Boondox - Intro Lyrics

Pitch black was a nite a black as could be
Pick it up went bam bam blim blim
Shut up....I said shut up!
The dead lay all around me We all together lay
You goan have ta keep that pretty little mouth quiet
Oh lord...Trouble done started
I said shut up bitch!
If you dont shut up Ill bleed you rite here
I will not forgive you! None of you will be forgiven!! All of you shall feel his wrath!!
Shut up!
The dead lay all around me We all together lay
All of you shall feel his wrath!!
Hush up

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Boondox Intro Comments
  1. Jitters The Clown

    Fukin awsome

  2. walter combs

    When you realize you should go good or evil

  3. da Duke of France

    Did someone summon me

  4. MC Crit

    Fuck Anton Lavey. This is still a fucking great album.

  5. XxXTechtechXxX

    This is how you summon abbadon say it word from word and concentrate your energy

  6. Angelan- Whaley

    It's from the satanic bible

    da Duke of France

    Angelan- Whaley is it really

    Sean Giron

    no its not lavey preaches there is no god or satan

  7. Phial Substance

    Does anyone know what this is? Like, it's a quote. He didn't write it, he's just reading it. I think something from the Qabalah. I really would like to know, if anybody does?

    The Sick Beats

    +Phial Substance Actually I wrote it from scratch. Look at the liner notes ;)

    The Sick Beats

    +The Sick Beats =Sicktanick

    Tyler Harris

    It's from Anton Lavey's Satanic Bible I do believe

    da Duke of France

    Tyler Harris it is from that book

  8. Joshua Sotelo


    Ezra Mclean

    +Nocu Rainbow ABADDON