Bonobo - Transits Lyrics

You’ll never know
Only my soul
Bares the truth
Cares for you
Only my soul
And you’ll never see
Stays here with me
Overload, nothing more
Only my soul

Knew you were ready
Because you had no answers for me

Take me back to where love grows
Because I don't want to be here anymore

Take me back to where love grows
I don't want to be here anymore

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Bonobo Transits Comments
  1. Jessica Bechtel

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  2. Christopher Geiss


  3. Bearded Marshmallow

    Only two albums required for life.

    The North Borders

    Black Sands

  4. Last Man Standing

    those synths, those crisp pops and ever so slight little soft and jagged touches... and that hypnotic melody along with her beautiful voice. so brilliant!

  5. Chad Franklin

    New album next month!!!! Cant wait!

  6. MmentoMori

    to "know". what is enough? it's all a leap of faith. no regrets.

  7. Juggernaut FPV

    One of the best!! Brilliant!!

  8. Lorenzo Munoz

    This whole album is golden, give it a listen.

  9. Lukasz Naganski

    Powerful music,,,💣💨💨💨💨

  10. Maham Nadeem Bajwa

    Takes u in a new dimention

  11. phira360

    Anyone getting TOKiMONSTA vibes?

  12. Devilishbeauty Cyp

    you are too fucking much!! xxxxx

  13. tijames

    I'm gushing all over this. So good.

  14. Paul Tondera

    You are a god. Thanks for sharing, instantly bought :)

  15. Alex Ftoulis

    Bonobo is the KING

  16. Carlotta Lu

    awww much love in this!

    sharon keeble

    For YourSoul fuck off

    Last Man Standing

    sharon keeble what's your deal? why the hate?

  17. Tomas Kurmanavičius

    Love it just love it!!!

    sharon keeble

    Tomas Kurmanavičius

    sharon keeble

    who da fuck is this