Boondox - Where Do I Go? Lyrics

Would I be better off laid in a six foot hole
A body rotting eyes closed with no conscious or a soul
Never knowing never feeling with no memories of being
Only ashes laid to ashes never loving never seeing
Just a corpse and of course there'd be no rising of the dead
No apocalypse of zombies and no cracking open heads
With no eating of the brains because I couldn't stand the pain
Pitch black nothin zerod just a head stone and a name

I dont know where I'm gon go but when I get there they gon know
Im wicked and I run the show and I'm wicked and I'm a juggalo
And I'm swingin swingin hatchets while I'm screamin psychopathic
And I'm wicked and I run the show and I'm wicked and I'm a juggalo

Would I be better off in flames and burnin for eternity
And should the evil that I'm doin really be concernin me
And should I bite my tongue and never seen to walk a righteous path
Or will I feel the devils pitchfork stickin in my righteous ass
Wake up to the smells off flesh slowly burnin like a pinner
Listen to the screams of sinners roastin like a chicken dinner
Everyday in hell the temperature would be a fuckin scorcher
And everyday in hell a new experience in human torcher.

When I die I dont know where I'm gonna be but I know its a one way ticket
And when I die idk where I wanna be but I know that ill stay wicked

I dont know where I'm gon go but when I get there they gon know
Im wicked and I run the show and I'm wicked and I'm a juggalo
And I'm swingin swingin hatchets while I'm screamin psychopathic
And I'm wicked and I run the show and I'm wicked and I'm a juggalo

Would I be better off with streets of gold a halo angels wings
Floatin like a bodom cloud just chillin while a choir sings
And every single female big ol booty sportin double ds
Quick to take a dick and on command be blowin like a breeze
Never beein broke or feelin sick and liquor on tap
Pac and biggy droppin by to ask me 'where the weed at?'
Call it shangri la or heaven I just hope they listenin
And even though that hell is callin pray for me they let me in

I dont know where I'm gon go but when I get there they gon know
Im wicked and I run the show and I'm wicked and I'm a juggalo
And I'm swingin swingin hatchets while I'm screamin psychopathic
And I'm wicked and I run the show and I'm wicked and I'm a juggalo

And when I die idk where I wanna be but I know that ill stay wicked

I dont know where I'm gon go but when I get there they gon know
Im wicked and I run the show and I'm wicked and I'm a juggalo
And I'm swingin swingin hatchets while I'm screamin psychopathic
And I'm wicked and I run the show and I'm wicked and I'm a juggalo

I'm wicked

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Boondox Where Do I Go? Comments
  1. Joshua Orton

    Idk where I'm gonna go but when I get there they'll know I'm wicked

  2. Mystical Mutt Mutt

    Whoop Whoop till i die

  3. Shephard Lostprophet

    Everyday Des muertes

  4. Shephard Lostprophet

    Te sueno

  5. Shephard Lostprophet

    Des muertes...

  6. drizzache 666

    Dude fuck yeah. Yall hanging out is the shit. Hope youre all still friends.

  7. Damian Simmons

    Seeing a vid like this makes me really wish Juggalo island was real

  8. Jeffrey Ramsey

    Whoop whoop mcl fam

  9. Isaac Turner

    family 4 life whoop whoop bondox is fucking awesome

  10. Gregory Davis

    Pac and Biggie dropping by to ask me where the weed at

  11. Thomas Hockensmith

    whoop whoop

    Randall Rigney

    Thomas Hockensmith Whoop Whoop mmfwcl.

  12. Chris Kingston

    this video is awesome and the people all look so happy ☺

  13. Rebecca H

    Stay wicked, Mmfcl

  14. Braden L

    Nice job guys looks great

  15. Juvenal Aguilera

    this is soooo FUCKING CRINGY . serously .and why the soda on the lil kid???? thats abuse . u should bathe him instead im the biggest fucking juggalo in the west of the missipppi . cuz im the best rap freestyler juggaKNOT u ever heard look at my channel

    Anthony Nelson

    Juvenal Aguilera. ur dumb im from the sip this is heaven

    Juvenal Aguilera

    Seriously how embarrassing. Go to my channel I am true king clown BITCH

    Rebecca H

    Juvenal Aguilera That's not abuse, it's harmless fun, kids are strong, I think the lil guy can handle a Faygo shower. You act like they have him hanging from a ceiling fan like a ghetto pinata. chill.

  16. Leigha Peterson

    I just luff this juggalo guy .. smexxii

  17. Rex Wolf

    finally someone knows the struggle I'm in keep it

  18. xavier ragland

    that faygo though whoop whoop

  19. Crayz_daves Build

    love this song makes me wonder whats Next

  20. Kaleb Baker

    killer vid i dont know where im gone go

  21. Twiztid Myztery

    whoop whoop skarecrow from the 313

  22. Chris Taylor

    i dont no where i go cause im wicked

  23. dreadstar10

    had this playing while having back juggalo tatt piece done good times

  24. devyn wilkinson

    whoop whoop fam mmfwcl4l

  25. amber McElveen

    Whoop Whoop Love u guys 

  26. glen gant

    WHOOP WHOOP MUCH CLOWN LOVE TO YOU hey you guys looked like you had fun so I hope you all are still together and kip the hatchet swigging high

    Crystal Honaker

    glen gant I wish we were all still together too. those were amazing times with good homies 💚

  27. Sheeta Davis

    Sick video! Whoop whoop

  28. JudasMulkero

    i stay wicked whoop whoop

  29. Justin

    Whoop whoop

  30. bella randolph



    MMFWCL To all tha juggalos keepin it wicked whoop whoop

    Cody Harris

    Whoop Whoop

  32. skyler dewitt

    shout to my homies WHOOP WHOOP

  33. countryboyvaper vlogs

    whoop whoop faygo showers david its what we do its a juggalo thing but boondox is the shit fam he's amanzing live whoop whoop homie btw oregon is worse

  34. Nathaniel Foldan

    great video

  35. Azlee Bourbon

    Whoop whoop bad ass!

  36. Shane Mercer

    Whoop Whoop MCL

  37. FTalisman

    Skinny or not, male or not, you can be a juggalo

    Cody Harris

    Damn right whoop whoop

  38. danny fox

    thats what we do ..whoop whoop

  39. danny fox

    its faygo..

  40. Antonio Martinez

    This song is the shit boondox is the man

    amber McElveen

    so true love im wicked
    Whoop Whoop bitches

  41. David Highs

    Why da fuck where y'all showering in soda

    Marrissa Henson

    David Highs because faygo was first manufactured and produced in Detroit and also diet faygo (the kind they use for live shows) doesn't blow and ruin the equipment like speakers and stuff

  42. ffuukck guugle


  43. michael petrie

    i will let you slide for saying that only because of your age and lack of knowlege....poeple that listen to this music come from all walks of life and backgrounds...many poeple you listen to in these songs believe in Christianity...sooo befor you talk sideways about something you have no clue your favorit artists and open your mind and really listen to the messeges in these songs.....Whoop Whoop!!!

  44. tabitha legay

    damn thats rude

  45. tabitha legay

    this was my first BoonDox song i ever herd and been down ever since

  46. Emily

    im a lette from nc any lo's or lette's from nc

  47. Arthur Red

    I like most of boons stuff, but this sucks. Its the same verses from several of him songs..

    Chuck Joy

    Arthur Red


    love it keep it wicked homie whoop whoop

  49. Jasper Vallia

    North West IA

  50. TheMortalmike

    im in suffolk fam whoop whoop

  51. Tee LC

    Sounds like a personal problem. Take care of it and then come back and tell us how you feel.....

  52. Stephen Sirry

    Virginia Beach homie!! Whoop whoop!


    you are a juggalette

  54. chris watts

    Whoop whoop mmfwcl4l JRB

  55. Ashley Larry

    whoop whoop i love this song

  56. Matthew Plueard

    whoop whoop Washington

  57. stonedagain100

    whoop whoop MCL -LO314

  58. Stephen Sirry

    Va beach homie! Whoop whoop!

  59. Chase Locke

    omg howed you know:D dude if you dont like the shit leave us the fuck alone

  60. Chase Locke

    nice ninja

  61. Philip McNuss

    John Riley lol MMFWCL. Lets jam today

  62. Philip McNuss


  63. Brittany Carpenter

    im a MO ninjette :) whoop whoop!!! :)

  64. Andrea Smith

    From a 'lette who laid the hatchet down...I have yet to find friends as close as my family. Some of my best memories come from time spent with my homies.

  65. John Riley

    Manassas va ninja

  66. Wicked .Drew

    i used to live in Va like a year or so ago

  67. Matthew James

    OMG It's chris angel LOL

  68. rob ferris

    whoop whoop to all the dead fam its the shit young one getting a faygo shower

  69. rob ferris

    u a juggeat

  70. manda weber

    whoop whoop love the video!!

  71. joe workman

    im a VA ninja. whoop whoop!!! what section r u from fam?

  72. amber lawrence

    if u are a CMA that doesnt take 4 years an RN takes 4 years just sayin

  73. Miyalette Raney

    whoop whoop bad ass viedo whoop whoop

  74. Mr. Direction

    this video is so fresh it makes me luv fam that much more. A BIG 2 WHOOPS TO ALL YALL

  75. Gavin Miley


  76. Velvet Apprentice

    2:19 Oh look, bum fuck Hickory High xD

  77. danielleradloff999

    Um I have a child. I pay for him with MY job *im an medical assistant* wich required 4 years in collage. Im a lady juggalo. Nice try though

    Rydas Forlife

    bucket put take that all u mothea film haters now girl keep it defining whoopwhoopHAYAYOUPUNKASSBITCH

    Michael Doughton


  78. Rachel Anderson

    hi you're attractive lolz

  79. Adam Glasgow

    You are calling a whole group of people ignorant of which you have never met in person. So, where am I ignorant here?

  80. Adam Glasgow

    Not void. You came to a song you don't like on purpose. I came to a cool song to enjoy it and simply read the comments as I *Enjoyed* the song. Key point there. You came here to talk shit all over the comments of a video you knew beforehand you wouldn't like. You can try to bs your way out of that but it's just the fact. Twist it all you want but that won't change it.

  81. Benjamin Dillon

    Boondox had to tell everybody whats up WCL Juggalo 4 Life

  82. Jasper

    lol you suck, i have 5 lambos and your super models are ugly, oh and your mansions? pshhh mine is bigger than the four of yours

  83. timmy stayancho

    fuck the haters we know who the reall juggalos are whoop whoop ninjas

  84. Everyday Travesty

    whoop whoop ninjas. This is legit. Fuck haters! GOOD SHIT!

  85. Dave Eights

    Whoop Whoop!!

  86. Dave Eights

    These bitches only hating cause they live off their rich mommy or daddy!! They listen to the gay ass mainstream bullshit, And probally already got their ass kicked by a juggalo, so the only way they can do anything is trash talk on their pc.

  87. Javon Clark

    Juggalos can't fight

  88. Travis Wolf

    Here's a number for you.


    This is pretty much about people like you against us.

    Nothing more needs to be said.

  89. Travis Wolf

    Actually, that's bullshit to any method of thought.

    A juggalo doesn't care weather he's matched, out numbered, or to the advantage, the main fact is they will kick your ass for even looking at them wrong.

    It's a [family] of low lifes, not much that you can say except to call them scum because you know nothing about them.

    You can call us scum, we don't give a fuck about what you call us. We're proud to be scrubs, and wouldn't ever change that. Simple.

    You can shove your ego up your ass.

  90. Travis Wolf

    It's not the fact that you're against harming kids and shit, but you're getting all pissy over them pouring a soda on him which, stated in a previous comment, is no more harmful than water. Doing that is like, taking a young kid to a water park and pouring water all over him.

    And if you knew enough, you'd know juggalos aren't faggots, the people they hang with are family.

    That just comes to show you don't know jack shit about us "low lifes".

    You don't know shit about what you're spurting out.

  91. Cr4ckH34dPr0duct10ns

    could you please explain to me where any child neglect is going on at all in this video? all i see is a kid having fun, with nothing dangerous, your gonna tell me, that it wouldn't of been neglectful to say no to him joining in and having fun? it wouldn't of been neglectful to make him watch from the house at everyone running around and having fun? wow i really respect your parenting methods,

  92. Cr4ckH34dPr0duct10ns

    so basically what your saying is we shouldnt let our kids have fun and join in with the family? cause thats not neglectful at all

  93. MuckoMan

    Yea his mom pays for his makeup woot!

  94. Angel S

    Whoop Muh Fxxn Whoop MMFWCL! <3

  95. ernestshaggy

    Whoop whoop

  96. Arrhenius

    Whoop whoop

  97. Alex lobaugh

    every body fighting bout the kid needs to fuckin stop its retarded you not going to prove shit. so back the fuck off and listen to the damn song. PS mmfwcl