Bonnie Tyler - Fools Lullaby Lyrics

Baby, when I lost you
My heart stood still
Oh baby, when I kissed you
Gave me such a thrill
Oh I'm far away from home

Oh baby, when I touched you
Felt a shiver on my skin
Baby, oh I love you
This love's not a sin
Oh I'm far away from home
I'm so alone
Far away from home

[Chorus 1:]
Oh it's a fools lullaby
Oh I never meant to make you cry
We can make a better life
Don't make my blue eyes lie

[Chorus 2:]
Oh it's a fools lullaby
I gave you all
The best years of my life
Baby, take another chance
And give it one more try

Oh baby, if you call me
I'll he there
Whatever happens, baby
We just won't care
Oh I'm far away from home
Oh baby, take my heart
Let's heal the pain
Take me in your arms
Make love again
Oh I'm far away from home
I'm so alone
Far away from home

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

[Chorus 1]

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Bonnie Tyler Fools Lullaby Comments
  1. Оллі Йокінен

    Чувствуется стиль Дитера Болена.Отлично.

  2. diego rodi


  3. Tobias Siebilla

    Habe den Song vor einer halben Stunde zum ersten Mal im Radio gehört, musste dort beim Sender bei der Titelsuche nachsehen, weil ich den Song vorher nicht kannte.

    Mega geiler Hammer Song kann ich nur sagen 😃👍

  4. Chris Nemo

    Zeitlos gut ...

  5. Aaron Gibson

    I have no memory, but you remember.

  6. Douglas MacArthur

    Güzel 90'ların yabancı pop şarkılardan .

  7. Vytas Raulinaitis

    My Dad's favorite song!

  8. Eugenia Wodzik

    Bonny... Kocham Cię!!!

  9. El Amateur Del Arte

    increible sonido de dieter bohlen y bonnie tyler con esa voz unica linda cancion

  10. ALH ARBI


  11. Grande Freeza Imperador

    Bonnie Forever #Brasil

  12. Johannes Knudsen

    Love this song specially her voice <3

  13. Antonio Torres

    Bonnie Tyler por siempre! :) la amo

  14. Thomas Trautmann

    Bonnie Tyler😘💓

  15. Moon Cake

    Good. Again.

  16. Ezequiel Luis

    Muito linda essa música❤👏👏

  17. Michael Dornelas

    I love this song ♥

  18. Levi Kirsten C. Tolentino