Bonobo - Heaven For The Sinner Lyrics

We don’t need no truth, got planted now
It grows on trees
I don’t let it or 8 side loose
There’s no saint and there’s no sinner
Done more dirt than these
I know that we can do more right that these
I need to find a paradise for me

We just ask about
God is ready, but you don’t wanna
No one tell me, heaven’s waiting
For the sinner, God is ready
When you're ready

When we want it
We just ask it
God is ready, when you're ready
But you don't want it
God is ready, soon they tell me
Heaven's waiting
For the sinner, God is ready

Someone tell me, heaven's waiting
For the sinner, God is ready
When it
Shine, shine

Heaven's waiting, for the sinner
God is ready, when you're ready

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Bonobo Heaven For The Sinner Comments
  1. Tshepo Lekote

    My goodness

  2. Mixtape Mogulz

    Still vibing to this in 2019 <3

  3. HeilCthulhu

    Words can’t express. One of those rare things that makes you happy you lived another day, another moment, to experience this short but ultimately timeless piece.

  4. tshepilicious nyerere

    who's here in 2019 😜

  5. Nelisa Badu

    An opium of the soul.

  6. flying pancake

    🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 grateful

  7. Casey Paige

    One of the most beautiful songs I heard by her

  8. boombapboom

    I love finding music I’ve never heard before that’s been out for awhile. Just heard this song 5mins ago for the first time.

  9. Birdy B.

    As if Erykah couldn’t do any better, she goes and pulls a collab with Bonobo 😍

  10. Ruairi Mc Cann

    who else is dancing with their mates naked and holding each others cocks like a heard of elephants ?

  11. EyesLikeBlues

    One more Erykah Badu collaboration that I didn't know existed. Spiritual bliss!

  12. LizaRiabinina

    Featuring this song !


  13. Phindile Phindile

    getting high to this song is death, you'll feel your soul leave your body i tell ya


    Phindile Phindile on that kundalini!

    Kristifer Sanderson

    Phindile Phindile doing it right now.. it becomes a ritual!! 😍♡

    Troy Vincent

    I never would’ve thought to do this.


    I got one better. Stand on a rooftop of the highest building and jump. Tell me how the experience was ;)

    My name is Awakhe

    I use to... everyday.

  14. Nicholas Eady


  15. Mihlali Namba

    Nuffy Vibes if you know ,you know

  16. Rebecca Kekana

    Still one of my favourite songs

  17. Kévin Hernot

    That little harp sample is perfect.

  18. ummm ummm

    Time signature is crazy

    Andrea Vettor

    +LYLI j I think it's actually 3/4


    +LYLI j maybe u r a MUSIC THEORY PERSON but u need to learn counting


    +Cthulhu, King of Lunacy im pretty sure it's a 3/4


    learn the 3-4 polyrhythm, noobs


    it's just 3/4 ; there are no polyrhythms in this track as far as I can tell. 3/4 and 4/4 will inevitably intersect at their inverse (3/4 in 4 bars & 4/4 in 3 bars), yet every conceivable voicing is adhering to 3/4.

  19. jeffrey mbugua

    What's happening to my eyes

  20. fddjdmjm

    God is waiting

  21. Zintle Gq

    My friend brought me here. Thanks NdeeCee..I'm loving this jam. One of my favs

  22. Kevs Stream

    Badu and Bonobo my Heaven soundtrack 

  23. David Stahl

    Bonobo with Erykah Badu...You really Got Me

  24. Małgosia M

    Taaaaak, bardzo ładne!!

  25. Dirk Diggler

    Complete ripoff of Flying Lotus. Check out his tracks "Tea Leaf Dancers" and "Roberta Flack", among others. Shameless.


    I've heard Tea Leaf Dancers and this sounds nothing like it..


    Same for RobertaFlack


    @Dirk Diggler musicians don't "rip off" others' music

    Bria Lyn

    Get the message of the song. Show love. Feel the good and the bad. Don't spread your hatred on such beautiful works of art.

  26. Tyler Lydell

    mmm... dat 3/4

  27. shreknos

    What a tune. No words for the beauty of this song :)

  28. Siphiwe Ellen

    stuck on replay!! what a track but what to expect from Bonobo and Erykah? they never disappoint.

    Buyisiwe Princess Shabangu


    Joe Ngoma

    SPOT ON!!!

  29. Matthew Young

    So good.

  30. A Ellis

    Love this song. 

  31. wolfthing

    This song is just so ahhh

  32. brknomo

    Good Music

  33. ire

    this is perfection

  34. Ezbz

    Dude this is amazing! I love Erykah Badu and this is one of the best collaborations I have heard with her so far! 

  35. Teboho Moloi


  36. hai bo


  37. Isaac Galvez


  38. Ines Affes

    j'arrive plus a savoir a quel moment de la chanson ma téte commence a réaliser la force de l'émotion dégager de ce son

  39. Bad Cosmonaut

    Only Simon Green would have known this shit sounds good together.

  40. Tom Brunyee

    keeps switching between that and 4/4

  41. Mayisha King

    Yo, lyrics Are super deep, definetely a real point to make. Love this pair so much!

  42. Looorits

    too good

  43. Андрей Полищук

    Что за хуйня ??

  44. brain train

    Love this sOng!

  45. Louis Fulford

    I guess he doesn't know what Tempo means :)

  46. Sam Bo

    Interesting approach there fella. You've probably just alienated yourself from most people who will read that comment.

  47. Sam Bo

    Around 100 bpm. Crazy?

  48. Diskotraxxxxx

    love me some erykah

  49. Ninja Tune

    In need of a soundtrack to this perfect summer season?

    Bonobo's album 'The North Borders' is now just £5.99 in MP3! Grab your copy here -

    Bozhidar Serbezov

    I listen it before this post in soundcloud and when see it in google + reshared. I like bonobo and badu too

    Angela Jeudi

    What the heck is that !?!

    Ninja Tune

    @Bozhidar Serbezov Thanks for re-sharing! Check out the Bonobo playlist for more -

    Bozhidar Serbezov

    I thank you too for special attention to me. I hope we will be friends with you

  50. Prymer55

    I can't believe I've went this long without knowing Bonobo. I feel like I've missed out on an entire life, that I have so much catching up to do. It's going to be a long night...

  51. Kwayne Bryant

    They need to do more collaborations!

  52. james morson

    oh Bliss!

  53. ExtraordinaryProg

    right after another 9 older Bonobo tunes? :D

  54. ExtraordinaryProg

    my favourite from this album...followed by Sapphire

  55. sam norrish

    Yeah mateenj42 get fucked

  56. Brett Scott

    This is the best sing I have ever heard.

  57. Breezewax

    Highlight of the album for me. Great collaboration.

  58. HSA

    Best Song of 2013!

  59. Gabriel Boreal

    bonobo and erykah badu : perfect blend .:.

  60. Rachel T

    Beautiful....This song always makes me feel so mesmerised and inspired <3 fricken awesome collaboration!

  61. Khama B

    So chilled, love this.

  62. Akbar

    First Fires EP out

  63. sharon

    Love this song :)

  64. mokbrute

    What are you even talking about? I expressed a personal opinion about the problems i find with this specific track, i have no idea why you've taken it so badly.

  65. ana maria paz matilde

    bom de masssssssssssss

  66. Justo Ontario

    so beautiful

  67. sagisgems

    Erykah Badu

  68. hexsplows

    damn this is sick

  69. Steep

    My favorite song off the North Borders

  70. Jakobe Daniels

    Incredible Sound

  71. E. BB

    The first 10 seconds of this song are just it. Bonobo gets it.

  72. belinda43in1

    Erykah Badu

  73. Papa Neeto

    It kind of looks like a bearpigman.

  74. Phaser Rave

    No, it's clearly some sort of pigbearman!

  75. JCTV

    reminds me slightly of Waajeed's - Reconstruct

  76. maurrie1

    Right!?!? lmao

  77. reedskt

    why is this just such a fit song..

  78. Thomas D

    if you gaze closely you can see the image of a manpig with an afro!

  79. shootsbraw

    Bajka ?

  80. Pekola205

    Obvious troll :D

  81. euan mclean

    bonobo is my favourite singer

  82. Tom Brunyee

    Or buy the 2LP set...

  83. LoadedButters

    Omg the picture is a deer or moose and were seeing the reflection of it standing there!

  84. jwp30

    Erykah and Mr Green need to get together more often. A match made in musical heaven. Bought the album today, I love Bonobo!

  85. Twon42

    Didnt even kno the new album was out yet...time to hit

  86. TibetanYouthmusic

    Ninja tune distributes for Brainfeefer :)

  87. dankvibez zz

    amazing track. so stoked that brainfeeder and ninja tunes are having collabs, flawless.

  88. Nicole Jones

    Love it!!!!

  89. Stefan Friesen

    No that's actually the opposite of they said, silly goose

  90. Nicole Jones


  91. sweetsunshiine27


  92. Manny