Boondox - Toast To The Fam Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I'm tore up from the motherfucking floor up
Golden grain to the brain
Not really given no fuck
A sloppy drunk bear
Huggin' every damn body
Half a fifth of jack
I'm about to get this bitch buck rowdy
A juggalo scarecrow with a beer bong
Chuggin' southern comfort in my drawers
Playin' beer pong
Hit the bar for a couple shots of 3 V
Put your bottle in the air and toast to the family

[Chorus: x2]
Everybody c'mon we're gonna sing a song
I'll grab a bottle, you grab a bong, we gonna
Get lit 'til the sun come up
And I'm gonna toast to the fam with a dixie cup (alright)

[Verse 2:]
All my 'los in this bitch let's get it on and poppin'
Y'all molest no regrets
Let's see them panties droppin'
And it don't matter if you smoke or if you drink
If you pour a little water, fire up a little dank
Roll a blunt light it up
And I'm a pour a glass
You get high and I get drunk
And then I meet your ass
Somewhere in the middle, somewhere on the other side
From east coast to west everybody gettin' country fried
I'm drunk, you're high, come on, we'll fly
Somewhere down there, down south
And we won't have a damn care

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
I'm home so take me drunk again
You're stoned, I hope this shit don't ever end
Mix Jägermeister in a cup with some Tanqueray
(Where the fucked you put my car?)
What'd the fuck you say?!
I don't know but this shit is got me all blown
My head is achin' like I'm smokin' on some home grown
I need another shot
And make that shit a fuckin' double
And pass my fam the blunt
I want them fuckers high as Hubble
When juggalos up in this bitch
We drink and smoke all night
We gettin' tore down
And swing our fuckin' hatchets high

[Chorus x2]

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Boondox Toast To The Fam Comments

    Bumping this in 2020 in Knoxville Tennessee

  2. Chris Caudill

    Whoop whoop much wicked clown love fam homies

  3. Chris Caudill

    Having a beer later but I will listen to then I'm listening to now I'm high as hell

  4. rex lavernne

    P.p.s. SuicidaL 420 SAINtS

  5. rex lavernne

    P.s. this is Robert Laverne

  6. rex lavernne

    Boondox is like the book of enuock
    Only people who haven't listened to them , call them evil.on the other hand,those who do listen to them,know there evil.

  7. John Smith

    Hell yeah.

  8. Chantry Hair

    Whoop whoop!! We family i love everyone of my los and lettes with all my heart. Mmfwcl family

  9. vahsharo1980

    i love this song drinking a coors right now


    ah, ran out of money huh? yeah it happens to me sometimes.

  10. Brad Romanyshyn

    YOU CAN'T STOP THEM!!!! THEIR JUGGALO'S!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Marvin Johnson

    Family fun

  12. Robert Olson

    Lo's and Lette's cheer!!!! 4:20 pm sept 26 2017! Whoop whoop! MMFWCL

  13. MARVIN Johnson Jr

    love my family-friendly

  14. Timothy Murphy

    I'll grab a bottle and you grab a bong and whoop whoop mmfwcl to the juggalos and juggalettes and anyone who has clown love

  15. Timothy Murphy

    whoop whoop mmfwcl from the 614 and your fam aka psycho Killa

  16. clint chason

    r.I.p. cody darby.. my fuckin brother.. love you!

  17. falling Angel

    Cheers Laelah!

  18. David Page

    damn i thought boondox all his song were gonna inneproprite and evil songs and just bad but i actully like most of his songs and he is a fantastick rapper and this is a good party song i never knew boondoxs was gonna make songs like this but very good consistint artist

    Tracy Nobles

    David Page inappropriate,😁😁

    John Smith

    boondox is grat, we all need to show him more support and be at his shows.

  19. Lindsay Asbra

    I love this man so much. I am getting his face tattooed on me soon. I love you boondox so much ❤😘❤


    lol. did you do it? dipshit

  20. robert houx

    I have to watch how I party because of my job this song hits my blood and fam

  21. Da Beast


    Cynthia Caudill

    Crow whisper says what up

  22. amber McElveen

    hachet girl say crack open a faygo whoop whoop

  23. Nmp 2783

    Was wondering how long it would take before the trolls came out of hiding. Quick fam i need some rope duct take hefty bags a shovel and a bottle of lime whoop whoop

    John Smith

    I'm a good troll

  24. dopet4h2c0

    heres a toast to ya fam!!!! whoop whoop

  25. Logan Mcintire

    got fucked up too this to many times with my ex and are group

  26. Brain Manual

    Wow ... awesome ... talented bastards

  27. JuggaloNinjaT

    Whoop Whoop! *raises faygo* CHEERS YOU PSYCHOPATHIC NINJA'S!!!!!

  28. Tommy

    boondox is a beast. one of my favorite in psychopathic

  29. Billy Coleman

    Whoop whoop

  30. D G Shepard

    I agree !!!

  31. Lamoyne Morris

    joglose sup

  32. juggaloky2013

    ICP made boondox and twiztid

  33. Deven Hanson

    fuck u fake ass bitch

  34. Rik81ful

    Boondox IS NOT better than ICP, however, Twiztid is better than both ICP and Boondox combined. Either way, I still luv all of 'em.

  35. Amanda Cole

    Love it

  36. Don Quixote

    whoop whoop this music sucks balls

  37. reekaree

    yea almost a year ago, still ♥ him though lol

  38. fgfkfgfkfg

    You do realize that boondox has recently left psychopathic records? But he's still cool.

  39. Paper Chaser

    Kik me fam ViolentMike WHOOP WHOOP

  40. reekaree

    lol and, a sloppy drunk bear huggin not truck bed, tanqueray not tan and gray.. lol

  41. reekaree

    Ur lyrics are off but i still got love for u fam 3 .. A toast to the fam with my Dixie cup! MMFWCL all my fellow los and lettes!

  42. Paper Chaser


  43. KahnePriest

    im not a jugg but i started dating a lette....she is definitely turning me because im starting to like this music :)


    dont have to be a jugg to enjoy this.

  44. Justen Flippin

    whop whoop i played this song on my bus and every one on the bus told me to "Turn that shit up!" XD MMFCL

  45. Juggalette Zero

    whoop whoop mmfwcl

  46. hunter park

    StraightToShangriLa it say all my los in this bitch lets get it on and poppin all my lettes no regrets lets see them panties droppin

  47. dopet4h2c0

    nobodys better or worse just dif stylez........MFL

  48. Robert Behrman

    Holy shit, your lyrics are WAY off....

  49. dominic rickard

    whoop whoop from tha 818 MMFWCL

  50. brandon Levesque

    whoop to the muthafucking whoop this is my new drinking song mmfwcl

  51. cyrus main

    Why is this the top comment???

  52. Sin Sanity

    @docbeetle which is funny because i can

  53. Chris F.C.V

    @docbeetle:OK MCL

  54. Chris F.C.V


  55. Nick Murray

    Boondox is way better than ICP

  56. Alex Thompson

    ill grab the bottle u grab the bong

  57. Lil Avril

    whoop whoop MMFCL

  58. lucas marshall

    i got the bottel whos got the bong

  59. Romeo Gray

    im home so take me drunk again u stoned i hope this shit neva end

  60. littlekthejuggalo


  61. Zachary Schultz

    This a Toast to the Juggalo fam still down since day one pushin A-1

  62. juggaloutah

    This is juggaloutah sayin whoop whoop to all juggalos. I'm not sure if I like the original or the new Mike E Clark remix better. Either way, this is my shit.

  63. john rosewaren

    toast to the family!!! i love all of you!!

  64. john rosewaren

    @voodooguitar666 its allright man people make mistakes he's still family:)

  65. john rosewaren

    @JuggaloForLifeMCL1 fuckin bragger haha wish i was there:( WCND!!

  66. Ligist123

    I love it !! WHOOP WHOOP