Bonnie Tyler - Learning To Fly Lyrics

Well it started out
Down a dirty road.
Started out
All alone.

And the sun went down
As I crossed the hill.
And the town lit up,
And the world got still.

I'm learnin' to fly,
But I ain't got wings.
Comin' down
Is the hardest thing.

Well the good ol' days
May not return.
And the rocks might melt,
And the sea may burn.

I'm learnin' to fly,
But I ain't got wings.
Comin' down
Is the hardest thing.

Well some say life
Will beat you down,
And break your heart,
Steal your crown.

So it started out
For God-knows-where.
I guess I'll know
When I get there.

I'm learning to fly
Around the clouds.
What goes up
Must come down.

I'm learnin to fly
But I ain't got wings.
Comin' down
Is the hardest thing.

I'm learnin' to fly
Around the clouds.
But what goes up
Must come down.

I'm learnin' to fly.
I'm learnin' to fly.

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Bonnie Tyler Learning To Fly Comments
  1. MrZootalores

    Bonnie has done the best cover/tribute to this song that's for sure.I like Mike Campbell's slide guitar but this week i'm listening to Bonnie; please don't compare- music is fun not fighting, ok?

  2. Jule Pahlke

    She is so damm sexy 😍

  3. G M

    Great clip. Bonnie is a red hot taffland girl.....voice....looks....and sexy. If her and i could have got it together we surely would have melted.

  4. ralphi nia

    I love Bonnie Tyler😘

  5. Ela Ela

    wspaniałe wykonanie

  6. Sávio Sousasantos

    muito muito muito linha essa música Bonnie

  7. Pablo Roa

    The correct name is "Learning to fly" of Tom Petty

  8. Mariano Andrade Sigano

    La buena música tiene que tener vida en sí misma, y moverte a acción, una música que no te mueva hacer algo es que es una música muerta. A mi la buena música me anima a vivir. Gracias a las personas que hacen buena música.

  9. Lourdes Veras

    voz mais linda do mundo. mulher mais linda do mundo

  10. Zuzanna Gawronska

    Genialna ♥♥!!

  11. Pawlac

    ♥ ...


    Fantastic .

  13. 2002drumsonly

    You cannot get better than that! Pure talent! Perfect performance.

  14. Alexandre Gerena

    Good, good Bonnie Tyler fantastic, 

  15. Jurek J

    Niesamowita !!!

    Zuzanna Gawronska

    Prawda :)!

  16. Вандал Вандалыч


  17. comontater

    I don't know what it means either. I think I had a lot to drink when I wrote that.

  18. comontater

    I don't know where she is now but I am hungry for her!!!!

  19. Pernilla N

    Oh she is so HOT!!!

  20. jannalli7

    I want that purple satin pants suit.!!!

  21. BlueRidgeKat1

    Very distinguished and one of a kind voice.

  22. sadbutwedidntstartit

    Can you explain your comment ?

  23. Laila högdin

    en del av mitt liv, <3 men alltid positiv och ger aldrig, Hon e fabtastisk <3

  24. ALEXA M.L.

    INSISTO Q VOZ..... FABULOSA!!!!!!!

  25. wolfeyex

    @MeritSeto Repeat.

  26. Ariane Freire


  27. xozyje

    quelle classe ! .. fabuleux !

  28. Pedro Carreira

    esta mulher é sensasional

  29. goodwolfie

    she's a goddess

  30. OhrzurSeele

    @MegaPauline71 Sollte er?

  31. peterszondi

    @TELFORDSTEVE1 Well, I like her voice, still the song's by Tom Petty. ;-)

  32. Merit Seto

    @wolfeyex Sounds nice... but what to do at the other weekend day?

  33. wolfeyex

    @MeritSeto Depends in what order...I honestly like whisky-sex-whisky-sex-whisky-sex-coma.

  34. TheBroukales

    I miss her hair :))

  35. jose sabino


  36. Merit Seto

    She has two things in her voice... Sex & Whisky... that's the point why I love her... who on earth dosn't love sex and whisky? :D

  37. Sab rina

    Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie

  38. LarkeSongs

    The Horror, The Horror

  39. Alessandro Pellegrini

    Hammer gut !!!!!!!! :-)) Evi

  40. otwors

    che voceeeeeeeee

  41. Webbs Kruiser

    @mastershake589 That's exactly why I like her. Funnily (and unfortunately) I have yet to find a male singer with that kind of voice

  42. hasod22

    crap what an insult to Tom Petty.

  43. STEVE B

    Excellent song from the fabulous Bonnie Tyler

  44. Listen Radio Música para Mimos. The best songs of love (search in Google)


    awesome tom would be impressed

  46. helmut0707

    Sie ist einfach der Wahnsinn - und hat mich all die Jahre begleitet.

  47. Biber06

    on musicload or buy the cd ;)

  48. chantal de winkel

    im inlove with the voice of bonnie:P

  49. prettycolors2

    ah I thought this was a foo fighter cover...

  50. qualmimero82


    you LOVE her?!?! you are that much sick !!!

  51. Cameron Shaw

    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers do a much better job. This actually sucks compared to them. I'm not usually a hater of Bonnie Tyler and I do like a lot of her songs, but this is not justice.

  52. bunnyrapper08

    @ i love all her you bonnie.....marvelous

  53. Dominik Novak

    sooo viele geile lieder... wahnsinn und jedes mal ne gänsehaut ;)

  54. Rae Monique

    Wow.....I have been listening to her for a long time and partied alot listening to her LP's that I still have,lol, She will rock till she drops....!!!! :-))))

  55. Boogy Mann

    Ok wtf, the song is called LearnING To Fly. But cool version.

  56. Bigdaddynmomma2

    She is great. Special talent. Loved it. Thx.

  57. sweetscatlady

    Great as usual...... keep up the good work...

  58. Kåre Konradsen

    Interesting, but I prefer Tom Petty's original.

  59. James M

    ahh probly true rotfl

  60. George Erdner

    @jacobmiddagh That's just the Botox.

  61. tehpudge2

    she does sound amazing as always but she doesnt look like a crack/meth head she looks gorgeous

  62. cwinowich

    erm she is a good singer but bryan adams is better, so sorry just can't beat him

  63. James M

    she sounds amazing love this song but she looks like a crack/meth head

  64. 571balu

    thats my bonnie

  65. Ricardo Barauna

    ela é a melhor de todos os tempos

  66. McPrfctday

    This cheered me up no end! I just watched her doing "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" and I felt bad. I just didn't work for her. Then I saw this and remembered what a total legend Bonnie is.

  67. ChekhovBla

    I know! I actually think she looks better and better!

  68. Josiel de Assis

    Time does NOT tick for her!

  69. hypershox

    Damn she still looks amazing

  70. deltafour1212


  71. Sballoceleste

    bella e brava!!!

  72. iloveuFranDrescher

    Bonnie is in my heart♥

  73. bonnie baby

    HELL!!! of course i love Bonnie s version no one can sing like she does! She s so beautiful with an amazing voice no one can deny it! Thanks for sharing. GREAT JOB!!!

  74. faye shanahan

    beautiful <3 xx

  75. Paulo Silva

    She and her voyce are a perfect match... Both are hotties ;D

  76. Slava Marangozova


  77. sylweq


  78. timelimetime

    I love her since I was a very little girl. Her songs, and her voice are great!!!

  79. 3355331

    wow special voice

  80. laraliee

    that's my favourit song of her. I love it and i love her! She has such a excellent voice! soooooooo beautiful!

  81. David Stanton


  82. Jay Gee

    Thank you Bonie. I love your song learn to fly, you are so very nice voice. Love you


  83. Yousef Humod

    No one can beat Mike Campbell on the Guitar, the song is 80% Mike 20% Tom Petty!

  84. Aneesh Sivan

    just too damn sexy!

  85. parham

    Wasn't it better to say "my hairdresser looks like her"?!

  86. pete woods

    Her voice changed after an operation to remove nodules from her throat,after the Lost In France song.

  87. AJ Muzik

    Yup, her, pat benatar, and Cyndi Lauper

  88. Ali A

    still the best!

  89. Chrissy M

    She looks like a cross between Goldie Hawn and Brooke Hogan. And if Rod Stewart was a female this is what he'd sound like. I love her raspy voice, very sexy and beautiful.

  90. Peter Martin

    then bonus points for the amazingly precise lip-sync then?

  91. Aneesh Sivan

    Most under rated female vocalist.

  92. marpeja re right, but i wrote it wrong...i meant: She is not so young...thanks, my mistake:))

  93. marpeja

    she is so young anymore, but she s still hot...

  94. Corina

    I like this song :)

  95. nytbrd

    I like Tom Petty...but...actually..Bonnie does a better version of this song!