Bonobo - Eyesdown Lyrics

Hands up
I got my eyes facing down 

I'll show you where my tears come down
Slowly down

Hands up
I got my eyes facing down
I shudder when my tears come down 

So slow down
So slow down

Suddenly my tears come down

Slowly down

Hands up 
I got my eyes facing down
I'll show you where my tears come down 

Slowly down
So slowly down

Hands up 
I got my eyes facing down
'll show you where my tears come down
Slowly down

Hands up 
I got my eyes facing down 

I shudder when my tears come down 

So slowly down

So slow down

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Bonobo Eyesdown Comments
  1. Marie Brown

    Sexy and mesmerizing.

  2. veladelavida

    I feel like the clouds are moving.

  3. John Metalsmith

    Why do I like this so much?

  4. Amit Singh


  5. Spartangirl 2020

    Music + vocals. Perfection.

  6. 1987kreid

    This song reminds me of all the memories I’ve had in the summer

  7. Wanele Dlamini

    Everyday feels🔥

  8. carl marx simons

    Still here in 2019 God dammit

  9. Balázs Beherovszki

    2019 ❤️

  10. thomasonson

    all youtube autoplays somehow end up here :D ..or with Kiasmos


    Sinto como estivesse sendo abraçado toda vez que escuto essa melodia sozinho... No escuro do meu quarto e nas ondas de memorias nostálgicas.

    Saudade . ..

  12. Dad

    When the word epic can't even be used to describe something like this. Just shut up and listen.

  13. Nikolay Vlzhn


  14. Rakesha Hu

    Love this track

  15. Duss Jean Claude


  16. Elisa Bellini

    Grazie per la tua musica

  17. PeanutButterC

    Does anyone recognise the bass line from somewhere ? I'm sure i heard it a few years back and it's driving me crazy !!
    Thanks =)

  18. The Black Knight

    Yes. Thank you lord

  19. tragic life

    Late to the party but loving this ,a new artist for my playlist, cool

  20. Dante Duvyan


  21. Justina

    I DJd once for a party and used this song not the easiest to mix because of the 1/2 time down beat but it's. Such a great song I HAD to use it. Turned out great.

  22. Yash Hegde

    Do we got to be negative

  23. PETRA M.


  24. TheOnlyPLatinum


  25. JuS_Fx 727

    One of my favorites to ride too, aka (snowboarding), in the trees, on a day after a snowy evening. Sunshine+music+nature...makes you appreciate life!!

  26. shesokey

    again and again

  27. Sam Cooley

    Never forget the times I first heard this: riding a bicycle in Mandalay Myanmar buying Hpakant jade , and a month later in bustling Hong Kong

  28. Krister Timusk

    i feel a cheeky Sasha - Wavy Gravy vibe. killer track

  29. Kevin Cromer

    Bonobo makes me feel some type of way. Worldly, reflective, at peace, in a state of deep calm and balance.

  30. Arjun choudhary


  31. Fuad Bhegani

    She's into you!

  32. Carlos Alegría


  33. Mike //

    This track is absolutely amazing!

  34. Jack F

    pullin into an ampitheatre in salt lake rite this second,,,, hope this is even better live in person!

  35. DA SNAPP

    Starts out anazing but the ending ruins the song. Just hasn't aged well and sounds like someone taking a shit

  36. Margherita Napoli

    whm5609 you r right! a breath of fresh air!

  37. Dom Burns

    Bono sure has come a long way from U2


    Anjuna deep yessssss

  39. Serge Catom

    help somebody !!! need the Acapella of this track ! where can i buy it ?

  40. Sergé Catom

    Can somebody help me to finde the Acapella ?

  41. funkay1

    Instantly fell in love with this track ❤️❤️❤️

  42. Darryl Scott

    Feelin’ this so much👍🏽

  43. ivan costa

    Hands up..
    I got my eyes facing down

  44. Naira Castrillo

    The national

  45. Óskar Jónsson

    Time and time again,i find myself here.What a f..seriously nice place to be :)

  46. beguncic77


  47. Ęmoussę

    absolute bliss.

  48. Jonathan Thompson

    Deep has meaning in music

  49. John Wolever

    Feels like spinning. It's so warm.

  50. callmexfabz

    i like to listen to this when im really drunk

    stoked tourist

    callmexfabz I like to listen while really high!

    Josh Andrews

    Why not both???

    Leah Krokowski

    I like to listen to it when I’m really sober.

  51. Vincenzo di Grande

    Monumental quality music, really stunning!

  52. Nick Kohlmann

    This is a masterpiece of pure perfection. Every part matches perfectly well, creating an individual sound I could listen to for ages.

  53. theritchie971

    Bonobo, you are great !

  54. stoked tourist

    This song makes me wish I lived on the beach.

  55. Ito Ito No Mi

    I love this cover art and song so much. The vibe is amazing

  56. Kyladio 93

    such beauty thank you

  57. Cy Arte


  58. Jerry N

    I loved these two together.

  59. Cheshire S

    Ugh never get tired of Bonobo. I can't dance worth jack.. but this music makes me have no care 💞

  60. Parallax

    that drum beat reminds me of early stages of burial`s 2-step... anyone agrees?

    Jamie Clarke

    Yeah. Except, of course, that Bonobo isn't a one-trick pony like Burial.

    Bartosz Filipek

    @Jamie Clarke wow, slow down there, boy. Have you listened to burial at all?

    Jamie Clarke

    Bartosz Filipek Of course I have.

  61. Salah Sadeeq

    The whole album is just as beautiful. Bonobo never disappoints!

  62. W. T. O.

    Damn this was just awesome and so beautiful. The best part of it is, a very beautiful woman I have a deep and secret crush on sent this to me to listen to it and enjoy. :-)

    John Penserate

    mabey you should "eyes down" on her :D

    Preston Keith

    Pursue her gently my friend.

    James Brown


    Uriel Gutierrez

    I hope you moved in for the kill, Tiger.

  63. miguel sanchez

    What genre are we listening too, it has captured my attention from galaxies away.


    +miguel sanchez trip-hop

    E. D.

    Sometimes referred to as "downtempo" also, but I'd usually call it trip hop.

    W. T. O.

    +miguel sanchez
    Google has him listed as the following:
    Genres: Electronica, Trip hop, Acid jazz, Chillwave, Downtempo, Nu jazz

  64. Rishi Kochhar

    Hands up 
    I got my eyes facing down 

    I'll show you where my tears come down 
    Slowly down

    Hands up 
    I got my eyes facing down 
    I shudder when my tears come down 

    So slow down
    So slow down

    Suddenly my tears come down

    Slowly down

    Hands up 
I got my eyes facing down 
    I'll show you where my tears come down 

    Slowly down
    So slowly down

    Hands up 
I got my eyes facing down 
'll show you where my tears come down 
    Slowly down

    Hands up 
I got my eyes facing down 

    I shudder when my tears come down 

    So slowly down

    So slow down

    Carly Stephen

    223,,,2,×2,c çŕçxcZZWDA,S,,,SM0L

    The Black Knight

    Thank you

    Kæla Brown

    Show-ty when I just come down. So down..

  65. JungleYT

    Love that tight Drum beat...

  66. Bee Dub

    ...'slow slow down'...7*[email protected]

  67. Carlos Marques

    abismado desde a primeira vez que ouvi este álbum. One word: AMAZING

  68. Sanderus Sena

    Som perfeito, música hipnotizante!

    Simão Carvalho

    +Sanderus Sena mesmo !!!

    Ivylla Jeovana

    +Sanderus Sena Concordo plenamente.

  69. Hakuna Matata


  70. Lucrezia Duffell

    Somehow it sounds obscene that a woman of 45 loves this tune but I do.... The flesh is getting on but the tunes I hold in my head will outlive me way beyond...

    Thomas Hinds

    You are young. You will live forever.

    W MM

    43 here and my bestie of 25 years introduced me to this song! I'm still 18 inside.

    412 III

    Beautifully said


    who cares about the age. music is for all

    Agnes Rozsa

    I am 67 and like it!

  71. Eve Laird

    obsessed with this sound, totally hypnotic

  72. Danndock

    Different sounds of IDM!! :)


    Aphex Twin made IDM to? Bonobo is so fucking awesome dude made great chill music


    @Nicolas Ceballos Yes, Aphex Twin is IDM too but is a different style to this, I like so much his music too

  73. whm5609

    real music... like a breath of fresh air


    That is so fucking tru. I'm from switzerland and sometimes i go hiking in the alps. When im on top i like to put on my headphones and just calm down to some Bonobo... but actually i dont rly like the new stuff...

    marius peškaitis

    there are lots of music style in electronic music world , for sth similar you should try future garage like - burial or volor flex , or deep house - kiasmos or ambiant , tycho is good but its not electronics :D + i believe you would find sth you like if you search it , ofc it is hard because pop is destroying any music style

  74. TheWinterShadow

    This amazing song....A recurring hypnotic beat with a repetitive and reflective lyrical content which actually says and 'show' far more then any pop track in which the singer is constantly talking about themselves or demeaning someone else to feel good about themselves to no end. I guess we need that type of music to treasure works like this one. Bravo Bonobo!


    +TheWinterShadow "The reason for the bad is so there'd be such thing as good"

  75. TheCheesemelter

    nothing but yes.

  76. James High

    bonobo spreads a beautiful spirit , truely is a treasure

  77. Payper Planes

    This beat is like an unskilled DJ failed to align the beat of two tracks: it's fucking annoying!

    vive l'éveil

    in the spirit of the internet,

    yer actually fucked.

    go listen to house.

    Matthieu Sloutchansky

    So you don't feel that music style... Go EDM :)

    Mario Stares Sternly

    git fukked kidd0

    Michael McGhee

    Haha. I love comments like this from people who don't understand music and instrumentation. Not everything has a 4/4 beat, dude.

  78. cobraxsaleenkid96

    This music is relaxing, amazing to the human ears, and you literally want more of it. If you guys love this, check out (klrx) search him up. He has some music that will also blow your mind....

  79. Brent Wilson

    Another sick track from Bonobo

  80. Bonobo

    Don't miss out on Bonobo's FINAL LIVE SHOW on The North Borders Tour, taking place in Nov 2014 at Alexandra Palace:

  81. Rad B

    I remixed this on ninja jamm come check it out and more on soundcloud! YeldarRoyeb is the name and pleasuring your earbuds is my game! ;)

  82. Wish2breathe

    RJ from Shep689 sent me XD 

  83. Bego River

    to feel!!

  84. Paul Dufresne

    Music for the soul.  nuff said

  85. RunningxRiott

    genre is deep house, right?


    @Komoshun I know why genres exist. Back in the early 90's when techno was fresh, there were genres too. But the difference was that they were very loose, and there were no pissing contests about what fine division of sub-sub-sub-genre something was. Since EDM has become mainstream over the last 10 years, this pointless genre obsession has gotten out of control. Virtually every EDM video I watch on YouTube has some kind of argument about exactly which genre something is. I could not care less about these fine divisions, and I have no problem finding and appreciating new music, just like we did back in the day before the internet even existed as it does now. 


    it's trip hop. Genre.

    Brad Bailey

    "Deep House..." That is the most specific genre I've ever heard of.

    Noah A

    +jtpinnyc Initially I disagreed with you, due to your first comment. But man, I completely agree about all the arguing over genres. Genres are meant to help you find similar sounding songs, and if it's such a close toss-up that a massive argument ensues, then usually it will be pretty close to both. Or close enough, anyways. It's like people are missing the bigger picture, now. And looking back, I now realize that you weren't calling genres and labels bullshit... You were calling the drama over them bullshit.

    Hiyashi Falcion

    Only on a bonobo video could a coherent discussion like this could be had

  86. Peteybray

    Mother going absolutely ham off this track

    Craig Connick

    Ham and cheese

    Z enTai Christ

    Drop my nuts in there and you have the tastiest delight ever!

    Had to make that tarded joke...sry :(

    Bonobo saved my life tho..and that's REAL! :D

    Craig Connick


  87. SLOUDLY 808

    One of my favorite song at the moment and i love boards of canada too i think massive attack its better for how ther took the future but also boards of canada are genius

    Jordan Reynolds

    too right BoC are the business, a couple of my faves include Aquarius, rue the whirl, chinook and 1969

  88. Peteybray

    Showed my mum this when it was released, its her favourite track of all time

    Charlie Aydin

    me and your mother have 1 thing in common. Great taste in music

  89. Cki moun

    le morceau qui me rend productive!!!!

  90. Markel A.

    This two step beat, Andreya's vocals, and the wonderful instrumentation are just perfect. Aaaah.

  91. Alvin Swifthawk

    Me fav.

  92. Kestutis Kralikas