Bonobo - Pieces Lyrics

Love is in the eyes of the beholder, I
Used to keep a lighthouse lit for you
Hoping there’s a chance you would stay sober and
Find your way back home without the booze

In this deep hole of shame
I've got secrets buried
In this deep hole of shame
There is no one to call

Love is in the eyes of the beholder, I’ve
Kept the clouds at distance from the blue
Hoping there’s a chance we’d change it over
Picking up the pieces and make do

Love is in the eyes of the beholder, I
Used to keep a lighthouse lit for you
Hoping there’s a chance you would stay sober but
It’s not up to me to guide you through

We were fighting but it's over now
Picking pieces off the ground
Once so reckless but I’m older now
Picking pieces off the ground

Picking pieces
Picking pieces off the ground

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Bonobo Pieces Comments
  1. Dan

    3:45.... Beautiful

  2. Briana Augustine

    This song is actually quite sad yet, the vibe is so homey. The lovely home we make in ourselves amidst the pain 💝 I didn’t realize what was actually being said until recently and I’m happy to say my mindset on life used to be like this and is not longer 🙏

  3. Mr Pickles

    Omg, when the vocals overlay towards the end!

  4. Ashley Apollodor

    Wow ♡

  5. Jamar D

    What a beautiful voice.

  6. DaEABaller

    This song has been in my head for the last 4 years. The nostalgia it brings, never again but still memorable.

  7. Ivan Frizky

    Ay...nice song...iam here from KuruHS 😋

  8. cami_ insidebooi

    This is one of the prettiest songs I've ever heard 💚

  9. Céline Guilbert

    So beautiful !

  10. rudteko

    can i go cloud ksp and shders

  11. Julian Jażdżewski

    Parafrazując Herberta: Miejsce dla każdego dźwięku i każdy dźwięk na swoim miejscu.

  12. najil

    Make me feel so great and peaceful :)

  13. clothes2theheart

    this is too good, eye can dig it

  14. SparkleOnWithJonSpirit


  15. Csorba Norbert

    Voice merges perfectly with the song :)

  16. Misclaneous

    i think i love you :)

  17. Soviet UnionRu

    One-on-the-greatest idm artist in Europe, & Soon the world..

    Rohan Saraf

    Saw him live for more than three times.. I am his biggest fan. Bonobo..

  18. Cipa Md

    This takes me to another world , first grumpy then shinny as fuck , Bonobo , thank you for your unique music taste !


    The only people to have disliked this must have been blind and hoped they clicked like instead of dislike

  20. Eowynnz

    I'm frankly astounded by Bonobo's abilities to set a mood. Whenever I hear this track, I embark on an emotional ride, that is sure to change the way I feel. Love it.

  21. Geneva

    Such a beauty.

  22. NQPO

    Masterpiece, nuff said.

  23. iamcornelia

    Cheers for the thumbs up guys. Some of you have asked for my lyrics for ‘Pieces’ so I posted it on my iamcornelia blog today. Enjoy!

    Arnab Mukherjee

    Amazingly sung:) Few years late but better late than never!

  24. mystarmach

    Awesome, thank you

  25. Bonobo

    Yes! Shop section of the BonoboMusic website

    Rohan Saraf

    You marvelous genius!

    Rohan Saraf

    Wish you get to design a theme park someday

  26. Julie C

    keep making music bonobo ♥

  27. mystarmach

    Nice. Is there a way to download this album through your website? Australian iTunes is charging almost double the price....

  28. Sncrtc

    one of the best off the new lp

    this or ten tigers

  29. Teodor Tzvetanov


  30. metallica1987arg

    Yes, it's in the description.

  31. Derek Harrison

    It seems there are no limits to Bonobo's creativity

  32. lenarzewska


  33. Derd-i Şer

    is this song from new album

  34. Nikolai Massine

    loved it