Bonoff, Karla - I Can't Hold On Lyrics

Oh baby, this time it's goodbye
And you can be sure that I won't cry
Our love is just a faded story
I'm walking down the road
And you just got to let me go

'Cause I can't hold on
I can't hold on
I can't hold on anymore

Well, what was that sweet lullaby
And were all those promises just lies
Well, I was just a fool to love you
I knew it all along
I can't look down, I know I'm falling

'Cause I can't hold on
I can't hold on
I can't hold on anymore

When you act the way that you do
I want to scream and shout
You keep on playing games
I walk around the block
And I think maybe you'll change
But just when it seems we've got it all worked out
You start naming names
I don't believe that I was the one to blame

Any maybe next time you'll cry
When someone like me says goodbye
You'll wake up when she's gone and wonder
How you could let her go
But look at me, I'm going under

'Cause I can't hold on
I can't hold on
I can't hold on anymore
I can't hold on
I can't hold on
I can't hold on anymore

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Bonoff, Karla I Can't Hold On Comments
  1. English Dulcimer

    I've loved this song for decades

  2. videonut28

    I always loved this song!

  3. Emily J

    I love her. Her music seriously reminds me of Jackson Browne, just the general mood of it. Wonder if she was a fan.

  4. Vince Moreschi

    Im so upset, leaving for Portland Tuesday, missing her in concert Sunday !!!!! Such a great talent. her band was awesome too.

  5. Shadow

    This was one of my Favorite songs of the 70s I loved the guitar in it and Karla's voice was Spot on for a song like this Amazing talent she is.

  6. baruch litwin

    Sounds like Waddy Wachtel on guitar.


    who is waddy wachtel????????

  7. fasteddie7161

    Such a great artist!

  8. Jim Harrison

    I discovered Karla in my first DJ job and have held on to that record all these years. I want to see her live and she performs somewhat locally (PA) but I have yet to make it to a show.

  9. M.G. Gallagher

    Making Linda Ronstadt look good to this day.

  10. David Bayley

    This is the song that started me off.Bonoffism

  11. Colin Sanders

    entered Billboard Feb 11, 1978 ...reached #76

  12. J. R. Hudson

    This song is so very well structured. The guitar work is impeccable and the effects perfect. Karla's voice great. A gem!

    Terrie Peterson

    I love it too. She really had a lovely voice and as you said the guitar is impeccable. My brother and son are musicians. I bet you might be one too.:)


    The great Russ Kunkel on drums does't hurt, either


    And Russ Kunkel on drums ain't so bad, either...

    Steven Beasley

    ANDREW GOLD on guitars.

    george scarlett

    With Andy Gold, and Waddy, it's hard to miss!!!!!!

  13. 織田博憲

    Good morning. Friendly tone today, thank you。
    I will spend in my heart rich day。

  14. Dick Fister

    Repeat of an earlier post: Don't know shit about music other than what moves me and what melts me. Some 30 years later, I'm still moved and melted.

  15. J W

    When i was a little kid my parents would play music when i was going to bed because it helped me fall asleep. We had this album on tape and this was my favorite song to listen to before bed. Now that i am older i look back on this song and it is still one of my favorites.

  16. John McCartney

    This totally rocks. Who played bass? Leland Sclar played with all of those guys a bunch.

  17. Keith Rialson

    Back again to say...great session work by thee best on the planet!!

  18. steelydon19

    @Tom: and Laura Nyro


    Karla is the most gifted song writer next to Carole King and Kim Carnes


    Uhh sorry buddy Karla stands next to no one she's in a class by herself

  20. Lawrence Reed

    listen to Home and if u don't like , u need shock therapy

  21. Lawrence Reed

    What ! chief ur nutty , unbelieveable

  22. Lawrence Reed

    There is a rose in the garden...

  23. centralparocker

    Fabulous song....

  24. Angie Taylor

    My niece stole this Album !! The original vinyl !! Karla Bonoff Is AWESOME !

  25. Marc Munoz

    First turned onto K.B. by my love (at the time) downtown Kathy Brown, (the other K.B.), Durango, Co. Driving the loop in my VW van & having a good time. Have never stopped caring for either.

  26. hotajax

    Timeless - too bad she didn't record more albums, 'cuz I would have bought everyone. If you ever have a chance to see her live, move heaven and earth to do it. It's a real artist at work.

    Joshua Herpolsheimer

    she will be in Austin this coming May...

    Joshua Herpolsheimer

    here is her page with events...

  27. keitheeweithee

    I love the playi'n on this... brilliant while simple.. top notch

  28. clearfish

    Andrew Gold is woefully underrated--well part of it is his fault with that "Thank You fro Being a Friend" fluff.

    But the guy played some great stuff on this album and a couple of Linda's. One of my favorites, too.

    Walter Pewen

    I agree, Andrew was a true "stud" when it came to making LP"s helping and writing, playing on everyone under the sun's records...

  29. MrPicroute

    A real nirvana !!!! Great job one more time from Andrew ... He's THE guy !

  30. bassandguitarguy

    Happy 56th Birthday to Karla, today 12-27-08 Sat. Thanks for your quality songwriting and wonderful voice!

  31. brookdalebill

    Love this song.
    The brilliant Andrew Gold on guitar and harmonies.

  32. akira818

    yes. that's right!!

  33. akira818

    Thank for your comment^^ yes,"Rose in the garden"

  34. akira818

    Thank for your comment!^^ akira

  35. akira818

    Thank you for comment^^ akira

  36. akira818

    Thank you eric!! I wanna make KB's fan more(*^-^*)/ akira