Bonobo - No Reason Lyrics

It's beautiful, and even though
I told you so, you know
We'd face survival, we're leaving lights on
We'll move or go on somehow

Looking like soldiers waiting to drown
And I'm not around no more
And looking at people that don't make a sound
When music's around, stay warm

And we've got no rhyme or no reason now
We've got the time of our lives now

It's seasonal, nobody knows
We'll make it known somehow
Just you and me, and we can see
Small machines and sunrise

Looking like soldiers waiting to drown
And I'm not around no more
Pictures of people that don't make a sound
When music's around, stay warm

And we've got no rhyme and no reason now
We've got the time of our lives now

Pictures of people that don't make a sound
When music's around, stay warm
And we've got no rhyme and no reason now

Looking like soldiers waiting to drown
And I'm not around no more
Lookin at people that don't make a sound
When music's around, stay warm

And we've got no rhyme and no reason now
We've got the time of our lives now

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  1. Руслан

    Бомба 👍🏻💣

  2. The Aussie Waffle

    we're coming for you

  3. Jean jésus Que neni


  4. trickshotmonkey

    Still Beautiful in 2019

  5. RollingBastard900

    stari moj, koji spot a

  6. McAmber

    Awesome video ^^ 😎👍👍

  7. only1clover

    Still the best music video I have ever seen!! Much respect ❤️

  8. Tyron Andrews

    cant explained it

  9. Tyron Andrews

    i almost cryed

  10. domenico masci

    📲*00212.679.620.248* *Whatapps*📲
    ولاحـظــت💁‍♂️ كــثــيــر مـن الــكــومــنــتــات عـن تـكـبـيـر الــقــضــيــب وضــعــف الانــتــصــاب وســرعــة الـقـذف
    وأبـغـى أبـشـركـم😉 أنــي حـصـلـت عــلــى مـعـلـومـات مـفـيـدة✅ هـتـنـفـعـكـم كــثــيــر ومـجـربـهـا كـمـان ونـفـعـتـنـي🤩🥳
    تــواصــل مـعـي🙋‍♂️ وأنــا بــشــرح لــك سـر الـوصـفـة 📲*00212.679.620.248* *Whatapps*📲

  11. Alith Berndarn

    Hey there, I am an Austrian electronic music artist, who has recently released his next single called »Separate Ways«. This track is the fifth release from my debut album called Mercurial Influx and is an aural hotchpotch between Electronica and Pop Music. I tend to put Bonobo, Jamie XX and Tourist as musical references, to get an idea of the sound. It would mean the world for me, if you would check it out. Thanks 🙌

  12. Manav

    nick chursi 🚬🚬

  13. Jorma Hampshire

    Love the video and track thanks for recomending bonobo

  14. Nathan Surprenant

    So always, thank you Simon

  15. Datt Goswami

    Marking as favorite!! Great video:)

  16. shane mathew

    As a recent graduate and currently unemployed, I can relate to this video on a deep level

  17. Gajanan Bansode

    Anyone listening on 2019

  18. Patti Murphy

    This video to me symbolizes living in a secluded box..afraid to come out...just entertaining yourself to death!

  19. Pedro Alcaide

    Like si flipas con Bonobo

  20. Wayne Donaldson

    The expression "mind blown" gets thrown around a lot, but sometimes no other expression would be enough. This is awesome, amazing and brilliant.

  21. Ahmet Emin Masar


  22. Game Banger

    Just had an eargasm.... Thank you ☺️

  23. soundria

    Pretty trippy ;)

  24. Roosevelt Coopling

    2019 - stay warm.

  25. TWICHA

    Geez this cock roach had a bad day

  26. Aditya Gaikwad

    for some reason this video makes me cry. I don't know why i think so much of Hikikomori. But thanks for letting my emotion out by making such a nice video.

  27. Tuấn Nguyễn

    did he just changed the music???

  28. Georgia V.


  29. WinterGirl

    Most philosophical music video ever.


    I love Japan

  31. Daniel van Levan

    NICE!!! Foda!!!

  32. Marie-Claude Blouin

    well that was trippy :)

  33. Anna Soares Official

    This feeds my soul and senses <3

  34. Ronald Dick

    das lied is dope, das video is kränk

  35. akico maluyama


  36. jacob bell

    is that him chasing for his life back at the end

  37. StormDoesGaming

    what did i ingest before this video?

  38. djkollage

    Feeling heavy Junji Ito horror vibes from this video. Always interesting to see the artists intention of a song, that does not always come out with just listening to the song.

  39. kimyy1019


  40. Morenete Corp

    Szymon zaparty I see you

  41. Eos Music

    this is the best music video ever

  42. Victor L. Marentes

    Like si vienes por la buena música.

  43. Albert Ochoa

    This would probably make some sense.. on acid

  44. CL Audio

    This is sick and sad. As I need.

  45. 潜沈


  46. Artem Smirnov

    Is this somehow related to Tatami Galaxy?

  47. eagle boy

    Burn in hell thumb down people

  48. YoNoSoyTuPadre 007

    Laik si te gusto el vidio

  49. kun siesta


  50. Dulce Gacha

    Yo vengo por un poco de todo like si tu tambien

  51. Ivana Nikolić

    Just have to love this one forever! <3

  52. Roosevelt Coopling

    The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser - Wikipedia

  53. tsuino

    Hey. I am glad about everybody who listens my song 'Changes' on my Yt-Channel. (: thanks <3

  54. serpil sahin

    Is this "the tatami galaxy" anime? :)

  55. Nik Murphy

    Lies. I don't see myself featured anywhere in this video!

    Francisco Frione

    Nik Murphy

    Awkward, dude.

  56. Umid Abduvokhidov

    awesome editing skills

    Francisco Frione

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    Eh venixo por Un Poco De Todo Bv

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    Alguien viene por Sara?

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    luv it!! Thanks!!

    Francisco Frione

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    Y por eso mis niños es que Japón es el país mas desarrollado del mundo :)

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    Erideas no xdd

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    music Talks.

  87. Jules

    original and interesting video

  88. Dee

    Listened to this on our deserted beach in Cornwall, at sunset .... OH MY GOODNESS, a little bit of heaven.

  89. Esa Prasetia

    what the technique on video ?

  90. Entraya Crosshill

    a small house indeed

  91. richarizla

    Bonobo simply sounds amazing. Pure magic for the ears.

    I am a huge fan of his music, and he is a big influence on my style of song writing. If you guys want to hear it, just visit my channel where I have uploaded my first song. Thanks in advance !

  92. Maroš V.

    Can't believe I'll be seeing both Bonobo and Nick Murphy FKA Chet Faker live at Sziget festival!
    Who's coming? <3

  93. Tsavorite Prince

    I think this is about the problem of hikikomoris in Japan.

  94. DK. AFRIKA


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    That video is... wow