Christian Price


  40. Joy Ismine

    BooPac still going 2019!

  41. 805 nigga Bakersfield

    Pray for your community and your young lifes

  42. Zelly Zell

    If your reading this I Hope u make it

  43. Dontay Jack

    God got ah plain 🙏 for you I hope you make it...

  44. Flood Top

    I love this song. This song make me think.. Make me strong... Boosie forever!

  45. Annette MIMS

    I love this song

  46. Flamefo you

    That mane come from pain fareal 2019 im here still bumpin

  47. doomsday prepper

    top 5 songs ever

  48. Kelvin Sanford


  49. Justin Brooks

    It ain't over thug

  50. Justin Brooks

    To everybody made a comment i hope u make it

  51. Amber Case

    My fav!!!!!!!! 💪💪💪💪

  52. Coo Daddy

    Great song

  53. red31 green

    Can i say something??? Real shit i didnt like boosie music at first till i really took time till listen to bruh he 100 real shit and they love bruh in Wisconsin where i live at. Oshkosh but Milwaukee they love him in i see why booise love...plies my favorite rapper tho can i hope on the band wagon?????

  54. Zelly Zell


    Murda Trill

    Same bra

    Zelly Zell

    @Murda Trill God bless you 💯💯💯💯

  55. Zelly Zell


  56. DJ Big Pat WhutYouThoughtItWas

    Damn, I Been Sleeping On Boosie.

  57. Tommy Skinner

    On repeat today hold ya heads up black folks

  58. Ervin Carter

    I got trial tomorrow and i really hope i make it💯💯if i get plead guilty, im serving 25 to life

  59. Kelvin Sanford


  60. Ronnie Wynn

    I can listen to this all day and not get tired😞 And for him to shout out B.G. was some real shit💜💜💜 #FreeBG💯 I shed real tears listening to this song🎶 #IHopeYouMake

  61. Marvin Bowie

    Real shit

  62. Deo Derok42

    Badazz 4-eva.....💯,,,,hommie..

  63. Jay ess

    Still feel this song. Damn, ah put you in ya feelings

  64. Ronnie Wynn

    #Boosie give you that music that make you feel like your from the south... It has a different meaning to it, you feel pain, happiness, hate and love in your soul💜💯🙏 Since Pac died I've been hoping that I'd hear some music that'll make me feel like it's a blessing to be black🖤 #BadAzz all way from Cincinnati bro I have respect and prayer for you🙌🏾

  65. Tony Brown

    Shit fire 💪💪👍

  66. Eric Newman

    Respect!!!! I pray everyone win they war God bless...

  67. Flood Top

    how we feel ?

  68. Fredrick Stokes

    Foe the ppl that’s disliked this y’all ain’t going thru no real struggle or problems

  69. Grove Street Few

    It sound like Dino from h-town

  70. Denzell Levi

    I relate to that Boosie pray for me I'll pray for you man keep making good music$ 100

  71. gregory harvell

    This is classic

  72. Juan Lara

    I can tell you there are many great rappers out there. They can sing and hook a line but Lil Boosie is hands down one of the realest rappers ever. He is up there with Biggie and Pac. He raps about real shit about real struggles. This song brought tears to my eyes. I love Boosie forever my nigga and my favorite. Boosie is a legend.

  73. Kansas City Blessed Kid Tv

    🔥🔥🔥🔥Can Relate

  74. Andre Taylor

    I feel the shit out of this song right here!!!!

  75. Tiarra Taylor


  76. Emillee Keaton

    Still playing this shit💪🏽

  77. mimithatsm3

    Why I love Boosie

  78. Lovely Lynn

    SMH this song right here mannnnn 😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢 I hope we all make it !!! This some real life shit man fr

  79. Tommy Bolden

    I ain't bobbed my head 2 a song in so long

  80. Supreme VG

    This album is fuckin 🔥 most slept on, we need this Real content out

  81. Sybil Miller


  82. parodymane20

    There iz no instrumental... how gay I still love thiz song

  83. gabriel biggs

    I hope you make it. Real life. Real rap.

  84. lavar ball

    Still listening to this real shit

  85. Chris Garvin

    One of the realist songs on the album.

  86. ProGod vall

    Man i hope i beat my case the only thing that helps me boosie real man

  87. Tomeka Slaughter

    The 409 people who disliked this sound, i hope you make it! God bless

  88. Marcellus Wallace

    gotta make a video for this

  89. Denise Moody/Tucker

    2018...Praying luv ya Boosie ai feeling dis too deep tears n my eyes everytyme I listen to dis Never gets old

  90. Vitolini Corleone

    respect , #1

  91. Keana Thomas

    Real OG right here 💯💯💯💯💯

  92. Nyesha Bell

    Do your Time, i hope your time gets easier after 3 or 4 ys

  93. Marquis Coffie

    If you homeless, pregnant, sick, hungry, lonely,abandoned, raped, abused, hurt, lost, suicidal, in foster care, in a hospital bed, at someone’s funeral I hope ya make it 💪🏾💯

  94. games video games

    thank god for giving us this man. spiritual medicine rite here.

  95. Kevin Green

    i just turned 28 in may and i mess wit pac i still listen to alot of his music and i boosie and help me through stuff. like pac and i was about to say that Boosie was the pac of my generation but Boosie is just Boosie pac are two different people babe just like pac was that man Boosie that man. on my list #1 and gotti 1.05

  96. Kevin Green

    boosie and gotti my favorite rappers but wit this boopac boosie got it. favorite rapper of all time

  97. Deon Lane

    Blessing to the struggle 🙏🏾🤞🏾

  98. Lady J

    I Love This Song!💞
    🔓Free My Husband HAZE
    #IHopeYouMakeIt 😘

    Michael Roach

    Lady J 💯💯

  99. Rick from 14th. Random blogs/videos