Bonoff, Karla - Personally Lyrics

I've been writing letters everyday now
Since you've been gone
Talking to you on the telephone
For what seems like a whole life long
I've got something to give you
That the mailman can't deliver
I can't mail it in
I can't phone it in
I can't send it in
Even by your closest kin

I'm bringing it to you personally
I'm bringing it to you personally

There's nothing like the feeling I get
Oh when you touching me baby
There's nothing like the feeling you get
When I'm there with you, oh love
I've got something that the mailman can't deliver
I can't mail it in
I can't phone it in
I can't send it in
Even by your closest kin

I'm bringing it to you personally
I'm bringing it to you personally

But I've got something to give you
That the mailman can't deliver
I can't mail it in
I can't phone it in
I can't send it in
Even by your closest kin

I'm bringing it to you personally
I'm bringing it to you personally

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Bonoff, Karla Personally Comments
  1. Honeycomb Sound

    This single should be in Grammy & Rock Halls. Brilliant cover of Paul Kelly tune first cut by Jackie Moore (RIP). Karla is simply an amazing vocalist & songwriter!

  2. John Dough

    This was a really good song, remember it well, Andrew Gold strumming the business end of that guitar.

  3. Leighton Brown

    That bass line ...on point!!!!

  4. redmasc

    This video needs more views! That sax solo part was sexy. Can't beat this type of music.

  5. maritonmae x

    My fav Karla Bonoff Song:

  6. Shanna Bol

    sorry but no stage presence. Typical 80's video.

  7. Diana Peterson

    Crescent City Ca will bring it to you tube.........PERSONALLY.

  8. Gerry Repash

    Andrew Gold on guitar and backing vocals.

  9. Jorge Gaitanos

    Who is the bassist? He's excellent.

  10. The Yacht Rock Show

    If u love this kind of owe it to yourself to tune in The Yacht Rock Show:

  11. Verona Mohammed

    Always great music

  12. tt p

    i heard this song.i was a kid.

  13. Cooldude Awesome

    I dont know if I heard of this song before but not bad

  14. Wendell Cotham


  15. Wendell Cotham


  16. Gregg Baker

    Thank You. for posting

  17. Lori Leon

    I remember this and then you didn’t hear it and recently my station plays songs from my past and it played and I forgot how great her voice is. Great song

  18. Hike with Mike

    she was the 1980s version of Carole King!

  19. Hike with Mike

    I think Karla is one of the most underated singer songwriter...she deserves so much more accolades for her career...she is so talented!!

  20. Haywood Ja'Blome

    Karla wrote so many hits, including Ronstadts Someone to Lay Down Beside Me.

  21. Dusty Rhoades

    Great song. Wore out about at least 9 45 vinyl singles of this song. Liked it when i first heard it. Still listening. Great voice. I'm wanna get this on vinyl album. Saw Karla too on American Bandstand.

  22. Gio Ferrufino

    Andrew Gold RIP

  23. Talltrees84

    I remember first hearing this back in 1982. Brings back memories.

  24. Dennis John Dreher

    Rip Andrew Gold

  25. ed polk

    Andrew Gold, playing a RIC

  26. Artie Fishell

    Juckt es denn keinen, der diesen wunderbaren Titel hochgeladen hat, dass der Ton jault wie ein geprügelter Hund?
    Es ist richtiger Mist, so ein Upload, dann lieber gar nicht!!!

  27. Daniel Johnston

    I haven't heard this tune in ages! It came to me in a dream I had! Thank heavens for deep memory in dreams eh? Had to hear it again.

  28. Ivan J. Conway

    Those who keep downing music like this must be hard rockers and fucked up, hip-hopers surely. Or trolls seeking to get responses like this. Out.

  29. Ivan J. Conway

    The music of the early to mid 80s was so, fucking, awesome. From around, 85/86 it began to go downhill and it's been going downhill ever since. Not saying there was not the odd, great song from those years, but overall, pop music was beginning to get shitty from this point on, and has become utter, gutter, trash now.

    My Rock and Disco Best. Out.

  30. Mtn Life

    That's right ~

  31. thomas true

    I was introduced to Karla in college and have been a fan ever since. It's been over 40 years.

  32. Wes Wade

    She was a vocalist on the Footloose soundtrack.

    joey morvant

    "Somebody's Eyes", yes.

  33. Filmation77

    A song so good that 3 people covered it and all of them were Hits!

  34. Scott Vanhille

    They play this in CVS Pharmacy haha!

  35. Paulson Cain

    She is singing about her vagina.

  36. Angelo Outlaw

    I love this song and see is a pretty woman.

  37. Edward Brown

    I;ve been in awe of her since seeing Karla back up James Taylor at Red Rocks. Or maybe should I say share the stage. I'm a huge fan of JT having seen him three times, twice in Colorado and once in Cedar Rapids. I love not just her music but the guys in the band. Andrew Gold, RIP, sure do miss him and his wild zany style. This music really was the core of what I listened to back in the late 70s and 80s. Wait, I honestly have to admit that her music, JT, Jackson Browne and Fogelberg were always there in the 90s too. It just never gets out of style. There is some good music always showing up, just depends on your style.

  38. caleb prodtoins

    Didn't this come out in 81'?

  39. Christopher Horr

    What a great song ❤️

  40. Kris Smith

    That' essentially Linda Ronstadt's best band behind her, Kenny Edwards, Andrew Gold on guitars and I can't remember the drummers name, they toured with Linda for years

  41. Michael Galindo

    I could listen to this song over and over again

  42. Mtn Life

    Memories ~

  43. Brendon Cariah

    as a teenager I thought this was the sexiest song ever made, LOVED IT and Still do, just cant say it out loud!!!!

  44. Justin Aames

    ...I miss the early 80's when Dallas, Urban Cowboy, & The Dukes of Hazzard influenced the crossover of country into music and fashion. ...Remember prairie skirts and Victorian blouses...upswept hairdos? Lauren perfume and Chaps cologne? Ralph Lauren made a killing! ...I'm Black, this trend in music, television, and fashion knew NO color boundaries.

    joey morvant

    As it should always be. Now it seems more "whites enjoy this, blacks this, Latins this, Asians this". Any group of people should enjoy things freely.

    Haywood Ja'Blome

    You mean Countrypolitan music? Yeah, we've had that since the 70s.

  45. Shreklove Donkay

    The Home Depot I work at plays this song all the time, and I love it 🥰

  46. Crystal Mason

    What a song so department drug storish

    joey morvant

    Now that you mention it, lol!

  47. Rudy Wilson


  48. John Lewinski

    Is there another singer that sounds similar to her from this time period?

  49. Bethany Davis

    Ever since I heard it at work, I can't get this song out of my head. And would you believe it was on Valentine's Day, just the perfect love song. I love the cool, sultry vibe and the soulfulness of her vocals.

  50. Elaine R

    Adding Andrew Gold to this just made it that much better!

  51. J J

    Horns horns horns! ❤

  52. Jorge Gonzalez

    They constantly play this song at my job CVS Pharmacy. Quite catchy like other songs

  53. Richard Schaefer

    One of the most sexy/romantic songs ever. Where did the music go? The toilet.

  54. packard400 girlfriend that summer....
    When I hear that song... I also hear frogs and crickets, feel summer humidity and smell cornfields, sweat, and Tabu perfume.... thanks Karla for the time travel vehicle...

  55. Martha Starkey

    This popped up on a Yacht Rock playlist I was listening to recently, and I got somewhat obsessed with it. Discovered that this was originally performed by Jackie Moore and released in 1978. I was able to find the ‘78 version on and now I’m obsessed with that version as well. The lyrics need updating....I can’t email it in, can’t iPhone it in, can’t message it in, even by a Facebook friend....heehee. Still a great lost classic from the pre-digital era.

    The Yacht Rock Show

    Martha Starkey you may have heard on The Yacht Rock Show playlist! If not tune in the The @YachtRockShow

  56. Georgia Smith

    Music from where I work brought me here. Liked this song when it first came out (1980s?) Personally, I still do 😀

  57. Andrew Douglass

    If you lived in Nashville from the mid-1970s to the late 1980s, then you probably remember SM-95, the FM sister to WSM-AM. This song was a staple. The station was a stunning mix by today's standards...Ambrosia, Little River Band, Linda Ronstadt, Joni Mitchell, CSN(+Y), George Benson. Oh, and Split Enz. And Gil Scott-Heron. And Phoebe Snow. And Steely Dan. And Patti Austin. And Joe Jackson. And Kim Carnes. Hell, it was a stunning mix back then.

  58. billy Hensley

    My beautiful Diana'Lynn I love you so much

  59. Anthony Robertson

    Heard this at the Mall a few days ago and thought "Wow, I totally forgot about that song."

  60. Tubebrerry

    Memo to all Baby Boomers, Gen Exers, Millens & whatever the next [email protected]#$%g generation's supposed to be called – memo to you: you can't [email protected]#$%g phone it in!

  61. Tubebrerry

    Memo to Taylor Swift: what real country looks and sounds like.

  62. Cynthia Sanchez

    This song is beautiful ❤️

  63. Bob NIZNIK

    Thanks for posting!!! Way to sing it ,Karla!!! You and the musicians are awesome!!! As good as it can get. From 1982.

  64. bnegs521

    Top 20 in August of 1982!

  65. mistofoles

    Think this was nearer 1980 than 1990.

    joey morvant

    Correct. 1982.

  66. LBMAAS

    69 Jerks took this song Personally.

  67. Terence Duffy

    Talent flocks to talent! So many great musicians with such good music. All gone now ……. such a loss …. I miss this sound .

  68. Diana Peterson

    Love this video and her she has so much class it is unreal. I wish I was that way. I could be someday.

  69. 64JBran

    What the hell is wrong with the speed on this???? Sounds like the track is warped!!

  70. Duke Togo

    Personally this is soooooo Gaaaaaaaaaaaay!🙄

  71. Bobby R. Mosley

    I absolutely love this song ☺ This song talks about getting intimate. ❤❤ 😘😘😘

  72. GR8SCOT22

    Great song, and you know it's got the 80's just makes you feel good
    ---no one cusses, no one dies, no killing, no screaming, just upbeat and enjoyable

  73. Scott Murphy

    Karla is one of the most underrated female vocalists of all time. RIP Andrew and Kenny, gone but never forgotten. You were both taken way too soon. Cancer does not discriminate, it takes young and old.

    This was from a time when woman performers dressed elegantly and showed true class in their ways of performing. Nothing like the slutty tramps of today. Are you listening Mylie Cyrus?

  74. Shanna Bol

    I love this song! I listened to it over and over a long long time ago. I can not remember the year it came out. Was it 82?

  75. Mike Daugherty

    She & this song are one of my guilty pleasures from decades ago. I had her 8 track tape in my '79 Cougar and played it full volume every time. The sound of her voice stirs me still to this day. I've NEVER really gotten over her.

  76. Jim Swenson

    This catchy song has three iterations for me - when it came out in 1982, about 15 years later when I heard it as piped music at a retail store but couldn't remember the name or singer (I searched everywhere in vain) and then, just a month ago on Pandora, and I've finally added it to my collection. Classic, fun-loving style for that era.

  77. Steve Flad

    Such a great tune that is! The 1980's and early 90's had some great tunes. Karla sure was a pretty lady wonder if she still looks as hot now as she did back the, I love this tune could play it over and over. A great love song this is. Great job Karla and crew!!!!!

  78. Erren Kelly

    you gotta love a nice jewish girl....

  79. Robert Patrick

    Drop-Dead Gorgeous

  80. Jorge Calderon

    I like it

  81. bodeswell35

    Oy vey...such a nice Jewish girl!

  82. turquoise770

    one of the most underrated songs that I always hear on the supermarket speakers

  83. Peter Zachos

    Love this tune!!  This is more 80's than you can possibly imagine. Everyone in this video likely had a 1983 Chevy Caprice Classic and a well-diversified IRA. No one is clean-shaven, including Karla. The saxophonists's axe emits no sound half the time he blows into it. I also love George Lucas on rhythm guitar; the man had hidden talents!  What I love most about Soft Rock of the early 80's is the irony of so damn many musicians layered together to create such a gentle sound.

  84. Bob Mitchell

    I remember dancing to this song in the 80s and by one drink get 2 free drinks days

  85. tongolele

    typical 80s drivel

    Haywood Ja'Blome

    tongolele STFU.....what have you written or performed?

  86. Matthew Parker

    Great singer great tune in 1982 karla bonoff better then todays music with background vocals by andrew gold allso sang background with linda ronstat classics when will i be loved

  87. Daniel Reigada

    I remember when this song came out, I was about 9 at the time. Living in Maryland we used to get WNBC AM from New York at night and I remember they used to play this song often. At the time, I thought this song was about the mail service.

  88. UnitedCorpOfAmerica

    Amazing tune!!

  89. OldeSkool1

    Nice cover of the original version by Jackie Moore.

  90. Kyle Courtnall

    is that Andrew Gold on guitar?

  91. Crystal Reed

    I have been looking for this song forever!!!! Great tune

  92. Coconut Grove Music NZ

    This is the shit man.......what's up with all the crap out there now. Bring it personally...mean!

  93. TheDimachaerus

    She was so underrated and unappreciated. Saw her twice...first time she was the undercard for Jackson Browne in Dallas, Texas in 1977.

  94. James sonhil

    George Lucas on guitar.

  95. ed low

    Ironic her biggest hit here is one she didn't write.

  96. richard jackson

    I'm bring it to ya personally!

  97. KK Bing

    I personally have always loved this song.

  98. Keith Risk

    00:16 Doug DeMuro's Dad on bass

    Del Curry

    Kenny Edwards on bass!

    Haywood Ja'Blome

    DeMuros an idiot. Needs to STFU.

  99. IntheLandofMordor

    great talents having a lot of good fun, lovely song...

  100. shelby1kenobi 73

    Work brought me here, lol, I work for CVS and I've heard this song for years. I was jamming to it the other day like "And I've got something to give YOU!" 🎶 lol had to look it up, had no clue who did it or when it was from, but I guess I should have known early eighties lite rock,lol. I was born in '81, when Toto or Cristopher Cross come on there's something I find very relaxing and soothing about those kinds of songs, a nice de-stresser