Boondox - The Sober Truth Lyrics

Y'all thought I was done, huh?
Thought it was over?
Shit, it ain't over
I'm just gettin' started in this motherfucker
Boondox! The Scarecrow

And these moments I can't take
That I feel like I might break
When did I get so down
Never thought I slow down
Was it over? Got sober
Didn't know what I might do
Felt like hands from a priest and
It hit me that (I knew I was a motherfucking beast!)

[Verse 1:]
Ain't been too long I've been sober
Blacked out most of my damn life
Bitches get fucked and bent over
I got shot on the next wife
Y'all don't know but a little bit
My shit ain't been closed to told
Always say that I'm losin' it
But my soul ain't been close to sold
Angel on my shoulder and the devil in my right hand
Lookin' to Jehovah, empty bottles on the night stand
Battle with delusion calls, battle with who close to me
So much damn confusion didn't know who I supposed to be
But never no more, repeat that never no more
I see that comin' from a mile away and never no more
Don't be that same motherfucker with my head up in the cloud
Not just another motherfucker screamin' "hey, look at me now"
Still rollin' with the heater, desert eagle, that will never change
Quick to pull the triger now y'all fools are never outta range
Only thing you need to know I got to put this on my tatt
Dox is fucking monster ressurected, put that on a hat


[Verse 2:]
The worst thing that they ever did
Was let me get my mind right
They shoulda kept me on that shit, not let me get my rhyme tight
19 days locked in the dark, y'all don't think I was coming back
Dirty now, he ain't got the heart, but here I spit on another track
Hoping that these bastards don't forgot how much they hate me
Hope they still be sleepin' on it and highly underrate me
Hope your girl still flicks her bean, while you at work to my shit
Hope she use your credit card on iTunes when she buy it
Now I got this new shit, enjoy it now and live it up
First that she hear this gon' be the last time that she give it up
On you can put that on a tall tee
With my number written under it so she can call me
Call me? A motherfucker call me lame ass
Long as heatens love me you can put a bullet in my brain
And they gon' resurrect me on the third day (apparition)
You just feedin' fire to the flames bitch (ammunition)

[Hook x2]

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Boondox The Sober Truth Comments
  1. CJ 420

    The 15th of this month marks 5 month's clean from the drug's

  2. gdh1984

    Blacked out most my damn life.... Guess the other parts coming

  3. Steve Arthur

    God hates me f um!

  4. Frank Torres

    Is she cute

  5. Eric Big-E Alford

    Well I'm smokin bud so its not addiction I can quit at anytime so I luv smokin bud luv the feelin

  6. Levi Kickler

    Damn picked up 90 days today its been a rough road but I made it one day at a time

    Andrewhansen1220 Sunshine23

    Hope you're still going strong

  7. Wicked Momma

    Been Sober For 9 months and I'm Loving It

  8. Wicked 420

    It’s just starting 10/12/18

  9. Lyndsey Cinnaginnie

    featuring ABK that wouldve leveled this song,

  10. Steven Black

    Been drinking daily since i was 17'ish. 21 now and its still going, fuck it

  11. demonheart 9271982

    Sober after shooting h and meth.

  12. grey wolf aka jacob

    This song brings tears too my eyes because addticion is a mf and i conquer that shit like a beast ✌👊✌

  13. John Rogers

    the struggle is real. M.M.F.W.C.L.

  14. Chris Caudill

    Thank you boondox

  15. Bobby Pierce

    love there style and words

  16. Amber Baker

    The worst thing that they did was let me get my mind right. 💯

    Frank Torres


  17. Smoke Weed Roshambo

    Im alive after spice

    Hn Russ

    Same bro that makes two of us. Love n light to you and yours. Rip to the fallen ones.

  18. Rick Daut

    Boondox is s mfn beast! Luv it all. Hate new rimes but dox keep it real and tite

  19. Nicole Ross

    Boondox is the fucking genius

  20. drunkinnh514

    whoop fucking whoop! fan foreva

  21. clint chason

    pyeo.. the mne mix

  22. clint chason

    mne. nuff said

  23. John Carpenter

    addiction is more than Hell... the struggle is real!!! i made it out alive!!!

  24. Carrie Becker

    exactly how I feel . glad I don't party etc anymore

  25. • МаРьЯнА FøX •

    Я одна тут Русская?..Стрёмно

  26. cody andrews

    "all addiction are meth, mentally exhasting traumatic habit."

    Eric Big-E Alford

    Right I understand what u talkin about my friend is on the shit n he got two kids so its fucked up when got back on that shit its hard to quit it its the devil dandruff

  27. Nathan Enriquez

    well you never made my video so i made it myself if anyone wants a lyric version click on me

  28. Nathan Enriquez

    need a lyric video

  29. Dalton eaves

    I love all of the psychopathic family but am I the only one that thinks boondox has the most talent out of all of them?

    Crazy 4 Cavy

    I so feel ya, talent wise it's hard for me to judge, but the feels and all the other reasons we are who we are and love the shit out of 'em.....all the NINJAS EQUAL!!!! Shit, I love you for lovin him huh! :)

    Shawn Pitts

    Exactly what I been sayin dox is a fuckin beast

    Chrystal Weber

    Nope they're my favorite of them all

    Shayne Pittman

    They all have talent lol wouldn't be where that if not...hmmm lets use our brains

    Daniel Pauli

    Love Them all

  30. Pretty Psycho

    Fucking Love this song!!!!

  31. kn k

    i got abk.twiztid.blaze ya dead homie and violent js autograph

  32. blazing Juggalette

    Fuck yeah seen this live @the gathering of the juggalos. Fucking love it!!!!

    jark arlor

    Tommysmommy Cerio same

  33. Lee Roden

    bad ads

  34. Lee Roden

    bad ads

  35. Carrie Becker

    this is just what I needed to hear right now

  36. Delaney O'Grady

    This some real shit. Boondox always hittin home. Much love to my juggalo family <3

  37. jjones202197

    check out the underground avengers

  38. Jamie McMahon

    I love you for this 1 TurnCoatDirty!! Whoop! Whoop! DIRTY!!!

  39. svu mariska

    love it

  40. justin rossetti

    this song hits home for me as a person in recover man I can relate thank u boondox mcl

    Dustin Cochran

    Me too! Hope you are still clean and sober! If not, I hope this comment can inspire to get clean once more, but more importantly that this video can inspire you.

    Life is beautiful, don't miss it up in the clouds chasing something you will never find.

    Pretty Psycho

    justin rossetti
    me too! Fuck you gotta listen to "Been So Wrong" by Crucifix that shit gives me goosebumps... it's fucking something else! ♡

    Mary Bounds Aka Zaicek

    justin rossetti

  41. Kenny shaw

    whoop whoop mmfwcl

  42. Wikid Meazurez Recordz

    this is the shit

  43. true king

    mmfcl so wicked days and the truth is i need a booth to brighten my mind and find the pain and all i can gain is the truth within myself and let it go

  44. Chris Bullard

    the devil we know is not as bad as the devil we don't know love the music you're awesome

  45. Boomer Corspe


  46. Boomer Corspe

    #neozblunp #realdealskill

  47. ChristBeheader666

    I'm going to admit something I don't really like rap music but this sounds pretty sweet...I think I actually like this song

    Kyle Cook

    Boondox has some really touching shit, really relatable.


    Yeah man truth he has alot of good songs he raps on about some real shit not just money and cars and all that shit.


    +SatanicNecrolust thank you for telling truth. all this crap out now sucks and boondox keeps it real not fako shi# today whoop whoop

  48. Janelle Digennaro

    this song speaks the truth sober since Sept 26 06

    Andrewhansen1220 Sunshine23

    Hope you are still doing good

  49. Boomer Corspe

    whoop whoop boondox MMFWCLADED

  50. juggalo41

    I have a masturbating addiction. Perfect song to jam too while in the process.

  51. Derrick Brown

    today I have 60 days clean and sober and just would like to thank Jolene for putting me up on this

    Patrick Harris

    Congrats keep it going im on day 94 myself

  52. Shawn Harrison

    gotta love boondox he can spit it good an keep it wicked as fuck whoop whoop MMFWCL4L

  53. Andrew Bellue

    dont even wanna talk about addiction

  54. Matthew Lusk

    Addiction is hell

    Casid braot

    Matthew Lusk fuck man I know about addiction it's nothing fun it's hell it takes your life

  55. DWAR

    "I knew I was a mutha fuckin' Beast!"

  56. Samantha Smith_Gray

    lovn this it helps me through the day!!!

    Kenny shaw

    ur gorgeous

  57. Brittany Wingett

    bomb ass shit here!!!

  58. Seekanddestroy1ful

    This is better live

  59. MilitryPuppt FUBAR

    It Saddens me to only see 27k views on this song... Everyone is so tied up in that Poser Group I.C.P... yea their Lyrics are funny but "THESE" have meaning... most BoonDox Songs have Meaningful Lyrics. OORAH!!

    eric waldeisen

    F*UCKING REALLY!!!? ICP is where all this started without violent J or Shaggy 2 dope none of this would have been possible u want PROOF boondox admits it in \We All Fall - Boondox

    Urbexx Jeremy

    +eric waldeisen ICP still fucking sucks ass!

    kimberly green

    jark arlor t

  60. Jamie McMahon Warren

    Everytime I listen 2 this song tears fall from my eyes! I can feel every word!

    David Anderson

    @Daniel Smith sooooo fucking much....litterly addicted to 90% of the shit out there and no one knows how bad I want to die

    Laura Davis

    @David Anderson say strong don't let anything or anyone put u down live life to the fullest whoop whoop

    Jamie McMahon Warren

    +David Anderson. hey. stay strong homie.

    Hatchet Man

    +Jamie McMahon Warren stay strong. we all feel pain, but only as a family can we make it thru the pain. whoop whoop mmfwcl

    Jamie McMahon Warren

    Family! Hatchet Man...

  61. LaRay Bringsplenty

    B E A S T !! 

  62. Ryan Taylor

    This is dope as shit, Mcl 2 all

  63. Shaggythadogg

    boondox is what psy needed

  64. Curtis Davis

    hell yeah  that shit tight pretty good  whoop whoop

  65. Michael Bennett

    Best boondox in awhile