BONES UK - Pretty Waste Lyrics

What a waste of a pretty face
What a waste that face that face what a waste
What a waste of a pretty face
That face what a waste that face that face

What a waste of a pretty face
What a waste that face that face what a waste
What a waste of a pretty face
That face what a waste that face that face

Will you want me when I'm old and dead?

What a waste of a pretty face
What a waste that face that face what a waste
What a waste of a pretty face
That face what a waste that face that face

Living like this is not easy
Don't do what I should
I'm too cheap for you to own me
No one ever could

Will you want me when I'm old and dead?

What a waste of a pretty face
What a waste that face that face what a waste
What a waste of a pretty face
That face what a waste that face that face

All the clever ones are lonely
Funny ones are dead
Won't wear white and don't do dinner
Try a bitch instead

Will you want me when I'm old and dead?

What a waste of a pretty face
What a waste that face that face what a waste
What a waste of a pretty face
That face what a waste that face that face
(When I'm old and dead)

What a waste of a pretty face
What a waste that face that face what a waste
What a waste of a pretty face
That face what a waste that face that face
(When I'm old and dead)

(When I'm old and dead)

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BONES UK Pretty Waste Comments
  1. TheUltimateBohab

    It blows my mind how much I absolutely fucking hate this song the reason I'm on the video is to show somebody how fucking terrible this is they call this shit Rock and Metal....

  2. Sivar Shelby

    Anyone the crew 2 or anna trailer?

  3. Ana Ana

    This is what I was looking for to feel like a total bad ass and powerful. I love this song sm!

  4. Visualz

    Trash ass song 🗑🗑🤮🤮👎👎👎👎👎

  5. TerminalVelocity

    "Wha a waste of tomato paste"

  6. Skyler McCarthy

    This shit wont stop playing on I heart radio. Fuckin sucks

  7. Matt Siderias

    Looks like after closing the gate to the Upside Down, Eleven started a rock band. Nice!! 😎

  8. Sarah Bird

    I love that all girl UK BAND. THEY ARE AWESOME.

  9. swift_toxic

    The crew 2 anyone

  10. Alex Febrero

    So Nine In Nails

  11. Hendrick

    Cigarette smoking lesbians

  12. Earths Great Shift

    Old and dead necrophilia.

  13. MrSapo8

    Anna trailer + Shazam anyone? :D

  14. Proxyx

    Heard this at Hot Topic today

  15. Haider123321

    I thought she was saying Freestyle Freestyle instead of Pretty waste

  16. Fart King

    Dumb as shit

  17. Ari

    omgf im so gay for this, just some gals being pals

  18. johnny whatthefuck

    This song is about fat chicks, right?

  19. DAGATHire

    what shit annoying fucking song

  20. Sylar Cypher

    Bones UK are a fucking joke to where music is going, and what Sumerian Records is doing now is downright retarded, completely ruining their amazing label

  21. Atom Knight

    She was like 0:45 😆WTF?

  22. RunchRandaIsMyDad

    My uncle blasted this song on his speaker during thanksgiving. He’s almost 60.


    RunchRandaIsMyDad is your uncle the legendary Cool Boomer?


    He sounds like a gay

  23. cherry

    Thank you XM radio

  24. Chris Bruce

    Now this is an absolute banger here

  25. Marios Magganas

    I came from the crew 2 cause I was confused and now I'm more confused

  26. Lux Vella

    Will you want me when I'm old and dead?

  27. Teguh Pambudi

    What kind of rock is this?

  28. A Anddone

    "All the clever ones are lonely.... Funny ones are dead." So true. (lol "try a B instead" I'm sure many have done that)

  29. bot 7215

    Что-то слышны в некоторых местах элементы красивой музыки. Надо еще испоганить, чтобы было более противно.

  30. Retail Account

    This may legitimately be the worst fucking song I’ve ever heard. Seriously, what is this shit?

  31. Dominique Harris

    i'm too much for you to afford me facts

  32. iAMSpeedy

    They are nominated for a Grammy

  33. MetalHead\m/

    People actually enjoy this song?

  34. Riversong Alessi

    where the lyrics written by 5 year olds?

    Brad Tramell

    Right! Exactly what I was thinking the first time hearing this. I admit it's a cool sound but the lyrics......... :)

  35. U Slash RaydarTheBat

    the crew 2 anyone?

  36. Yan Wong

    The Kills called and they want their sound back.

  37. GhØsT

    Spacelords sooma release's music :)

  38. Abigail Doucette

    We need more women that fucking rock

  39. Matt Martinez

    This song annoys the shit out of me

  40. Keith Fosberg

    This song gives the sub-woofer in my car a workout.

  41. Kevin F

    Heard this on a local radio station and had to come say how terrible it is. Wow this is crap.

  42. Владимир Ивченко


  43. Graeme Cheadle

    Introduced to this band yesterday when they opened for Tom Morello in Vancouver. They put on a great show!

  44. Julie Boulanger

    My God,music is crap now.

  45. Earths Great Shift


  46. Brandon Elliott

    Just saw this group open for Tom Morello tonight in Vancouver, never heard of them til tonight but they were fkn fantastic live!!

  47. Keanu Reeves


  48. Alternative Clementine

    😎 love it

  49. Justin Scofield

    Opening for Korn and Breaking Benjamin in Green Bay in February 2020, I can't wait to see all of them.

  50. SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder

    What a shitty song.


    just your opinion

    SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder

    @Andromeda No, it legitimately is. And I don't say that often.

  51. mike f

    This video reminds me a lot of Jamie Hewlett's side profiles with the old Tank Girl comics. Super nice.

  52. Sir ChucklenutsTM

    These gals are hott and i mean that platonically

  53. Gman Sparrow

    They're were so awesome opening for Grandson

  54. Doug Fehrmann

    My ears are bleeding. I hope I never come across this again.

    Special Edna

    I agree


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  56. Haruki XXIV

    This piece of shit song invaded my radio station today which pissed me off so much i had to come to youtube to leave this comment.

  57. Дмитрий Лебедев

    from Russia with love !,,! you are the best !,,!

  58. MeetingsInBeing

    Please make a remix that highlights that gorgeous baseline/rhythm at the beginning!!!

  59. Phizzy_Yt

    coming from The Crew 2

    feroks _

    same here matey, also just bought it last week?

  60. Mohawk R33

    This is on the crew 2 game

  61. Alex Colegate

    She sure is fucking ugly.

  62. Cian Perry

    Anyone gonna recognize how downright badass the guitar part is

    SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder

    -Badass- Obnoxious.

    Dominique Harris

    fr though it goes so hard

  63. Mike Breen

    NIN anyone?

  64. avijit saha

    badass music. the rhythm, beats is so damn good .....

  65. Cian Perry

    The crew two lol so badass

  66. Victorzilla 280z

    The Crew 2 anyone?!

  67. Stalking Reaptor

    JFC this song is terrible. Its not just basic terrible, this is ADVANCED terrible. It's so bad it's literally like nails on a chalkboard. This shit is so fucking loud and obnoxious. When it comes on the radio I gotta turn the radio off to avoid crashing my car cause hearing it is like being slammed in the ear drums by a radioactive fly. I cannot wait till it dies and falls off the charts.

    Yea, I came here just to say this.

  68. Alex Colegate

    This shit belongs in the trash

  69. xXRoPrXx

    Wayne was here...

  70. Serhii Duda

    я в ахуе, просто топ трек... 😍

  71. Virgil Bohall

    Heard this on the radio in USA. I'm glad I caught the band name.

    Shelby Bell

    Oh yeah

  72. Justin Scofield

    Love it, and yes heard it from the Anna Trailer, and always wondered, and now is's being played on our rock/ metal radio satation the Razor in Wisconsin. Love the song, and others now Bones UK


    That's where I first heard it

    Justin Scofield

    @opusd2 So cool. Awesome song and and the beat, and just the voice and fun in the video. Like the 80's but new and fun.


    I was driving to the gym at 4am the other day and was like "what the hell is this!!!??" I was still listening tho. Same time today it popped up on the radio and I was singing to it with the accent lol 😂

    Ok! Didn't know this was in that new movie Anna! I thought I heard this before! That's why people posted ANNA.....wha a waste!

  74. Crystallis Onna

    this song vibe similar look like john wick

  75. Brandon Ramos

    Everyone talking about being here from the Anna trailer but I don't even know what that is so now I have to go watch the trailer. I'm here because Bones UK brought me here. lol


    Brandon Ramos you should, it’s a great spy movie.

    Brandon Ramos

    @Cirex_2012 Yeah I saw the trailer after I left the comment! I can't believe I hadn't heard of it before. Looks super rad I will definitely check it out!

  76. BlazeMasterBM

    I just heard this on the radio. What a cool song.

  77. rocknrollkid90


  78. Reggy Benzy

    Anna brought me here

  79. Johnny Blaze

    Thank you, The Crew 2.

  80. Ahmed Issam

    The Crew 2

  81. *eats pussy like it’s oreos*

    if i’m the only one here from ineffable bureaucracy i’ll be mad

  82. Kailyn MacDonald

    your halifax show was incredible! Please come back soon! You rocked the fucking donair sauce outta us 🤟

  83. SkittlezBoy YT

    The crew 2 broughtme here

  84. Yodiggydawgable

    The way the guitarist plays is so nasty in the best way, fucking awesome!

  85. Arquivos Inexplicáveis


  86. W4yN3 N3r0

    Why am I just finding out about this band now?! You have a new fan.

  87. Magda Impact

    I just realised that I'm definitely not straight xDD

    Mattias Orre

    I just realized Im super hetero :p

    Alys Everdeen

    I realized I’m super not straight when I was like 4 XD

  88. Bloodpixel

    Gessafelstein -_-

  89. Raymond St Paul

    Where is the trailer version cut?

  90. Protocefalico

    It reminds me Gesaffelstein.

  91. CringeTubeHere

    Wayne anyone

  92. Kauan Franck

    glad im here because of WAYNE

  93. SH00T TH3PUMP

    Heard it on 95 will rock. Got hooked instantly.

  94. August MacGuf

    Стоит удивляться кау крутые треки становяттся хитами случайно

    Masha Play

    Ты русский?Урааа

  95. Michael Harris

    Anna movie brought me here. This song is awesome and badass.