Bonnie Tyler - Race To The Fire Lyrics

Race to the fire
All the wheels are turning
All alone just in a lonely world
Yeah Baby

Maybe love is a lonely number
Can't you hear the wheels of thunder
They're driving deep into your heart
Feelings they'll never be torn apart

Maybe he's the man behind the wire
He's living in a world of fire
He sailed his ship alone
There's a heart but there's no home

[Chorus 1:]
Race to the fire
All the wheels are turning
All alone just in a lonely world
Till the end of the time
He's fighting the crime
That's no lie, my baby

[Chorus 2:]
Race to the fire
To the end of Eden
To the city of the lost and found
He is too proud to cry
Or too live with a lie
Take him seriously, baby

[Chorus 3:]
Race to the fire (Fire)
Race to the fire (Fire)
Race to the fire
He's fighting for your rights
Race to the fire
Race to the fire (Fire)
Race to the fire (Fire)

Only the strong survive

Maybe he's goin' through the motions
There's a shadow of devotion
It's showin' his destiny
One minute past eternity

Oh maybe good things don't last forever
He's living just now or never
No mountain is high enough
Times are getting really tough

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

[Chorus 3]

Race to the fire
Fighting for your rights
Race to the fire
Time is on his side
Race to the fire
Two hearts collide
Race to the fire
There is no crime

[Chorus 1]

Race to the fire

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Bonnie Tyler Race To The Fire Comments
  1. vincenzo corvino

    Bonnie Tyler brasyl da marycorwinye felys snoce prima bec ma pari cyuby si lowe yu mondo fabyles so mac grazyas byutyflul beney mary corwynye. Bonnie Tyler ro bert mucyo Mary corvynnie emy ogni beney mundo Bonnie Tyler a Robert

  2. Serg Yelchin

    Крутая песня Дитера Болена, Бони смогла раскрыть на 200% потенциал этой песни! И было ещё много с Дитером сделано, например Bonnie Tyler - I Climb Every Mountain

  3. Samchen Sy

    love it😘👏

  4. Ignat Barabanov

    Magic symhony number 2 dieter bohlen

  5. Mitya Raz

    Producers for Bonnie: Dieter Bohlen & Luis Rodriguez

  6. Darling Guevz

    love yoooooooouuuuuuu♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🌋🌋🌋🌋

  7. Didi General

    powerful song, powerful vopice

  8. Dimi


  9. Mikhail Чубаров

    С первых нот чувствуется рука ДИТЕРА

  10. Андрей Донецкий

    Маша распутина + modern talking = bonnie tyler

    Ruslan KZ

    Причём тут Modern Talking и эта дура? Не по теме

  11. Руслан Баротов

    Королева рока

  12. Παναγιώτης Κουβαράς

    The best and beautiful singer!!

  13. иeтι ωιкα

    AHH !!!!!! LOVE !!!!

  14. Dan Daniel

    Wonderful playback

  15. Renate Blessin

    Keine singt geiler als die tyler

  16. Julia Reichert

    #Great!!! #Love!


    Julia Reichert yeeees 😍

  17. Laurindo Pereira

    sou fam de Bonnie tyler muito boa (Evearldo joao pessoa)

  18. Laurindo Pereira

    Bonnei Tuler é excelente

  19. Zuzanna Gawronska

    Great 😁 ❤ 😍 😍!!

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  22. Simone Aparecida

    ti you

  23. munafo tony

    dieter bohlen song

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