Boondox - Just Die Lyrics

Put a hole in your soul
Make your blood run cold

Put a hole in your soul
Nine millimeter homie
Make your blood run cold
You die
Go rest your eyes
You die
Go testify

You don' fucked with the wrong one today
And you don't want it homie
Fuck what you're trying to say
Your whole existence's phony
Talking so much shit you need'a motherfucking breathmint
And when I hit you with that glock
You'll wonder where your breath went
Always quick to take the dick up out of your mouth to jack your jaw
Guess you're pissed ya baby bitch would take the time to jack me off
And unlike when she be with you, dude
She swallowed it
Now you wanna give me attitude
Bitch, eat a hollowtip
Take your own advice and put the barrel in your own mouth
Kill your handicap and blow your motherfucking brains out
Do the world a favor, hoe, and try to fix a big mistake
Pull the trigger, send your soul to Hell for fucking Heaven's sake

Pull the heater on ya
Put a hole in your soul
Nine millimeter homie
Make your blood run cold
You die
Gonna rest your eyes
You die
Gonna test the fire
Pull the heater on ya
Put a hole in your soul
Nine millimeter homie
Make your blood run cold
You die
Go rest your eyes
You die
Go testify

See me on the streets and now you holla at me like we're brothers
Then you run your mouth cause you's a backstabbing motherfucker
Hide behind computer screens with fake names and magazines
Boy, you need to be a man and grow some nuts to step to me
Run upon you, hit you with that (one, two; one, two)
What you gonna do when I (come through, stun you)
Peel ya fucking cap with a nine millimeter
Better run motherfucker every time that I see ya
If I see ya motherfucker then I wouldn't wanna be ya
Hit you with them heatseekers
I fucking knew it I thought I saw a pussy cat
I pointed to ya when they askin' where the pussy at
Check my fucking blood-pressure
Pop a couple pills and then I'm coming to get you

Put a hole in your soul
Make your blood run cold
You die
You die
Put a hole in your soul
Make your blood run cold
You die
You die

I'll pull a drive by on ya in a Coupe De Ville
And when I shoot to kill, you know I shoot with skill
And you don't ever see it coming
Got the skills of a Sniper
Put the heat through your body, watch you spill in your diaper
For real, you's a liar, like Pinocchio
And when you talk, it grows
But hoe, it ain't your nose
It's the rage in my soul, it's building like construction
There's a tax on your ass and I'm a make deductions
Take ya functions, put you in a new shit bag
Beg like a bitch and you ain't gonna do shit fag
Twelve gauge, double barrel, pointed at your teeth
Tell your daddy buy a suit and make your momma buy a wreath, peace

Pull the heater on ya
Put a hole in your soul
Nine millimeter homie
Make your blood run cold
You die
Go rest your eyes
You die
Go testify
Pull the heater on ya
Put a hole in your soul
Nine millimeter homie
Make your blood run cold
You die
Go rest your eyes
You die
Go testify

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Boondox Just Die Comments
  1. bevy bear

    ahh you mad?..
    heres a 🤗

  2. blake

    Still rockin this shit in 2019 mmfwcl

  3. Chris Romero

    Please don't piss me off!!!$$$...pleading,please.....I do not want to go to prison.....tu sabes???????^^^[>

  4. Suicide Klown

    True family

  5. TheMerkin69

    Just sent this to my ex who won't sign off on my child support, my kids r 19,21!!! She doesn't wanna lose her meal ticket!!! No wonder so many dads walk away having to deal with women like this for 18 years!!! Oh ya and my kids have their own apts now and have been on their since each was 18.


    Just for the crazy's out there I DON'T WANT TO KILL MY EX LMAO!!! Just want that clear but if she tripped I'd laugh lol

  6. devin switzer

    let me grab my hatchet and im down for some fuckery

  7. Savaçşı Sincap *-*

    Perfect ! Amazing !!!!!!!!! Nice :*

  8. Manuel Watkins

    dam good song and clown love to all

  9. Stephanie foster

    Fuck yeah this is my song right here holy shit I love this song

  10. The Boat Guys

    Makes me wanna fuck some one up

  11. Laura Haggard

    Its just real ;you especially when u can relat

  12. Lesley blomsma

    i Love diss Song do you two


    Lesley Fidom 😑die

    Lesley blomsma

    Lik mijn pantatloeban

  13. Yahih

    Some one pissed in his cereal

  14. Martha Toledo

    Fuk the haters you guys dnt like boondox well fuk off i want to say dis whoop whoop!!

  15. clint chason

    yeah. Edwin lewis don't know shit.

  16. Elijah McCloud

    I like to call em message warriors. Talk shit like no other and run when its time to bring those words to life. Good way to get your mouth beat shut.

  17. Mike

    Even the New age los/lettes are fighting on YouTube

    Local Star

    greedysniper85 that's how sad it is

  18. Edwin Lucas

    white boys talk that bullshit aint no muthafuckin killers never even shot at sumone. FAKE AS FUCK. LAME AS FUCK. STRAIGHT UP TRASH.

    Sir DeRANGED Psycho

    +Kris Douglass was he black and breaking into your house?

    Lee Haynes

    you ain't from bmore are ya

    Tyler Jones

    I've been there done that

    Chaplain Johnson

    fuckboys always pull that race shit. Grfoh lil boy

  19. Joshua Stickley

    Pretty sure the fukn song name is clear.......

  20. Devyn Witt

    By wishing for E thugs and Haters to "Just Die", you yourself are a hater, so are you suicidal? You should get help.

    jark arlor

    The guy that made this video is prolly a crack head so it explains y he would wish that he wants other ppl to do crack to

  21. Avery Dobbs


  22. Salvator e Adonetto

    Good shit

  23. Kazeryo JustPlayIt

    you sure it's snipper and dipper? and not sniper and diper?

  24. Inland Valley Trash Trucks

    Fuck yeah, love boondox.

  25. wick3d1 j

    boondox is the shit. at least he never talked shit like twiztid. boondox left on good terms, twiztid tried but failed llal

  26. Stephanie Parscal

    Boondox is fucking awesome i love it

  27. macguyvergirl

    The related is based on your past views... hmmm...

  28. Matt Murderous

    Whoop whoop

  29. cell050192

    5 pple just died.mmfwcl

  30. krimson slipknot

    great shit bro mad props im a writter too ......... JUGGALO 4 LIFE!

  31. Elaina Love


  32. kat rose

    im his future wifey cause i got that . boondixe that lol mmfwcl.

  33. addz1111

    make your blood run cold


  34. aly Kairis

    @cjlightening24 we must get our hatchets out (:

  35. Reaper

    Must I get my hatchet?

  36. Brooke Porter

    Im not a juggalo but Im down with Boondox. (:

  37. Guybrush Threepwood

    as a fellow juggalo i have to say that by putting someones personal phone number on the internet tells a hell of a lot more about you than him.

  38. jdalexander93

    whoop whoop

  39. Keith L

    some one fronting they a thug or acting like a thug on line, but aint shit in real

  40. George True

    haters just die haters is just diein bread

  41. Kallie Harris

    this reminds me of 2 juggalos ik, they were friends once but now they hate eachother

  42. jake jeckel


  43. David boyce

    I am the darkness reborn and ill swallow you whole your existence is short on my list scratch your name out the writings on the wall every one kmows your future is slim to none you f with me youve seen your last
    and I'll be seeing you in right after I send you there but not soon enough

  44. David boyce

    Just die all u mfrs! Ypu nos who u's are vengeance is blind so stay clear of the carnage!

  45. Thane

    hating on this video is invalid


  46. Epidemik

    What the fuck is an E Thug?

  47. Epidemik

    What the fuck is an E Thug?

  48. themaineterror

    damn he NEEDS an new album to drop soon

  49. kyle wallentine

    I dedicate this song to Kemmerer wyoming

  50. cory moran

    @gangstajacy Don't worry hes just beging for a hatchet in his forehead.

  51. darren willis

    79 likes 2 dislikes yet again haters can eat a dick and drink piss

  52. theshadowwarrior98

    @gangstajacy hes in related because he should JUST DIE

  53. theshadowwarrior98

    @gangstajacy hes in related because he should JUST DIE

  54. Vince Gizzi

    Wait whys there a dislike button ?

  55. Vince Gizzi


  56. jpjuggalo7

    aye fam check out my shit!! whoop whoop!!

  57. Jade Bananatana

    2 people need to JUST DIE

  58. Life Of Demonology

    @hulukill24 if u went to the gathering askin people tht u wud get hit bro but yea dnt ask tht yet bro MMFWCL WHOOP WHOOP

  59. Life Of Demonology

    @JuggaloKhaos bro its wreath piece just sayin MMFWCL

  60. Boogimane Swain


  61. spudface963

    @hulukill24 yo if you dont know what a juggalo is then how the fuck you in the family

  62. Sarah Freeman

    FUCKN LUV SOUTH OF HELL!!!! whoop whoop mmfwcl to all my fam!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOONDOX IS THE SHIT!!!!

  63. Sarah Freeman


  64. Mike Gokey

    Can i get some thumbs ups for a big ass WHOOP WHOOP!!!

  65. Guybrush Threepwood

    @thekoltrain94 I'm pretty sure he meant that "what is a juggalo" is one of the songs that got into to the fam. :D

  66. Kolton Madison

    @hulukill24 if u wanna know what a juggalo is , listen to what is a juggalo by icp. and if u gotta ask, you aint part of the family yet dawg.

  67. PJs Me Name

    @gangstajacy He's poisoning the INTERWEBS!? =[[[

  68. drake2882

    woop woop