Bones - Trash Lyrics

Back when we used to recycle our bottles and cans, just to get money for dope
Back when we hopped in the van, take what you can, now we buying the O
People that make it look strange, peep through my blinds 'cause I know that they know
Bitch, I've been up for some days, thinking of ways to get out of this hole

Hold up, bitch! Hold up, bitch!
I don't want a problem but if trouble's what you want then hold up, bitch
Came from the place where the basement was home
Now the traces are gone
Never be back, no, I never feel bad
But fuck it, I guess here we just tryna move on
Floating down the river with a wood nymph
Camo so I'm blending with the wood, bitch
Everybody say they from the hood, eh
You ain't never been to the hood, bitch

[Xavier Wulf:]
You know all of my niggas buck as fuck
They don't give a fuck about fucking shit up
And I don't give a fuck about showing niggas love
When I mean mug, I hit a fool then I shoulder shrug
I don't give a fuck if a bitch wanna fuck
All these hoes sluts so I don't let them touch
Nigga, shut the fuck up, fool, you ain't even tough
Trynna play me, I beat him down 'til I pick him up
Bitch nigga know who the damn Führer
You see my whole fleet, lil' bruh, count 'em up
Hundred million men finna fuck his life up
All I do is watch while the squad cut him up
Fuck a nigga mean, I woke up as a torturer

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Bones Trash Comments
  1. Ellen uwu

    Bones is a snack

  2. Shawn Moran

    This is a song about doing your chores.

  3. ペドロ.

    1:01 *START!*

  4. Катерина Волкова

    Дядя Боунс , приезжай скорее в Москву, мы соскучились

  5. Sayana Limana

    Америка, которую мы заслужили.

  6. Nakota Roop

    Bones be talkin about lil peep bc lil peep be copyin his shiii

  7. Lynn Grace

    idk he's weird lookin but damnnnnnn

    Ashley Marie

    He was really hot when he was younger. 2012/2013 area.

  8. Princess Red

    I almost added this to my playlist twice, it's so hot 🔥

  9. João Pedro


  10. Yung ROACH

    Where tf you live were if take that long to take out the trash

  11. Fahmy Anizan

    Is this bones disses scrim?

  12. MATHEUS L1ma

    Algum Br

  13. donut skater_

    Song hit different after Juicey Wrld 🌹

    donut skater_

    i mean mostly just the lyrics about pills but ye. damn.

  14. Hella P.

    Sesh sesh sesh

  15. Роман

  16. Cody Vance

    Love the peep comments.. fuck all of yall that shit disrespectful as can be. RIP Gus you helped me kick the pills and get back to a normal life.

  17. Hot Sun


  18. Krowzilla

    eita saco bom

  19. Ян Ian Вишицкий Vishitskii

    Це перший крок до нового стилю...

  20. Xamatral Leopoldina

    Cadê os br?

  21. lil nugget nugg nugg

    When you can understand what Ruby da cherry and ghostmane is saying

  22. Q Q

    1:09 lulz

  23. James_th3Trash_Lord

    When mom makes you take out the trash but you don’t want to

  24. Unbound Joy

    BONES: “I’m gonna ctrl alt delete the trash”

  25. HF Steeze

    Oh no 4 years later and bones is mainstream

  26. Nick.marimba


  27. Ima Pullya

    Dude fukk jk Rowling but bones shot is bumpin

  28. lance uppercut

    Hell yeah mf'ers

  29. Marma Cawthon

    This song is trash, pretty ironic

  30. Aaron Clements

    All hail lord Sesh

  31. Outcast Pack / Manic Mac Music

    Such a good song with a real message. Freshly off the substances about a week now. If anyone would check out my music it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading and a big thanks to Bones. (btw I'm the same age as Bones -JS lol)

  32. YungSpeedRunner

    Нормально так SESHнул

  33. Darling x

    Never scared of being human i aint afraid of feeling feelings

  34. Evgeny

    This trash is fire!

  35. Xander Patterson

    Roblox??? This is from roblox fortnite dance emotes

  36. Isis Littleleaf

    I’m still garbage only happy when it rainz thanks bones

  37. Isis Littleleaf

    Yr worth more then money

  38. xBabyRoyalx

    use me as a dislike button

    Instant Vanilla

    Youre a tool

  39. Terror zone •

    Br em 2019?

    まやなf͟ ͟o͟ ͟r͟ ͟g͟ ͟o͟ ͟t͟ ͟t͟ ͟e͟ ͟n͟


  40. Delta Beats

    i never noticed the clipping until i started producing. either way a crazy song

  41. Cobaine Mane

    Why doesn’t anyone ever react to BONES lol

  42. FTXP X


  43. Q Q

    Yellawolf...lost some weight...

  44. Josh ________

    best trash bag commercial ever!!!

  45. Josh ________

    what a good kid he even takes out the trash

  46. S u p r a


  47. zedpenguin

    remixed this tune today, if yall wana listen :)

  48. VincentVanGeisha

    ben kactim. darisi basiniza ;)

  49. maha mohamed

    I play this every time I take out the trash

  50. Torus Drove

    That little headbang at 2:36 is really satisfying for some reason

  51. SpaceCadet Sloth

    Hey do you guys have a plug for a zune

  52. ProdBy RazzyBeats

    hot damn , heat

  53. alex warren

    Just bumped this while I took the trash out

  54. Nina Àrtemis

    Brasil? 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  55. TallBoy

    опять Костян на стройку пошел ебашить

  56. i hope you're happy


  57. Jessica Carrillo

    Holy shit, this is art.

  58. ana castaneda

    Don't get mad, get BONES.

  59. ana castaneda

    Newest HEFTY ad!

  60. vro prez

    Should release CapsBroken 😎

  61. Miguel Andrés Caro Agudelo

    Blade Runner Blues

  62. Neal Damiano

    Did Peter Steele get resurrected as a kid shitty trap type rapper ⁉️wtf 😂


    listen to bones- Cemetarywaltz

  63. mehst one

    Black Seas

  64. InoRealLife

    The rest of the game got me goin "ha" like juvie
    Since i dropped the block been hot no cooling
    Rent flexin spreadin stuntin fake jewelry
    No those aint diamonds never me that you foolin
    Its 1997 rock like stairway to heaven
    I be at the top waitin like somebody double dared me
    When you never did it before sometimes its funny when you focus
    On the people you know watch them react as you go
    Shit will never get old to me im ingrained in the program you see
    Even when i go i dont leave when i stop breathin ill still be right here
    Turn around if you need me some words some company
    Still got that blade under me layin down but no i dont sleep
    My eyes open hopin someone notice i am the only one
    Awake when they aint but thats something that cant be done
    If no ones around to hear it do it ever truly happeno
    Says whoo light the blunt flick the ash and say exactly

    I dont pop xanax because pills are for pussies
    Never scared of being human i aint afraid of feeling feelings
    Got that anger got that razor careful do not run into it
    With the team smokin mean i just hope we run into ya
    Nobody special thats me cut off your flow now you got gangrene
    You hit the floor like they got that beam
    But i dont need a bullet to leavem dead at the scene
    I conquer stompin mobbin proper made my own world like jk rowling
    Sesh never stop while the rest stay stallin
    Ever since we started everyday it get larger

  65. chefecan Blazeit

    Funny how this spooky , crack addict looking madlad is a dad now.

  66. Freddy Camarena


  67. Alex The killer

    Мама попросила выбросить мусор, заодно записал клип и текст

  68. julia Almeida

    only I think he is super handsome

  69. Johnny Ochoa

    This mutha fucka is bad ass😲

  70. Gabriel Figueroa

    The garbage mans anthem

  71. Samantha Sartin

    Nostalgia bRRrO

  72. LongJohn Silver

    Grandson of actor Robert Culp

  73. Tybo Thor

    I can listen to bones anywhere everywhere I don't give a fuck never gets old

  74. zuhn no feik

    Нихуя не понимаю. Но сука заходит

  75. Верифай

    Костян, как обычно, пиздато и с бассами

  76. Tu Compa

    Dirtty shit

  77. destroyer 75

    Bro this is creepy to me XD like the trash is a body to me 💀

  78. Mele

    2k19 and i am still taking out the trash everyday!

  79. Jasonm Gavitt

    This shit sucks.


    Nice try

    Jasonm Gavitt

    I didn’t have to try that hard to come up with that opinion.its not the worst I’ve heard but homeboy could try just a lil bit harder.
    come on now you know this shit!

  80. Ima Pullya

    Dude is 4real but he is not what these folks want. They would rather listen to lying ass dude talk all gangsta. But anyway fukkem rhey can't handle real ass rappers underground 4life

    FTXP X


    gang meat

    true dat

  81. Rin Vampire

    Bones is so slept on. Never forget the underground king 👑

  82. Muon

    My mom: take out the trash

  83. Myk McGrane

    SESH bitch!

  84. NeeaR0

    Bones make even taking the trash out a nice experience

  85. EmptyWalletMultimedia

    i wanna see a russ and bones colab. i dont like russ as a person but i bet the sound would be dope

  86. Wizqrd 編集

    The bass stoopid 🌋🌋

  87. stephen

    3:07 when somebody says my dick is small

  88. Suzane Silva


  89. Sevnwrdchrzrd

    Bones and scrim

  90. Влад Кобыляну

    first comment from MOLDOVA....SESH 4EVER

  91. Carpenter Catch

    eurt apatea & stereoryze🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺 are the best producers who have collabs w/ bones
    ryze & bones > ryze & pharaoh

  92. Louis CE

    Hella Sketchy should've listened.

  93. Ethan WM

    Suicide Boys and Bones in a sentence

    I committed suicide then they left my empty bones for the worms

    Wes Roots

    Was that supposed to be funny

  94. Jordan

    Bones should wake up & do whatever the f*ck he want to do....



  95. TV Chunga

    Had to cleanse my ears after hearing Lil Tracy

  96. FrankDux02

    2:35 I dont back xanax because pills are for pussies

  97. Zuha Asif

    Mom: Son, Can You Please Take Out The Trash ?