Boosie Badazz - Heartless Hearts Lyrics

No one care about this heart of mine
(I feel alone, alone, -lone, -lone, mama)
Why Baton Rouge can't have no second life
Maybe that will help this heart of mine

I got this heartfelt thug shit
Because my heart has been broken and stolen
Busted wide open, close your eyes and picture me rollin'
Looking for haters and narcotics out the same mirror
Watching my back across the track with my main hitter
I need a pat on my back, I need a favor
I just got beef for 400 grand by my man, from the crater
I won't go dig my nigga casket up, take it down Highland road
Take pictures while your casket while everybody throwing folds

No one care about this heart of mine
(I feel alone, alone, -lone, -lone, mama)
Why Baton Rouge can't have no second life
Maybe that will help this heart of mine

This heart probably can't be fixed no way
Real talk, it be broken like that
Too many died unexpected times, it was stolen like that
Me and my partner watching, tryna find a mole in the pack
He was an OG, certified, I ain't know he a rat
She say she love me why you ain't love me in Angola like that
You let your hating ass friends put your foot on my back
I miss my friends 'til the end, we be really living like that
Need a second line to bring some memories back

No one care about this heart of mine
(I feel alone, alone, -lone, -lone, mama)
Why Baton Rouge can't have no second life
Maybe that will help this heart of mine

If [?] swinging like a [?], biting on his lip with his left hand
Wish I could take him back to basketball, layups with left hand
He lost Lil Ivy we both was crying, now he just don't care man
Billy the kid, they finally got him, gunshot out his left head
Snaked Lil Bleak when I was gone, he was my right and left hand
I'm standing strong behind Bleak name, like Finn with his left hand
I just want know who care man, sell me [?] and hustle with me
Go right back in that struggle with me
Sometimes I feel
Sometimes I feel

No one care about this heart of mine
(I feel alone, alone, -lone, -lone, mama)
Why Baton Rouge can't have no second life
Maybe that will help this heart of mine

No one care about this heart of mine
(I feel alone, alone, -lone, -lone, mama)
Why Baton Rouge can't have no second life
Maybe that will help this heart of mine

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Boosie Badazz Heartless Hearts Comments
  1. Patrick Kelly

    They know ain't gotta tell em,,,

  2. hihaters6438

    I got to leave a comment back to back on his videos. His shit! bumpin! Can’t help it lol #REALSHIT ! 💯

  3. Jamero Thomas


  4. Jamero Thomas

    How is any rapper better then lilboosie

  5. R J

    Oh honey noooo he fell off

  6. Patryk Mieliwodzki

    Ay yo family ❤️🎄😘

  7. Dionne Cannon

    Still watching in 2020

  8. Sharome

    My ex is a drug addict and my oldest babies hate me for it had one child born with herion in system my heart never gonna be the same

  9. Jackboy Turner

    This my song when I am thinking about my love ones that I lost REST IN PEACE



  11. Yolanda Lewin


  12. tobin baker

    Muthafucka.....Boosie the Goat of his time. No debating.

  13. Chi Town Taurus

    I took over 1st Place at Reverbnation’s Social Media Platform of about 4 Million viewers, followers, artists, producers, djs and content providers. That was in 2016! I’ve remained #1 for the Chicago Market and Surrounding Region for more than 2 years. These days My Music is in the Top 5 both Nationally and around the world! Great 👍 Marketing? Of course, I’m my Best Marketing Tool and Engine to my Movement the way you’re the Engine to yours so it’d be a pleasure to connect

  14. percy sparta

  15. Mr Almond


  16. Romario Wales


  17. OG Mack

    Boosie and Zro the last 2 to do it

  18. Suave One7

    Im older so I grew up listening to Tupac(still do) but now Boosie and Ti carrying us down south much respect.I can stand these other young so called rappers they don't know what they are doing

  19. Jay H

    Wow this dude be making classics. I thought this song was trash so i passed by until today. Just like i just listened to i testify which is touching and real

  20. Ghost Bey

    They lied on me ask the security

  21. Ghost Bey

    I aint mad o well I was nice being nice does no good for a real BROTHERS

  22. Ghost Bey


  23. Ghost Bey

    Yoll just racist I ain’t heartless until it’s time to be

  24. Galactic Traveler

    2019 bumbing

  25. Maurice Burleigh

    Thanks for your contribution to the music world Boosie. You are a very genuine brother. It seems like the genuine ones always go through the most tribulations. I'm very proud of you for being actively involved in your children's lives. Nuff respect soldier!

  26. anotherway18

    Always come back to this 🙏🏾

  27. saybree fillyaw

    Street mom proud streets proud

  28. 10Digit

    Boosie a fucking legend...

  29. Lugger Forty

    Freedom of speech

  30. Lugger Forty

    Reminds me of my carnal...

  31. Jackboy Turner

    Don’t nobody feel my pain

  32. Jackboy Turner

    To my uncle killer Rest In Peace my nigga🥂

  33. Erika Fuller

    1-5-19 my pain is real I lost my right hand my Dad😭My heart will never be the same

  34. Nicholas Essex

    Man where he get those shoes at thou 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  35. solana Williams


  36. Jackson McFarland

    A real OG. Boo put in a lot of work for years. Boosie and Wayne are and have always been my favorite artists

  37. Eric Hampton

    ill be down with boosie till I die get um boosie we with u bro

  38. Albert Griffin

    I feel every word to this my shit

  39. KGEliteTonez

    Man when I heard just the audio I thought our boy boosie had a FT came here to find out it’s all him #May26BoosieInSC #BeachBounded

  40. Alex Brown

    Boosie got the game sewed up tight

  41. damutae612


  42. Sazmet Gundogan

    Boosie type of nigga makes cold hearted nigga cry like little kids 😢😭😭

  43. Wayne Rooney Lodrigue

    If I knew how to screenshot with pictures good night now we can stop talking now

  44. Wayne Rooney Lodrigue

    For you and whoever I can wait until Friday I move from all this

  45. Wayne Rooney Lodrigue

    They are going to approve it when the irs call me first

  46. Wayne Rooney Lodrigue

    That's how I know when you use my name cuz route to back over $500 a call me right

  47. Wayne Rooney Lodrigue

    I got a lot of papers and all so I don't have to login into right now Social Security and stuff

  48. Wayne Rooney Lodrigue

    Want to have that Samsung that phone for Metro identity got stolen so

  49. dani ntung

    The last one left the real shit

  50. GanGsta Marcus

    I swear I love this Boosie shit man this nigga got to be the realest

  51. Dawn Crawford

    He killed this

  52. Joe Simmons

    boosie an baby gangsta and c muder alwayz be my top [email protected]

  53. bob makr

    Rip Jesse D. My nigga.
    First b day you gone we miss you so much. Know I’m tryna do the shit we never got to and you can’t now behind your name. Ima see it all for the both of us.
    When I finally dream in my sleep again you best visit me nigga haha.
    Love you bro
    Happy bday

  54. wavey92

    Too many died , unexpected times, it was stolen like that

  55. Patryk Mieliwodzki

    Talk about histroy, feeling that lonelyness

  56. d3ad girl

    chillz...miss this mf.

  57. Akiki Skywalker 3xM

    #blackdiamondpresscomix .'19%

  58. Randy Massengill

    it doesn't get no realer than my nigga

  59. Omar Scott

    The realest in the game

  60. Pamela fields

    i need a pat on my back

  61. Danielle Lundy

    Boosie ❤️

  62. Hostofthesouth King


  63. Chris Peartree

    Boosie keep them 🔥 joints comin fam

  64. mafia_nino_8687 nino gang

    Boosie still go in

  65. April Austin

    I been there before I fell you💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💋💋💔💋

  66. Ryan Hodge

    Boosie the hardest rapper in the game

  67. Orlando Brown21

    Rap Afromerican 🔥😎🇺🇸

  68. Hostofthesouth King

    6015298799 deantonio kendell austin Sr Vicksburg Mississippi 39180

  69. Joseph Boue

    He is the real goat you know what im saying🙏🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐🐐🐐🐐💯💯💯😎😎😎

  70. Zelly Zell


  71. yapa tv

    Been with boosie since the green and yellow. Realist rapper in the south

  72. Jeremy Whitfield

    You ain't alone you a part of me my mind and my spirit they can't hear it so they fear it one💙

  73. Eric Johnson

    I feel ya boosie i love betrayed boosie one of the realeest next to 2 pac

  74. Death ShotX22

    Help me out Boosie. Check my music out. Brianl turns on you tube. Unedited. No auto tune. Str8 raw. Just need some help

  75. Gorilla Status

    400k for is man ivy

  76. Zenata Howard

    I care about you baby I love the fuxk out boosie lol

  77. They Live86

    when boosie waves his hand at his beginning verse I know he's the truth

  78. elpepetorres22

    Favorite song we out chea for my little guy

  79. elpepetorres22

    I have a 5 year old that would die to meet boosie and where Mexicans but he’s boosies biggest fan

  80. Lovely Nokia

    Love u boosie.real is you😍

  81. Thomas Parker

    Salute the G homie, still spit 🔥 flows.

  82. CivicsR2Cool

    I can’t think of a time boosie has came incorrect, this dude drops fire after fire after fire for going on 20 years now. Damn.

  83. CODPlaZz

    Heat like boosie's chips 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  84. Dequion Johnson


  85. Hellosh Klosh

    That’s because it’s a real person spitting it. No fronts, no false persona, no tall tales... naw. That’s just Boosie

  86. Tupac Shakur

    torrence aka boosie has cancer pray

  87. It’s Andrea Squad

    Who still listen to this in 2018

  88. Jason Missildine

    Come scoop me up im thru with dis place ....1760 brookstone way

  89. Thomas M Keith

    A boozie for real man that's song give me chills homie

  90. One Passionate Pen

  91. Reginald Davis

    I like this song nine nine much love my nigga

  92. Joya Thomas

    I feel ya