Boosie Badazz - Everything Lyrics

Seen my cousin get shot
Wit a 44 Magnum
Saw Lil Ivory laid out
On side his Benz
Wit all our friends dead too
Turned on the TV today
Say my main man dead
From gunshots
Shot up in his Caddy
Diabetes mo than average
These the eyes of a Savage

I done seen everything
I done damn near died
I didn't lose my mind
I done did everything
Seen everything
Did everything
Man I done seen everything
I done did my time
I done slung some iron
Man I done seen everything
Did everything

I done hustled wit all tha hustlas
I done rapped wit all tha rappers
Lil Titus and Big Baby
I done trapped wit all tha trappas
Doodie, Bronson, and Donkey
I got a family full of jackas
I done had money in tha bank
And I done had money in a mattress
In tha hospital like mama...
I'm up in pain
I just come from Death Row
This ain't a game
I just come from gettin' cancer out my kidney
Feel my pain
My lil got 50
He stayin' solid on my name

I done seen everything
I done damn near died
I didn't lose my mind
I done did everything
Seen everything
Did everything
Man I done seen everything
I done did my time
I done slung some iron
Man I done seen everything
Did everything

I done seen my own brother
Show me he ain't love me
It brought tears to my eyes again
I just seen my own cousin
Steal from her lil cousin
It brought tears to my eyes again
I just seen tha man above us
Change my big cousin (Trell)
Donkey prayin for our safety mane
I just lost one of my brothers
Rest in peace my nigga Busta
We gon forever ever rep ya name
Another funeral

I done seen everything
I done damn near died
I didn't lose my mind
I done did everything
Seen everything
Did everything
Man I done seen everything
I done did my time
I done slung some iron
Man I done seen everything
Did everything

I done seen my mama hurtin'
But don't ask for shit
I watched Lil' Tulu go down
I seen the ratin' shit
I lost 20 pounds in 13 days
Thinkin' death
I felt tha cancer shit
Still he answered me (God good)
I saw death so close
I was right there
I seen the balcony
All them unmarked cars
I seen them after me
Money make people look at you different
I seen tha faculty
Money make niggas spend all they wishes
I seen the [?]
Locked in that 6 by 6 jail boxed
Facin' that needle
And not tha one at tha doctor
Doc I been needin' to see you lately
Cuz lately my diabetes, it been shaky
I'm strictly out tha mud
Man I done met some niggas shaky
Gotta watch 'em close when they gamble
And make 'em shake em
Niggas be jealous when I start scorin' a 4 and a baby
I seen our women turn evil
And play them games wit' a baby

I done seen everything
Talkin everything
I done did everything
I done seen everything
I done seen mama cryin'
Readin' her bible
I done seen daddy tear up tha house behind a lighter
I done seen bosses go to jail
But only a few write him
I done seen niggas go in they cell, lose hope and grab that rope

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Boosie Badazz Everything Comments
  1. Woodies way R No Way

    Boosie is The 🐐 No Discussion

  2. JJ C.H.S

    The real 🐐

  3. David Muradov

    Most underrated boosie album he talking to us on this one

  4. Troy Hood

    We need more REAL NIGGAS like Boosie 💯

  5. JR King

    Crazy thing about this song is that I remember every story when it happened during my teen years.. We remember boo 💯

  6. King Shit

    On my life your favorite rapper dont do it like this man #underrated #Big facts

  7. bulldogboy95


  8. Mikquana Hughes

    Listen to this nigga... Str8 bars

  9. Jasmine Drain

    I played all summer

  10. Shrell Simmons

    God Dad is good all the time.🍌🍌🍌🍌

  11. Moose Stubbings

    I feel ya pain boosie keep ya head up💯

  12. 48thyounginn_kol

    This song goated🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  13. Datboi Noodles

    Only dawgs i know is boosie amd dmx ong

  14. Tru Family 6ix

    6rings tears 2 my eyes cuz I done 6een through jus about all dis shit n dis song on God himself

  15. Zachary willis

    Boosie is a true og he on a whole other level

  16. Ghost Bey


  17. Ghost Bey

    Get your friend killed o ya I know where u live

  18. Les Leb

    Question you ever heard any ngga in the industry say anything negative about boosie? Nope cause they know who to fuck with,boosie is that ngga no nut holding but this the type ngga you dont wanna fw

  19. King Shit

    Bro i don't give a fuck boosie the most underrated Rapper sad 4real


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  21. Jay Elle

    Yo this one of the best songs I’ve ever heard... that is not said lightly

  22. Simmy F.S.O

    🐐 badazz

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  32. Jerome Barboza

    🔥2Ls , this Y Boosie is a Living Legendary big dawg free my bra! Fuck snitches,!

  33. Raudel Gonzalez

    I like your music from Chicago whole lotta gang shit ‼️

  34. Andrew L

    Boosie ain't getting recognized at the moment for the artist he is. He's da missing link.

    Xpert Killa

    It's because this generation filled with mumble rap after 2010 rappers got trash

    Xpert Killa

    Early 2000s was the shit that's what I grew up too


    Andrew L more like the plug

  35. Goldphish

    I saw the balcony!!!

  36. Goldphish

    I done seen everything !!!!

  37. Ivory Davis

    I seen my on family says they don't love me

  38. FuckSleep, Grind

    Waaannnn 🔥🔥🔥

  39. ATLmade

    Nutn but respect for Boosie he a real one to tha bone

  40. Rotten & Remixed Records

    Whole album full of real tracks hit us up for remixes anytime

  41. Kingsley Hamilton

    banger rudeboi shout out to boosie

  42. Stunt Dawgz 101


  43. Jonathan Weathers

    John 16:33..prophesy, Prophet.

  44. mikah green

    I done seen every thing did every thing

  45. DYTKUSHandOJ


    Xpert Killa

    Y'all killing me man

  46. TheTrav985

    If u ain't from the hood then u dont deserve it!
    Nola boi #8504 out that St.B.

  47. It'z Smoken Official

    😂😂😂wack nigga😂😂😂

    spiritual Grant

    You sound fkn stupid go listen to 69 or some shit

    Anna Loftus

    No one forced you to listen take your ass on somewhere!

  48. Derek Mims


  49. One Passionate Pen

    Bite the hand that feeds them I've seen it all.

  50. Tre santana

    booosie really the goat

  51. Zelly Zell


  52. Walshy 709

    one of my favorite albums Boosie, i listen to you everyday when i smoke my tree and sip my whiskey.

  53. Tee Fye

    🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯Like And Sub

  54. Gabriel P

    🔥🔥 best rapper of al times feels my pain 🔥🔥

  55. Dennis Stainback

    king boosie..Always speak the real.

  56. FaZe dragon

    Whenever boosie passway the rest of the world will understand what we boosie fans been seen years ago

  57. R3cklessGhosT20


  58. Wayne Martin

    This is the thing bout boosie he could make all them dumb trap songs but he chooses to stand out and make real music that the real can feel

  59. Hellosh Klosh

    Damn!! Just. Damn!! God bless Boosie.

  60. Gary Morgan

    my song Gary Morgan


    Dope Album!

  62. Will Corgial

    I'm strictly out the mid I then met some niggas shaky watch em close when they Gamble and make em shake em

  63. That power of shaolin

    Rip bleek

  64. Will Corgial

    100 🔥🔥 Boosie goat

  65. Rickest Rick


  66. Eric Moss

    Locked, in that 6 by 6 cell box, facing that needle and not the one that the doc. Got. Shit gave me chills. Boosie the realist nigga rapping I been bumping this shit since it dropped and I rap my heart out when this bitch come on the Aux 🔥💯

  67. Cindy Mell

    God good

  68. Cindy Mell

    U strong

  69. Caden Church

    I'm raping now I gotta make a YouTube videos I never made myself go this far I'm tried living this life I am, I want my family happy, bro I seen everything I feel this song

  70. Chris Paul

    Man I never been a Boosie Fans but lately I been listening to his song damn this nigga going hard on this BooPac! Damn feel like boosie is inside my head! He's telling my pain threw his songs. Fuck! Keep doing your thing Boosie! Keep your head up Bro!

  71. One Passionate Pen

    These the eyes of a savage..

  72. King P

    He made this for the people who struggled majority of their life, but can still SMILE and carry on. GOD BLESS YOU BOOSIE.

  73. 18th Spectro

    "I know some niggas who went in their cell lost hope and grabbed that rope." 😢Its real out there, and boosie rap that real spit.❤

  74. Terrance Mcdaniel

    Real shit

  75. Zenobia Reid

    I know some people that went in that cell an grabbed a rope.. Lord

  76. Zenobia Reid

    I done seen everything, damn near died, but I aint loose my mind......

  77. curtis jackson

    i done seen women turn evil...and play games wit a baby!Real shit

  78. Derek Morris

    I seen a man in county jail hang himself after getting 17 yrs his wife left him for another dude and his mom passed away coming back from visits everyone was looking up at the second floor I looked he was standing there crying with a sheet tied to his neck and the railing everyone was telling him stop it’s ok it will work out and he jumped broke his neck the snap was so loud sound like someone broke a broom stick smh and after that the lights in his cell would flicker every night at 9:00 frfr

  79. Fish Bone

    Real live shit...But commercial rappers get all the money. Ain't that Crazy

  80. Rickest Rick

    Boozie underrated since day 1

  81. Cool Quise

    I done seen my mama hurt and ain’t ask for shit, dawg.. fr

  82. Jack Pea

    I hate rap. I love Boosie though. Love at first sight. Substance. Speak to my soul baby. My spirit is dancing. I did not even know who he was until 3 days ago when I listened to an interview he did. He talked with much sense, wisdom. He talked about being addicted to that liquid herion, Lean, which codeine. Some call it syrup. That Lean is what gave him kidney problem. He better take care of himself. He does not want to become a dialysis patient. He want be able to travel.

  83. pookielords1

    I done seen bosses go jail and nobody write em... that's some real shit but when we come home damn..

  84. Tony Acierno

    I got a family full of jackers

  85. Brandon Johnson

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  86. Armani Washington

    “I know some niggas who went in they cell and grabbed that rope”😇😞😔

  87. Rusty Julian

    Only da real gon feel dis

  88. jrok one

    these shit is the truthhhhhhhhh

  89. j richer

    Real nigga

  90. Jason Murphy

    Classic...fuck wat any hater say..dis a thumbs up song dumb azz

  91. McField General

    Certain Levels Inna Game & Boo Onna Level Of The Realest! Not Few On That Level & Not All On That Level Period! Big Difference Know The Difference!

  92. Sharon music

    I done seen it all..💯💯💯 🆓Me

  93. Lamar Parker Sr

    I. Just lost my ride or die homegirl RIP G Ups

  94. Goldphish

    I see how woman turn evil and play them games wit a baby 👶!!!

  95. Margarita Zhigaleva


  96. SUB VIKE

    i played this song to my cat

    he a tiger now