Boondox - Pillin' Spree Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Just bump barels of bath salt
Off a black top Georgia asphalt
Forget about having a rational thought
I'm laughin' my motherfucking ass off
No fear lunatic sick prick
Kill pussy with a Glock and a thick dick
Gas on the bodies, I'mma flick bics
With a little bit of grease so shit stick
A python, I'm in your Rangerover
Throw little pieces of your brain over
The street and I hit em with a flamethrower
No sign left of me, that's game over
A ketamine thing with a slight habit
A mescaline dream, such a white rabbit
Forever catch up, then I might grab it
I might never kick it but I just might stab it

I pop something, zone out [x3]
Wanna feel something I don't know
I pop something, zone out [x3]

[Verse 2:]
One line hit em with an A-square
Out the window of the drop off daycare
Out my mind and I don't play fair
Throw bombs like Bobby A Bear
A percoset bet on a flashback
Bitch roll with the rock, your stash whack
Like I'm down on a coma, I smash crack
Then delete you like a studio trash track
Don't be near when I pop off
Grab nuts, run n duck, don't give a stop call
All about that hard, I drop soft
A handful of beans, flip a cop off
Parachute a mouthful, cover all of them oxys
Followed by a thoughtful cover them rocksies
God bless me I make my Glock sneeze
Never no need for no autopsies


[Verse 3:]
Codeine lean, Casanova
Red Seas part, passin' over
HK spray, smashin' over
Dosed off nine, crashed the cobra
Just killed to grams of cocaine
Fucked up and I'm feelin' bout no pain
Blood stains on my new shirt, no gain
Duct taped to a bottle of propane
Run up to a government location
Office of the court of probation
Empty set, heavy rotation
Three million felons, ovation
To come down, feelin' little bit hazy
And I might just went a little bit crazy
But I never let the bullshit phase me
If I'm a pharmaceutical murderer
Thighs up face me


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