Bonobo - First Fires Lyrics

How do you see it?
The dreams gone
Faded fires, moving on
Why do you need it?
The waves come
Over you, to undertow

Honestly I can’t believe it’s burning again
Like the first fire
Run from the fences, you don’t have to pretend
In the first fire

And if you can find it, don’t let go
Hold it tight, keep it close
Don’t even fight it, the leaves fall
Over me, for every blow

Honestly, I can’t believe it’s burning again
Like the first fires
Run from fences, you don’t have to pretend
First fires

And all the memories are calling my name
For the first fire
Honestly, I can’t believe it’s burning again
Like the first fires

Like the first fires

Honestly, I can’t believe it’s burning again
Honestly, I can’t believe it’s burning again
Like the first fires

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Bonobo First Fires Comments
  1. HausOfKimber

    Anyone else ending 2019 revisiting this song?

    Daniel Chudecki

    You're not the only one 😉

  2. Chris Nye

    Bonobo's music changes lives

  3. Marco Merlini

    Ashen one...

  4. Геннадий Н

    Please,start youtube online tanslation of your radio .

  5. Josue Gonzalez

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  6. Tornik

    It's been so long

  7. Júlio Barboza Chiquetto

    Right now, there are people all over the world who are just like you. They're either lonely, they're missing somebody, they're depressed, they're hurt, they're scarred from the past, they're having personal issues no one knows about, they have secrets you wouldn't believe. They wish, they dream and they hope. And right now, they are sitting there reading these words, and I'm writing this for you so you don't feel alone anymore. Always remember, don't be depressed about the past, don't worry about the future, and just focus on today. If today's not so great don't worry! Tomorrow's a new chance. If you are reading this, be sure to share this around to make others to feel better. Have a nice day. :)

  8. JDimitrius433

    if you have to loosen her up with alcohol, chances are it won't last in the long run

  9. Umur

    "Honestly, I can't believe it's burning again."

  10. Mr fariD

    Now do you see it, the dream is gone
    Fatal fire, moving on
    Why do you need it in the ways to come
    Over you, the undertone

    Honestly, I can't believe it's burning again
    Like the first fires
    Run from fences, you don't have to pretend
    First fires

    And if you find it don't let go
    For a time keep it going
    Don't even fight it, the leaves fall
    Over me, this heavy load

    Honestly, I can't believe it's burning again
    Like the first fires
    Run from fences, you don't have to pretend
    In the first fires

    And all your memories are caught in the burn
    For the first fires
    Honestly, I can't believe it's burning again
    Like the first fires

    Like the first fires

    Honestly, I can't believe it's burning again
    Honestly, I can't believe it's burning again
    Like the first fires

  11. a s

    thaldrinden gelenler sa

  12. Galip K

    Thaldrin berkeden gelenler +1 😂

  13. Mr.0ther

    Чужестранка... Outlander

  14. Rina Sada

    C'est très beau. It is beautiful.

  15. joonie

    Teen Wolf

  16. rasty1208

    Слышал и слушаю эту песню давно, но клип только посмотрел. И скорее всего я его уже пересматриваю какой то раз, этот клип напоминает мне мои моменты из жизни. Моменты никому не известные, но важные мне...

  17. James Brett

    "like a first fart"

  18. El Nova

    you are the best

  19. Clarinha do Pop

    teen wolf T03 E16.

  20. goodnightmoonoo

    I thought It was Fink

  21. Bjorn B.

    Just one painful word torments my heart whenever I listen to this... it is your name, kulta.

  22. corinne simoncini

    Merveilleux, tellement prenant !

  23. Literal Orchestra

    Can someone please explain to me the lyrics of this song?

  24. Gregorio Koman

    Das Lied ist super schön. Es wurde Klasse gemacht. Mein RESPEKT!!! Deutschland Paderborn

  25. Rafael Alavez

    Para mi bebé Danae

  26. DoranArtMedia

    I'm holding the vinyl at a store right now, checking out the sounds on here,....yup, its a buy

  27. Nes Kee

    And now she’s back in the clubs? You should’ve went MGTOW bro

  28. Joana Queirós

    My babies are sleeping and im feeling lots of love in the house

  29. Nordine Araba

    It's telling a story of a couple that lost the fire and passion of lovely one another in a world full of emptiness and lonelier than ever and how modern life force us to give up our dreams so we could be citizens...

  30. Dani Downwind

    Marian Crampe pole dancing video brought me here..

  31. stuffedmemories

    This song makes me miss go into the dreams of some kind of world.

  32. JonathanTaf1994


  33. anon

    1:54 Reeps One's artwork? Please tell me I'm not the only one who recognises this.

  34. Vincenzo di Grande

    3:42 it always creates a lump in my throat there. The violin play in this song is just SO AWESOME!!

  35. JDimitrius433

    one of my favs

  36. Pedozzi

    what does this song mean to you?

  37. Doniel Richardson

  38. cami_ insidebooi

    This song is incredibly special for me. A long story in short, I was doing a voluntary charity in the rural South Africa. I would listen to this song running in the mountains before anyone was awake and sometimes in crazy conditions like rain and snow. But somehow I could listen to this song breathing in that mountain air and push on. One morning a deer ran full blown across my path nearly hitting me, but this song reminds of one same moment I had for many months. The feeling of isolation while I was running. Up to the halfway where I normally stretched. At this point the sun would just be peaking over the horizon for the morning. I could fall, something could attack me, (yes that rural) and the worst part would be no one would be able to help me, let alone find me. I have never felt so alone, but in that moment, together with this and and with an absolutely gorgeous view, I was alive. 😌 I come back here from time to time, to remember that feeling. Cheers I hope you enjoyed my story x

    El Búho Mazamitla

    ¡Great story!

    Kef Bana

    cami_ insidebooi WoW you expressed your nostalgia quite distinctly. Excellent. It was like I lived your experience. Transcendental.

    Loamy Chica Pincay

    cami_ insidebooi sometimes there's no better feeling than solitude

  39. Tribe of Judah

    Amazing song!

  40. MB 2112

    a true masterpiece

  41. steven-cody Amos

    Great music but the real banobo is @NightBlue3

  42. Anonymous

    That's the lovely Catriona Balfe, the Irish Actress/model of Outlander fame


    Those 120 people have no taste in music

  44. roulaki0636

    Προσέχετε τους αληθινούς ανθρώπους που νοιάζονται πραγματικά για εσάς...μήν τους χάσετε...και εάν τους χάσετε απο δικο σας φταίξιμο... μια φορά θα σας αναζητήσουν.....μια συγνώμη,επιβάλεται και όλα διορθώνονται!!!

    Goran Sisimovic

    roulaki0636 με μια συγνώμη δεν λύθηκε ποτέ και τίποτα


    Εαν υπαρχει ειλικρινεια,αγαπη κ σεβασμος κ απο τους δυο ολα διορθώνονται.Κ για να ερθει κ η συγνωμη...πρεπει να γινει κ ο αναλογος διαλογος. Stadaraki!

  45. Jalen Duffie

    The violin in this song reminds me of all my life by k-ci and jojo

  46. Supafly Whiteguy

    One night I got really high off edibles and I watched this video at least 25 times trying to understand it.

    Teuta Bajrami

    do you understand it now?

    the nucas

    the video doesn't jibe with my interpretation of its lyrics personally. just looks like a relationship self-destructing, i always got the opposite feel from the song.

  47. mottapd

    que clipe triste da porra ;(

  48. DontEatTheChips

    triphop is missing you bro

  49. Manav

    who's the director of this masterpiece?

    Daniil Lavrovski

  50. Giulia Stocchi

    This song makes me miss things I've never even experienced

    Bryan B

    Why are you fucking censoring yourself? You got one life. You want to say fuck? Say fuck.

    NoB FaYdOr

    Giulia Stocchi I feel you friend

    Daniele Voci


    Csaba Lőcsey

    Same here.

  51. Vic Barrett

    One of the best music videos I've ever seen. Maybe the best and definitely my favourite. Totally a short film in its own right and a complete melodrama in the purest sense of the word. Still, works perfectly well without the music, as the emotions that drive the story get perfectly conveyed by its gorgeous cinematography and by its visual language. I'd go as far as to call it a masterpiece. I hope we get to see more work by Young Replicant (director/cinematographer) in the future.

    TD H

    cinematographer is chayse irvin


    Hey buddy, have a look at this vid. This clip and the linked are the best music clips I've ever seen.

  52. CaioN8B

    Meu peito queima e eu necessito de um abraço quando ouço essa musica...

  53. Edward Nicholls

    This song will always remain beautiful

    Zaynab Seedat

    We are ugly but we have the music! x :)))

  54. Dan Galarza


    Now I want to make babies.

  55. Clémo LR

    Caitriona Balfe brought me here, and I'm so glad about it

  56. Official Luster & Light

    This song takes me...
    I play it just when I am working... and taking care of things I need to do...
    There something "in there"... about this song... does anyone else feel this...

    Sebastian Kadai

    fell this mate and i can`t `stop...:)

    Official Luster & Light

    I am glad someone else is where i am... Where are you from... We should chat sometimes... and please also check out Kwabs "Forgiven" - Jarryd James" "Do you Remember"...Svrcina "Meet Me On the Battlefield"... these are on my play list.... peace my dear brother in music...Sal

    Fabian V. F.

    I exactly feel the same "thing".
    This song catches me every time. So damn beautiful

    Ola N

    Yeah, i think it"s this chello. Love the song, love the video

  57. Official Luster & Light

    Now do you see it, the dream is gone
    Fatal fire, moving on
    Why do you need it in the ways to come
    Over you, the undertone

    Honestly, I can't believe it's burning again
    Like the first fires
    Run from fences, you don't have to pretend
    First fires

    And if you find it don't let go
    For a time keep it going
    Don't even fight it, the leaves fall
    Over me, this heavy load

    Honestly, I can't believe it's burning again
    Like the first fires
    Run from fences, you don't have to pretend
    In the first fires

    And all your memories are caught in the burn
    For the first fires
    Honestly, I can't believe it's burning again
    Like the first fires

    Like the first fires

    Honestly, I can't believe it's burning again
    Honestly, I can't believe it's burning again
    Like the first fires

    Denzell Of Light

    Wrong lyrics.

  58. Anni Alegre

    2:20 WTF?

  59. Claudine Woods

    leftlondonleft antsraslandsclaudinewoodswooqass

  60. cupofjoe3x

    If they ever remake Fahrenheit 451, this belongs in it.

  61. Hideo Kuze

    Here because of "MelodySheep's" video: Our Story! Fckin' beautiful!!

  62. Deadlift Dre

    This singer sounds like Snow Patrol

  63. Alonso Reyes

    Teen wolf brought me hear


    +Alonso Reyes shit. This song was used in teen wolf? That's a shame...


    what about see?

  64. Whatsinmypocket


  65. Russell Covey

    This song caught me off guard. It isn't similar to the Bonobo I became entranced with a while back and typically I listen to artists like this when I am reading or writing because there are no vocals to distract me, but this song is THE JAM.

  66. Kai Schoos

    Like the first fart...

  67. TallyVanWyngarden

    i loved this song from the first moment i heard it...but when you see this video it grows on you, perfection

    Mcbiggen DTA Chillie

    +TallyVanWyngarden I already was thinking this in my head as i decided to go for a 2-4 am stroll with my headphones a bottle of jd and a cigarette

    Joshua Hixon

    Yeah, this song and video together are evidence for why I prefer EDM's take on R&B to mainstream R&B or Rap; references to intimacy and sex are way subtler and preserve a bit of the enchantment of love and relationships.

    The lyrics don't contain a single expletive, nor does the video contain scenes geared blatantly towards titillation. A few frames of the couple kissing and the removal of a couple articles of clothing next to, presumably, the titular "first fire" suffice to effectively convey themes and subject matter that are now conventionally communicated via excessive profanity, nearly total nudity and overtly sexual dancing and gyrating.

    The addition of the popular digital, EDM sound used in the mainstream to smart lyrics and filmmaking, in my opinion, constitutes a tasteful yet powerful treatment of the subject of passion and desire.


    +Joshua Hixon yup

  68. Osado

    RIP Nujabes


    +Chris Martin my thoughts exactly

    Nick Lacey

    +Osado Pawwah you really don't like this singer? I think he's fantastic


    @Nick Lacey So far im not digging any of Bonobos collabs

    Eme Te

    You should check out Nomak, his style is more akin to Nujabes. Uyama Hiroto is also very good.


    Yeah im a huge fan of Uyama. Ive listened to a couple of Nomak tracks before, but never really made some effort into listening to more of his stuff. I need to that ASAP.

  69. Christy Gatto

    Lovely featuring the beautiful Caitriona Balfe!

  70. Mikołaj Drozdowski

    To jest piękne :D

  71. Jehanam

    This sounds so similiar to the Arcanum soundtrack from back in the day. Its creepy.

    the nucas

    I see where you're coming from. the weird percussion?


    Starting from 3:03... with the violin. Got some serious nostalgia

  72. Alejandro Nicolez

    Can someone please tell me, in a typical electronic based music production setup like you tend to see Bonobo utilize in the studio, those strings, does he program them in midi and pay musicians, does he program them from really good sounding sample sets (if so which) or are they sampled (if this answer then where the hell do people find such suitable and clean samples? I usually sample strings if I'm then going to build a track around them, it's not like you can just lift any sample and pitch shift it to fit your project). Do I need to try and learn the bastarding violin?

    Tfunk Adelic

    @Alejandro Nicolez I believe at his stage of career there's access to extremely high level production samples and, if necessary, he knows plenty of musicians who would provide the arrangements needed for his compositions. I know that for a large number of songs off his latest albums there's live recordings of actual musicians involved intermixed with the sampling. He isn't playing all the string arrangements himself or anything.

    Alejandro Nicolez

    @Tfunk Adelic I knew this, of course. At the same time it was the answer I didn't want. 

    Alejandro Nicolez

    @***** I will look into that. Thanks for the recommendation. 

    Vladislav Ivanov

    +Alejandro Nicolez As far as I know, he is trained in classical music.

  73. Chase Hansle

    I'm here because I have a good taste in music :)


    That's what everyone thinks


    presumptuous / phony


    True hero


    There is no good or bad music taste, people like and dislike different things.

    Bruno Lira

    I can't confirm, but you seem to enjoy that good song or want cookies. :D

  74. Krystian Jagielski

    Amazing .....

  75. CrAzYhOtStUfF24

    jack if you find this, i listen to this because it reminds me of you

    CA VC


    Adam Killam

    +Russian Man BAHA


    Cruel Angel, are you still alive? If so, then the Taliban clearly failed do it's job properly...

    Fr4ctl _cm

    That's sweet

    Denzell Of Light

    Why me? I sound nothing like this m

  76. choodooloo8

    I'm so glad I stumbled upon this. This is amazing.

  77. Nina Christin

    Like the first fires I had my first kiss on this song...

    " first fires " <3

  78. elías orozco

    Master piece!  Come to Mexico soon!

  79. Sean Crowley

    This is my favorite Bonobo song.  It's a long story, but in a way it helped me give up smoking! 

    Sean Crowley

    +Alex Pimentel Well, in a nutshell, when I stopped smoking after 22 years, music seemed to sound better and there were certain tracks that I listened to over and over while at work and this was one. I was happier to stay at my desk listening to music than go out to smoke. "Disclosure - Help Me Loose My Mind" was another. I can't explain why that is and it still happens. 2 years later and I'm still a non-smoker! :)

    Sébastien DAVID

    Sean Crowley

    Xiao Hei. we are all equal

    Good for you buddy. Good luck.

    NoB FaYdOr

    Sean Crowley same here I'm quitting weed over it

  80. Yoyen Yoyen

    Well, to be honest Caitriona Balfe got me her but it's a really, really great song!

  81. Nubian Women's Wellness

    Who is the male actor? I died and went to man heaven 

  82. mrpepre

    this is so saaaad! love it

  83. 112NHN

    Just.... Wow...

  84. J M

    Caitriona <3

  85. SomeQuietChaos

    Is that lass Claire Beecham??

    Blah Blah

    SomeQuietChaos I think it's the same actress that's in the new Kerala video. A piece of genius in its own right.

  86. Kaummusic

    over the top as always

  87. Javi LonelyWolf

    lol sounds exactly like Chet Faker.

  88. etienne ROUSSAS

    GENIUS !!! For the melody but for the video too <3

  89. Gabriella Michail

    i feel my body moving without moving it myself....amazing...

  90. Paulina Zofia

    It sounds a little bit like Nicolas Jaar but with vocal ;)

  91. Valeen JB

    Thanks Teen Wolf <3


    What does this have to do with Teen Wolf?

  92. Laurent Vergé

    Perfect !

  93. Santana D

    Just noticed the chick in it is Claire, from Outlander....

  94. D A I L Y M O C H I

    Like a first fart?