Bonobo - The Plug Lyrics

Didn't mean to tell you,
But I guess you got to know.
Didn't mean to tell you
But I guess you're a part of it
Still no way from what I've got to do
Broke me down, what you did
But you were never there
But I guess you've got to know..

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Bonobo The Plug Comments
  1. The GreyJedi2112

    A favorite of mine, right up there with the silent channel

  2. Ta far i

    Chill to da Max.

  3. touch mysoul

    Is das chillig! Love it!

  4. Arem Salaatin

    Some smooth music makes me wanna sleep. Anyways, this music sounds super cool/smooth

    Arem Salaatin

    !! Happy Holidays !! By the way, 9-8 days left until Christmas 2018

  5. Işık Marangoz

    This song makes me feel like i'm flowing

  6. Miguel Ángel Dávalos Anaya

    "The Plug"

    Didn't mean to tell you,
    But I guess you got to know.
    Didn't mean to tell you
    But I guess you got to know...

    Didn't mean to tell you
    But I guess you got to know.
    Didn't mean to tell you
    But I guess you got to know.

    Stole me away from your backdoor,
    Brought me down with shame,
    But you'll never bare my name,
    But I guess you got to know...

    Didn't mean to tell you
    But I guess you got to know.
    Didn't mean to tell you
    But I guess you got to know.

  7. jeffrey mbugua

    Ahhh Bonobo with that soul bending music as per usual!!!

  8. Leonel Ortiz

    the quality is bad.


    Yes, I know. I'm sorry for that. Uploaded 10 years ago... This was the best I could do...

  9. Matteo Tedesco

    wow man this shit is great

  10. s n a z z y h a n k.

    Surrealist...sweet and low...dark and lovely...thanks for the round trip, brings tears and kisses to me...RIGHT ON FOR THE DARKNESS!!!!!

    Ancient Rose Water


  11. Tab McLain

    Tonight I was walking through a remote village in Sapa, Vietnam and this song was playing inside a shack called the Color Bar. I immediately recognized it and thought I'd come here to share with everyone how neat I thought that was.


    i know this was posted three years ago, but i love this. its so cool how music can connect people from completely different places.

    Alexander Walker

    It's always great to catch people listening to exciting music in out-of-the-way places. Some people are undeterred.

  12. dom b

    Bonobo you sexy bitch

  13. Astroboter

    Superduper! I'm digging it! :)
    You can find more songs like this one on my channel.

    All the best,


    Thank you for "the visit and invite". All the best to you, too! :)

  14. Chefreeja Tune

    Hello!! dolphinoela!! Like it!!

    Abstract Trip Hop From JAPAN.

  15. Arthr

    Really like this! :)

  16. Real hip hop is consciousness


    Tom Jacobs


    Didn't mean to tell you,
    But I guess you've got to know

    Stole me away from your backdoor
    Brought me down with shame

    But you'll never ??
    But I guess you've got to know


    it's a lot clearer if you listen to it on cd or vinyl


    Didn't mean to tell you, but I guess you got to me... Stole them away from your backdoor...Broke me down with shame.

  17. dinesh bhat

    This kind of explainable, unrealistic, mesmerizing  music should not exist on this planet.!! it is too much to take.. i don't know what to do with life anymore after listening to this.!! respects.!!

    Paul Tondera

    Well said. But it lets us learn to love life and ourselves in its imperfecction :) And this love is probably the strongest thing there is.




    awake in heaven

  18. TheSinisterPress

    I can't find my glasses. I've searched all throughout the house. I even went back to the car to look for them.
    They seem to be gone. I must find them or else I can't see.
    They are not just any glasses.  When you look through them you can see the world more clearly.
    Possibilities which have previously been invisible start to become obvious.
    I gotta get in the car. Drive down that long road through the woods until I finally arrive at the beach only like two people know about.
    I sit in the sand and stare at the horizon. When the boat is finished I shall travel that ocean and find her..

  19. Mp3

    What's the original song on 1:10 ?! That saxophone makes this song perfect.

    Bradley Pham

    I wanna know this, too. It's somewhere from my childhood and so familiar my friend and I both recognize it but can't put a finger on it.

  20. chekoblaster

    this has become an anthem for me, like I go through everyday life ..subconsciously hearing this linger into ears

  21. Manu Petibon

    although it is difficult to identify with certainty what is your favorite song, for 4 years now, this song has been mine. and it will remain for several years, if it is not for the rest of my life. bonobo is a Genius. 

    Manu Petibon

    the time you've been listening to it doesnt matter at all, im sure we are feeling the same for this song: i remember those incomprehensible tears on the first times i heard it, and i feel like still today i could cry, just by closing my eyes and singing it. this is not happiness or sorrow or anything descriptible whit words, just this is what this song makes me feel, every cell from my hair to my feet send me the message: this is the one, dude. and make cry. im not ashamed by this point, cause in my opinion this feeling is so strong n huge n imperious, it would litteraly  hurt to keep it inside when it occurs. and this feeling doesnt disappear, even after hearing more than 500 times.  and will remain the same in 500 listens more  (i guess)

  22. MissMarrocks


  23. dolphinika

    Thank you! Didn't know that...
    Very nice.

  24. dolphinika

    Ansley Dunbar - Double Lovin'

  25. Hiandbye95

    Sure, it's called Double Lovin'.

  26. Daniel Bjorndahl

    do you know the song name the lyrics are from?

  27. WeWantHxC

    Does anyone know where the violin sample is from ?

  28. MOHAMED ALI Khlifi

    you made my day XD

  29. Hiandbye95

    Wow, the samples are from the little known (but really great) blues/soul band "The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation.

    That's really cool.


    I don't think they are little known, but I agree they're good :D

  30. VPD

    you have so amazing artists in Greece similar to Bonobo (feel free to check out Mononome, Somehowart, Kill Emil, Apanemic, GDaddy, Ntlisten, Daidalosone...)

  31. Jaurus Alexander

    I can hear this song playing at the beginning of GTA 5

  32. Tania de la Combe

    Animal magic...

  33. MrCockSlut

    Ive been looking for that sick tune off that nokia advert since about 2002

  34. Sow The ARToon

    ^.^ COLD SONG ^.^

  35. CephalopodsRock

    Down tempo and trip hop

  36. Anda Z

    and this goes for all Bonobo's masterpieces :)

  37. KnifeThrowingPanda

    Bonobo style is Down-tempo, or something like that I think.

  38. BlackThoven

    Yeah, this could be considered trip-hop, but I'd say it's more downbeat electronic music. They're pretty similar, anyhow.

  39. Señor Coperfield

    an amazing piece of real art!! this is trip-hop right? or just instrumental?

  40. Poseidon's Playground

    Simply Amazing!

  41. fabinou

    Infinite eargasms

  42. kontroledkos

    I've been looking for a clean pair of socks since 2004!

  43. BLCaptainCrazy

    absolutely amazing

  44. Marios Panagiotopoulos

    Χαλαρωτικο :)

  45. dagie4a

    Come on again to Greece we need you.Your music is the best Trip

  46. Adam Thomas

    i swear this sounds a tiny bit like "the dragon-born comes" from skyrim!

  47. Doctor Dambo

    pull it

  48. John sense

    My favorite song for 4 years I have never had a favorite song longer this is it.

  49. dolphinika

    Μάλλον σπίτι, γιατί στα μαγαζιά δεν παίζουν τέτοιες μουσικές.... Χαίρομαι όμως, που υπάρχουν... κι ας δεν τους γνωρίζω :)
    Να περνάς όμορφα!

  50. nickdimoglou

    pou einai oloi autoi oi ellines pou xeroun apo tetoia mousiki?? ego giati panta
    gnorizo mono mpouzoukovious ????

  51. PaulMeadia

    Tried to reply with no words, but would not let me.
    Favourite track I think.

  52. Robert Medina

    anybody know what are the vocal samples ? from what song ? THX

  53. Tony Paul

    All the stars in this tiny universe could never compare to the love I have for you my sweet angel of light and love.....

  54. Tony Paul

    Love you Stephanie miss your beautiful face wish you were here ........

  55. Shafi Turner

    This so soothin..Good smoke backdrop.

  56. Clayton Amaru

    i can't just fucking understand, how cheap artists(if they are artist at all) like ashanti gets 21million views...and bonobo having!!!! guess, people hav really lost their taste in true music. hail bonobo.

  57. cuteycuteylala

    I recently started painting, and this is really reflaxing, inspiring music to listen to while you paint, or do any art at all. Thank you Bonobo :)

  58. HandmadeZebra

    "Haters gonna hate.Bonobo 's gonna bonate!" -Anonymous

  59. Iris M

    WOW , I can just lay down on my bed and let this track just play while thinking of how beautiful life is! Bonobo for president !

  60. Simal Yilmaz

    this is.....amazing.

  61. DubstepOverdose

    fucking hell i never had those annoying advertisements before the video started playing. suddenly they pop up at a lot of clips.. bye bye playing lists. wtf how hiddeous

  62. heart4musicality

    This song makes me want to go on a road trip, across the country.

  63. Bread is Tasty

    man, this might just be my personal favorite song of all time... So beautiful and emotional, exactly like other people said in their comments. Amazing <33

  64. 29once

    @shahmoro Yes, it is sad.

  65. dolphinika

    @smdanish2010 I'm glad it made you happy : ) Enjoy!

  66. Danish S M

    I have been searching for this since 2006. So glad finally found it!

  67. misterdeadhead

    @MrSimpleFuc right? me too.

  68. VPD

    "Didn't mean to tell you... But I guess you got to know..." Dial M for... MAGIC :)

  69. YouthOobe

    music is a better place since he showed up. respect.

  70. dolphinika

    @MrSimpleFuc : )

  71. dolphinika

    @AgnostosStratioths Ελληνίδα κιόλας : ) Thanks, aderfe!

  72. cundionfire

    @mindfish21 holy shit!

  73. whitenelly667

    @otnomnoraa the quality is overwhelmed by the awesomeness, methinks the lady doth protest too much

  74. dolphinika

    @AgnostosStratioths Να΄σαι καλά! : )

  75. MalachiteR

    @RetroSpecsify lol, beautiful, yes.

  76. multivanul

    I've named my parrot Bonobo about three years ago, out of respect for this man and what he does with sounds. I like to ride my bycicle while listening to his creations and when i do a smile comes to my face without my knoledge.
    Thank you Bonobo!

  77. Márton Petneházy

    10 years old music, but best today, best forever

  78. dryalways

    5 people are not at peace.

  79. dolphinika

    @RUDIE110 ~~~~ thank you, Rudie : ) ~~~~~~~

  80. Danni Rudie

    @dolphinoela Thank you, I also greet yours- it's definately all about tuning in.
    Once you do tune in, it brings out beauty in any situation.

  81. Danni Rudie

    @lollipops172 lollipops, keep planting your radishes

  82. holly gillam

    @RUDIE110 you are the light of my life Rudie i love your mind and soul

  83. 1993blueberry

    @vahagnzakaryan ur not alone on that... Keep ur head up n tha music playin... lifes a bitch but atleast bonobo makes it bearable. Love.

  84. curiousZ

    Going through the hardest part of my life, this is keeping me alive...... thank you Bonobo...

  85. Dat1Guy

    @RetroSpecsify yup, if you could only spell BEAUTIFUL, the we would be in agreement.

  86. misterhulk

    @freedom0is0free was right in front of the drummer for that show, words cannot begin to describe! cheers

  87. SanDiego

    @RAHdub1 So many people feel the exact same way... That's what happens when you do not follow the flock.. Bonobo is pure magic; if you are in Seattle on the 30th of Nov 2010, you should be at the Showbox.

  88. thereaper2110

    this is emotionally exquisite

  89. Patrick Bailey

    @RAHdub1 this isnt party music man. listen to this in a relaxed envrioment.

  90. dolphinika

    @RetroSpecsify true : )

  91. Rich Gaskill

    I've really gotten into this artist a lot as of late...I catch them on the Buzzoutroom every now and then, on Groove Salad too. This is one song that moves me much like it does others here commenting. BTW - Simon' new album "Black Sands" is a great find too! Check it out. ~Thank You Senor for the wonderful music!

  92. dolphinika

    @RUDIE110 You've expressed the essence of Bonobo's art so beautifully... I greet your intelligence...

  93. Danni Rudie

    Bonobo you have not only summed up my soul but refreshed my inner self as well as hundreds of beautiful human beings out there that have felt the emotions through your art. Thank you- you beautiful, intelligent person.

  94. D B

    I wish more people could appreciate this kind of stuff. This is what I want to jam to at parties.

  95. All SavvyTv

    Bonobo do us a favor. NEVER STOP MAKING MUSIC. your stuff is one of the best

  96. Aaron Alvarez

    so great! painting late at night while blasting this .... it makes me be more creative for some reason. i envy bonobo, why couldn't i come up with this ?? guess we cant have it all in this life time huh? - el bocho

  97. nmh2112

    @trimm2 i couldn't agree more