Bonfyre, The - Automatic Lyrics

Say what you mean
You ain't gotta play games with me
It's automatic, you know it's automatic
Say what you mean
You ain't gotta fake shit with me
It's automatic, know it's automatic

Now I'm way too grown to be shy around you
Other girls like to chase but that's not what I do
Since you say you the man, can you be there when I call?
Just do your best

I don't mind to be honest
If you don't know everything
Put your hands on my body
Let you kiss on this all day, yeah

Say what you mean
You ain't gotta play games with me
It's automatic, you know it's automatic
Say what you mean
You ain't gotta fake shit with me
It's automatic, know it's automatic

Never been one to trip but for you I might fall
And I hope you're the type that can handle it all
Take your time, ain't no rush just don't make me wait too long
No baby

I don't mind to be honest
If you don't know everything
Put your hands on my body
Let you kiss on this all day, yeah

Say what you mean
You ain't gotta play games with me
It's automatic, you know it's automatic
Say what you mean
You ain't gotta fake shit with me
It's automatic, know it's automatic
Whoa ooh aah

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Bonfyre, The Automatic Comments
  1. Jo_CLuis

    Such a dope 💥💣🔥

  2. MR Wirth

    she looks like demi lovato

  3. shauntel

    Ok I thought this voice was from a black women but bae I’ll take it fr 😩💙


    New to your channel! 🎤💃👙🚬👍


    Showing love from 🇲🇽

  5. 指ZionCarter53

    Her voice omg ! 😍😍

  6. Lalie Corne

    She's so beautiful and talented! what a voice !

  7. April Strickland

    Y’all I thought this was sevyn street song!! Woww

  8. Jermaine Creekmore

    Love this song

  9. Troy Bradley

    They out here cloning black peoples into white peoples!

  10. Tracy Knowles

    come lets getting it Queen 👑 lo llisten ... [email protected] dude trey music 🎶Hale small jam

  11. Shamikia Davis

    I love all the songs

  12. Syron Hernandez

    Don't matter what she is.She is woman with talent.All that matters is that she brings good music for us to listen.Never judge a book by its cover.

  13. R&T Family

    😍😍😍😍😍😍OMG she absoutely gorgous and the vocals❤

  14. Joffery Robertson

    Say what you mean you dont have to play games with me its automatic, i thought she was a sista , but anyway she has a nice voice this song is fire

  15. Rasheeda Rogers

    Love this song

  16. Lawrence Peterson

    I love the Bonfire already ❤️😍🌺

  17. Brionna plays games

    I love this song!!! I love HER!!!

  18. Marley Skyy

    She go crazyyyyyyyyyyy.. I love the vibe this song gives me... Warm a fuzzy

  19. Aylon Lanberth

    Tô viciado nessa música *BR* 🇧🇷 🔥🔥🔥

  20. Badman tv

    U sexy.. don’t like freckles me

  21. Michelle Walker

    I love this song!!!💖💖💖it's automatic!!💋💋🎶 🎸 💃

  22. Felicia Beal

    I thought Rihanna sung this song 😱😱😱

  23. Corinne Cornell

    On replay !

  24. life lessons want be no fool no more

    This girl sings like a black woman she can sing that's really a God given talent now color don't matter. No more if u got a voice that's what the music industry looking for

  25. Randy Anderson

    Bonfyre(Chelsea Larue) is gorgeous as heaven(not hell) and I just LOVE those freckles

  26. shedriana Degrate

    Saw her live at the Fantasia concert. She sounds so RAW live. Her voice is amazing. She’s so chill.

  27. Angel Hill

    Chris brown and her should collab


    Could’ve sworn this was a black girl singing when I heard this on the radio lol dope song still

  29. Candiep Show

    It’s amazing there in 2019 black people claim to be the only people that know how to say so I don’t know if you’re just thirsty as hell Or singing night understand that someone y’all are really trying to grow the rest of y’all is just thirsty as hell

  30. Summer Reign

    Love her music. Voice is beautiful. She is beautiful but IDGAF what anyone has to say... I don't like seeing white ppl going overboard acting black.

  31. Candiep Show

    Saying you have to be black to sing is the most small minded thing I’ve heard all day! Thank God I don’t put people in boxes

  32. BeautyQueen .Nea

    Wow I like her songs.

  33. politically correct

    Music is most definitely color blind I’m a huge fan of bonfyre have been since the first time I heard her I just seen her in concert with Fantasia tank and robin thicke wonderful show I hope she is around for a long time

  34. Classy The Vixen

    Sis is COLD!!!!!

  35. GodblesstheGinns Family

    This girl was amazing in the SketchBook Tour and she can really sing and she’s beautiful

  36. BNWK2ATL2004WORD

    Nice and simple vocals

  37. Princess

    My new favorite song 😍😍😍

  38. Cathetine Sowers

    Love this.... 🔥🔥

  39. Kendrajanaee Powellniblet

    marie trevon rahu mhmr

  40. Candiep Show

    For 2019 these comments show how far WE HAVE NOT COME

    Suzette Lawes

    Candie B So what if people say she sound black?? Very few white people sound like her. So what if we say we thought she was black?? That doesn't make us racist or bias. Save your strength for the real racist.

    Tamara Natasha

    Suzette Lawes Agreed. Shit that’s a compliment! Her vocals are 🔥

    Suzette Lawes

    @Tamara Natasha thanks girlfriend!

  41. Candiep Show

    She DOES NOT GET ENOUGH CREDIT .....I smell HATERS! Starting with Kandi

  42. Fernanzo Jamison

    ShoutOuts to Yung Berg 💪..#ChiTown

  43. Hy Nhan

    Another R&B Queen 👸 in the making

  44. MysTaria87

    So.. I’ve def heard this before but had no idea who it was. She has a beautiful voice... thought it was a Black woman on the radio with her ‘U Say’ song with 6LACK.

  45. Crystal Cannon

    This song does something to me! She is beautiful. ❤❤

  46. pinksky ATL

    This is my JAM!!!!

  47. Maura Mariscal

    I saw her last week on the sketchbook tour. She is gorgeous and sung her butt off. Ive had this on repeat every since she performed it

  48. Tameca Carlisle

    [email protected] didn't know this was Bonfyre. Voice is fyre

  49. Creative Bougie Waves

    Wow, yall got me on this one too! Did not know the artist, but I heard the song on the radio!🙃🎶💧🔥

  50. Tye Anderson

    Still confused on how teyana taylor blowing up but she not she is way hotter and can sing way better.

  51. kesha martin

    She go so hard! Excellent vocals

  52. Renaldo Stewart

    Wow I’m not gone say the obvious but she’s dope! 😱🔥

    Summer Reign

    I'll say it... White ppl going overboard acting black.

  53. life lessons want be no fool no more

    Shout out to the White girls that sound like black girls when they sing its more and more of the white girls coming out with some good music see if you got a voice thats what count

  54. Antonio Chappell

    I swear she was black

  55. farasha moore

    The Bonfyre has Great Vocals and I am happy to be seeing her live this month.

  56. Jarvis Miller

    So beautiful! Hmmmm love this song

  57. that guy with the Air Jordans

    Does anyone know the song that was playing at the beginning of the video?

  58. YRK Ashley

    Never knew who she was until the concert but I been heard the song before💙🔥🔥💙❤️


    I love the concept of this video it's very sexy in cute like when yall was in the store in he was low key following you like a stalker lol in how the way he looked at you Fire

  60. bburks1

    R&b and rap will be totally white one day.

  61. Aca Niumataiwalu

    This beat has Dr. DRE written all over it...🔥🔥🔥

  62. Alfred Thompson

    My mother introduced this song to me

  63. P. Brown

    🤯🤯🤯 Didn't know she sang this, heard this in passing on the radio. Smooth 💯

  64. Tracy Murrell

    Love this song and your beautiful.Go girl

  65. Jermaine Blalock

    This is culture vulturing. Support the sisters not people trying to steal the sound of black People

  66. Jermaine Blalock

    Okay now They replacing rnb with white girls that sound black. Yah better wake up

  67. Jarimiah James

    I don't want to sound fucked up because I enjoy her and this song BUT does this sound and look like "black appropriation"? Honest and purely unbiased impartial question. i'm not riding the race train just want to see if i'm the only one.

  68. OhSheila

    This is my ish 2019!!!!!! Got a late Aaliyah vibe, go Bonfyre!!! This beat go HARD!!!🔥🔥

  69. Gwen Wilson

    Shes so pretty

  70. king kutyy

    Young Berg produced this 🔥 🔥

  71. sabel Jones

    I thought she might have been Tina Marie daughter if she is somebody let me know

  72. me9

    Great song

  73. Natalie Garfield

    I really like this song it's automatic

  74. Shai

    She’s fucking Gorgeous and her voice is 💯

  75. Andro brolic

    More like Auto tune.....😂😂😂

  76. jennefer jones

    she my friend we went live together

  77. Keshunn Bolden

    She got sum hits yo

  78. Just me Mary

    It's AUTOMATIC 🔥🔥🔥‼️

  79. Turbo Kp....

    Honestly I thought this was a mariah Carey joint

  80. Pharoah 9ine

    My 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 is AUTOMATIC💯

  81. Sharon Hart

    Love this song❤😍❤ nuthin but 🔥🔥🔥

  82. Lyfe is Beautiful

    Did Sevyn Streeter write this song?

  83. David Moreland

    I thought this was a black women once i heard this on the radio maybe she can sang as good

  84. Lex Fulgencio

    I hear a “JUICY” sample. Good song also sounds like DaniLeigh and Jhené Aiko they should all collabo.

  85. prityricky1

    Her voice reminds me of Jude Demorest on the shownStar, and even their swag is alike.

  86. Marcus Kush

    Nubian white queen 😍

  87. Ashley Roberson

    OMG she's not black, I'm so surprised!! Her voice is everything!!!!

  88. LeNora DeNNis59

    Still got this one, on my mind-I thought she was somebody else, wow!

  89. LadyMsThing Green

    I thought this was HER when I first heard it.

  90. CoCo DeLuXe

    Did #SevenStreeter write this??? I'm diggin' it.

  91. Lee Majors

    🔥 🔥

  92. Brandi Payton

    Okaaaaay you like that okaaay

  93. Shannille Carter

    I got here by lyrica!!!🥰 so happy I found this song!

  94. Natasha Potts

    Okay I’m feeling this song I’m going to the show in November when her robin thick and Fantasia come

    baptist praise

    I’m doing the same thing now lol the show I’m going to is Sunday ‼️

  95. Porsha Mathis

    I thought it was Sevyn Streeter when I first heard it..... I love it tho❤️❤️❤️❤️ it's soooo hot🔥🔥🔥

  96. Jeremy Tillis


  97. Eddy Stealer